Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Doggie Bed

I decided to make myself a new doggie bed tonight. Sure, my brown bed is still cool, but I needed to change some things up. So, I jumped up into the chair and pushed the chair cushion off onto the floor.

Ta dah! Perfect new doggie bed for me!

We Went for a Hike

My former foster sis Shawnee is always going on hikes and posting all of her adventures on her blog. I always wanted to go with her when I lived there, and I did actually get to go once!

Anyway, my luck changed today. My new Mom took me for a hike! She said that since the weather was a little warmer, we should take advantage of it. I had to agree. YES!

Mom says that I shouldn't actually call it a "hike" 'cause it was just a walk around the pond by our house. But it's the farthest that Mom and I have walked since before my sissy died. It's been too cold and snowy out for us to walk very far. And I only got to walk around the pond once before.

I was really excited to go on our hike 'cause there was so much to sniff over there! There was a TON of poop, too. Most of it was from very, very big doggies. Mom was upset about that 'cause dog parents are supposed to pick up the poo. Somebody with a big, big doggy is very lazy I guess!

Mom kept getting after me for sniffing the poos. I was just checking all of it out, though. There was a lot of goose poop, too. I was close to finding some squirrel poo, but Mom made me stop my poo sniffing.

And let me tell you, I was a sniffing machine. I was just all over the place -- it was SO exciting to check out that pond again! I hope we get to go again soon...

Going to Visit

Mom and I went to go visit Grandma and Grandpa yesterday! I was pretty excited about the car ride. I didn't even get all shaky and scared like I have the last few times. (When you get dumped out of a car like I was, trust me that you'll think car rides are scary, too!) Mom was happy that I wasn't so scared -- she wants me to like going for rides with her.

Anyway, we went on the long car ride to see my grandparents! I looked out the window for a while. Everything's so flat here!

Then I got bored and had to nap.

Still flat out I'm still napping...

Just look at how flat this Illinois place is!

Here's the town where my grandparents live and where my Mom grew up. (That's pretty-much the entire town in this picture.)

Anyway, I was super excited when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's place. I wanted to get inside their house fast. Mom usually makes me go potty first, though, so I just took care of that myself before Mom even mentioned it. I peed on Grandma's driveway. Mom wasn't amused.

After we visited for a while, Mom and Grandma and Grandpa left and I stayed at my grandparents' house. They had to go to my baby people cousin's birthday party. You know what I gave him? Two words...SQUEAKY CHICKEN! Mom got a squeaky chicken for him just like mine -- the one he kept stealing from me. So she wrapped it and told him it was from me. (Yes, I tried to steal it, but Mom wouldn't let me at it.)

Now he's got his own squeaky chicky, so he shouldn't need to steal mine anymore, right?

Mom came back to Grandma and Grandpa's place and we visited some more. I love seeing my grandparents, but I was pretty ready to go back home, too. So when Mom said "let's go bye-bye," I flew to the door.

Mom usually makes me go potty before she lets me get in the car, so I took care of that before she even mentioned it. I just peed on the driveway (again) right beside our car and then jumped in the car. After all, that was a quicker way to do it than going over to the grass. Mom wasn't super happy. I guess I wasn't supposed to potty ON the driveway when there was grass a foot away from it. And of peed on my own foot, too, 'cause the driveway is slanted. Mom was muttering something about dog pee on the car seat. Oopsie.

After we got home, I was pretty tired. It was a long day away from my home and my toys. So I did this all night:

And yes, I snored.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's My Gotcha Anniversary!

Friday was my Gotcha Day Anniversary! I've lived with my new Mom for three whole months now! I came to live with her on Thanksgiving just last year. That's when my foster sis Shawnee and my foster mom droved me all the way to Illinois. Time sure flies!

Now, don't you think that a 3-month anniversary like this should mean a new toy for me???

Well, I guess Mom agreed! Tonight I caught her rummaging around in our closet, where I suspect she has a secret doggie toy stash. And then all of the sudden...TA DAH! NEW TOY!!! She gave me a cool new squirrel toy that's longer than I am! No stuffing in it, so it's easier for me to find those squeakers, too!

I was having a whole lot of fun playing with the squirrel, so Mom had trouble getting a good picture. I refused to stop playing to "pose" for her. She should expect that, though.

The squirrel is pretty long, so it's very tuggable!

I got tired of Mom flashing the camera at me, so I finally just posed and got it over with. You can tell I'm not thrilled about stopping my play for Mom's silly camera!

Happy 3-month Gotcha Anniversary, Mom!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monkey Business

Mom had to run to the store tonight and I went along for the ride. Yeah, it's a little cold outside right now, but Mom made sure the car was toasty for me and she was only inside for a minute.

When she got back to the car, she put her shopping bag between the seats. It's my sworn duty to investigate all plastic sacks, so I dug right in. Guess what I found? MONKEY TOY!!! That's right...Mom got me a new toy when she was inside the store. Mom even had the store cashier cut the tag off so that I could play with the new toy in the car. My Mom's so cool!

Here's my cute new monkey.

But there was a little problem with my monkey. Before we even got back home, Mom noticed that I had stuffing on my chin. Yep. I had attacked my toy and was pulling out the stuffing! When we got inside our house, Mom investigated and she found two holes in the monkey.

Hole number 1...

Hole number 2...

Now I have destroyed a toy or two in the past, but I'm not usually a destroyer like that. Mom thinks that maybe the toy wasn't sewn together very well to begin with. She told me that she would try to fix the holes for me tomorrow 'cause she was too busy tonight with other stuff. But THAT plan was not going to work...

"There's nothing to see here, Mom."

That's right...I de-stuffed my monkey while Mom wasn't looking. She should have known better than to let me keep playing with it! (That big white thing is the crinkly squeaker.)

When she caught me, I knew I was in a little bit of trouble.

So I put on my best, most-innocent-looking face. And of course Mom just melted. She can't resist the cuteness!

She even let me nap on the monkey remains. Yep. I've got Mom trained.

It was a cute monkey...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sekurity Report: February 2010 PawPawty

The February 2010 PawPawty was held on February 20-21 and it supported The Pet Samaritan Fund. The Pawty theme was Anipal Winter Olympics. The event raised $1,345!

Some official Sekurity Team Announcements:
  • Sergeant Shawnee Shep has been promoted to Lieutenant!
  • Cadet Smokey was promoted to Officer.
  • Cadet Mace was promoted to Officer.
The Sekurity Team is still recruiting new cadets! Help us protekt and serve! For more information, see Captain Snicker's blog.

The Sekurity Team Roll Call

Captain SnickersLieutenant Shawnee
Officer BrutusOfficer Cheshire Kitten
Officer MorrisOfficer Smokey
Underkover Sekrit Informant FergusDokumentation Officer Buttons
Cadet Hella HedgieCadet Emily

Standard Sekurity Announcements

The Sekurity Team member on dooty during each shift tweeted the following standard announcements:
  • If you are new to #pawpawty and need assistance please see sekurity. We cans help.
  • ANIPALS dont forget to block the spammers, free $ ppl, gets lots of followers, and noggty ladies that start following you during #pawpawty.
  • Remember you must unproteckt your tweets to be seen during pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
(Yes, the Dokumentation Officer is too lazy to dokument those announcements throughout the report.)

The Official Sekurity Report

2:02 p.m.Captain Snickers reports for Sekurity Dooty. The PawPawty officially begins!
2:02 p.m.Tributes begin via @FrugalDougal for all anipals that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.
3:43 p.m.Report comes in that @demondogsports destroyed a toy. Captain Snickers investigated, but it was his own toy, so no other anipal's toy was harmed. Proof of destruction:
3:54 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie reports for Sekurity Dooty. Captain Snickers remains on dooty for training purposes.
Non-Handoff Report:It has been very quiet so far.
3:59 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Captain Snick is training new cadet, HellaHedgie now. Welcome Cadet HellaHedgie to the Sekurity Team!
4:04 p.m.Captain Snick gives official warning to @MrKiplingwoof for trying to get Cadet HellaHedgie to drink while on dooty. Proof: Note: Cadet HellaHedgie did not partake.
4:09 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie confirms that Sekurity can give hugs while on dooty.
4:13 p.m.Captain Snick signs off of Sekurity Dooty for lunch break. Cadet HellaHedgie is in charge of Sekurity.
4:18 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Our fearless leader @FrugalDougal is in Twitter jail!
4:32 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Our master of pawty is back as @FrugalDougalDog.
4:50 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Quizzes are back on! Please follow @FrugalDougalDog to play
4:52 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie investigates report from @no_crybaby_doGs that she lost her 44DD bra. Cadet offers to help find it. Turns out that it was a joke and a bit of a ploy to get into the Sekurity Report. (Note from Dokumentation Officer Buttons: That ploy won't work with me! Oh, wait...maybe it did...)
5:03 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie advises @justanothertrnd to be sure to block spammers and report them. Cadet, being a hedgehog, will then "Spikey Those Spammers!"
5:09 p.m.@CokieTheCat claims to be the owner of the 44DD:
5:10 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Please return the 44DDD bra to rightful owner @CokieTheCat.
5:15 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Oh noes! @MrKiplingwoof is using @CokieTheCat's bra as a punch bowl!
5:21 p.m.Sekurity Alert: @FrugalDougal is out of twitter jail! Please watch his usual account now.
5:27 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Okay, you crazy anipals can use @CokieTheCat's bra for the pawty.. but you gotta give it back!
5:30 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie asks @PepiSmartDog to stop stealing bras for punch bowls.
5:40 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Help needed to transport guinea pigs to new owner, their owner died. Please contact @Guinygirlz to help!
5:46 p.m.Captain Snick returns from lunch break and confirms with Cadet HellaHedgie that flirting is o.k. on Sekurity Dooty. Cadet HellaHedgie continues to flirt with @DottieGP.
5:50 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie reports that his shift was quiet except for @PepiSmartDog, @MrKiplingWoof and @PierrethePoodle stealing bras for punch bowls. Bra owner, @CokieTheCat said they could use his as long as he wasn't cross-dressing.
Handoff Report:Cadet HellaHedgie reports that he behaved himself on his first Sekurity shift and that the shift was quiet except for the bra stealing.
5:58 p.m.Cadet HellaHedgie transfers Sekurity Dooty to Lieutenant Shawnee.
6:00 p.m.Sekurity Alert: These squirrels are not for nomming. They are for giving massages to the athletes.
6:22 p.m.Sekurity Alert: It be cold outside. Please exercise caution.
8:11 p.m.Cadet Emily has not yet shown up for Sekurity Dooty. Lieutenant Shawnee reports that she will stay on a bit.
8:13 p.m.Cadet Emily reports for Sekurity Dooty. Lieutenant Shawnee will stay for a bit just in case she's needed.
Handoff Report:@PierrethePoodle is giving out free hooch so just line up the ones sleeping it off.
8:25 p.m.Cadet Emily investigates report of bacon overdose by @MattieDog.
8:27 p.m.Cadet Emily asks @ShibberingC to put their coats back on and stop streaking across the stage. Don't want anyone catching a cold at the Anipal Winter Olympics.
9:21 p.m.Lieutenant Shawnee advises Cadet Emily that any anipals being particularly naughty can be given dooty dooty:
10:01 p.m.Officer Brutus reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:Nothing to report.
10:04 p.m.Cadet Emily signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
10:27 p.m.Officer Brutus reports that there have been no sightings of poo guns yet.
11:33 p.m.Sekurity Alert: @trailerparkdogs, @HankTheDoggy and @PierreThePoodle are hooched up and peeing their names on the ski slopes.
11:34 p.m.Report correction: They're peeing Officer Brutus' name on the ski slopes! No action taken yet.
11:37 p.m.Officer Brutus reminds the ski slope pee-ers that they're being watched.
11:58 p.m.Officer Brutus takes pics of pee evidence, bags snowballs, confiscates bobsled! Culprits are still @trailerparkdogs, @HankTheDoggy and @PierreThePoodle.
12:03 a.m.Officer Brutus signs off of Sekurity Dooty. Note: No Sekurity coverage for the next two hours.
1:39 a.m.Officer Smokey (not officially on Dooty, but up with a sick brother) sends out Sekurity Alert: No sekurity on dooty right now (per schedule). If you get a DM asking "LOL Is this you" DO NOT click link in DM. This is a known phishing scheme.
1:46 a.m.Officer Morris reports for Sekurity Dooty.
1:56 a.m.Report comes in from @SylvieDog that @MugsyDog got into some hooch. Officer Morris offers assistance.
2:02 a.m.Officer Morris loads @MugsyDog onto the Sekurity Sled and straps him in.
2:04 a.m.Officer Morris transports @MugsyDog safely home.
2:50 a.m.Sekurity Alert: Anipals, @BildArchiv is a random retweeter - not rude but you might want to block.
Non-Handoff Report:Officer Smokey kindly stepped in between shifts to warn anipals that hacked Twitter accounts were sending dodgy DMs.
We had a Random Retweeter, @BildArchiv - not rude or spammy, just annoying so I advised anipals to block.
I also took @MugsyDog home on the Sekurity Sled as he had passed out AGAIN!!! And that was all that happened on my shift
4:10 a.m.Officer Morris signs off of Sekurity Dooty. Note: No Sekurity coverage for the next four hours.
7:56 a.m.Officer Smokey reports for Sekurity Dooty.
7:58 a.m.Officer Smokey reports: @PepiSmartDog did ask about a suspicious RT as I was logging in. Looked at their Twitter profile and they looked okay to me.
8:08 a.m.Officer Smokey confirms to @kingtuttifruiti that streaking is o.k. for anipals. It's nekkid lady spammers that we don't like.
8:18 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Information on phishing attacks via DM:
8:20 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: You can check to see if a bot is phishing your account by checking your sent DMs.
8:25 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Check all sent boxes, not just DM for possible phishing bot generated messages.
8:44 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Be cautious of @petBizRipOffs. Their timeline is nothing but RTs. May be a bot.
9:07 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: @hashtager looks like a bot. Consider blocking!
9:12 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Anipals are reporting @petripoffs is a bot along with @pawsville and @anipals. Consider blocking.
9:33 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Officer Smokey's account is apparently in Twitter Jail. Using Ody's temporarily.
9:58 a.m.Officer Cheshire Kitten reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:Pretty quiet over all. Some bot activity, but no misbehaving anipals.
10:13 a.m.Officer Smokey signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
10:27 a.m.Reports come in that something is being pelted with Cheetos. Officer Cheshire Kitten investigates and discovers that the Abominable Snowman is being pelted with Cheetos to keep him away from PawPawty animals. Pelters are Officer Morris, @BadAndy_KityKat, @Petiethecat and @BorisKitty.
10:42 a.m.Officer Cheshire Kitten, still investigating the Cheetos Chucking, reports: I think I need advice from a senior officer about this Cheeto Chucking. Is the Yeti a pal or a predator?
10:46 a.m.Cheetos Chucking investigation concludes. Officer Cheshire Kitten determines that the pelters were protecting the PawPawty from the Abominable Snowman...they were not Cheetos Chucking randomly.
11:20 a.m.Sekurity Alert: Another suspected bot to watch out for @BildArchiv.
12:01 p.m.Officer Brutus reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:Some of the mancats (and some other pals) chucked Cheetos at the Abominable Snowman to protect @BadAndy_KityKat.
We can thank @boriskitty, @petiethecat, @kittehboi, Officer Morris and some others, too.
Just a little bit of bot activity.
12:11 p.m.@no_crybaby_doGs begins to try to compromise Officer Brutus. Proof: and
Then @no_crybaby_doGs continues to try to bribe Officer Brutus with pills and bacon.
12:17 p.m.Officer Brutus offers to take @no_crybaby_doGs to watch an Olympic event and attempts to take her bacon for safe-keeping.
12:28 p.m.@BaronVonOdem claims the pills are his and don't belong to @no_crybaby_doGs.
12:33 p.m.@BaronVonOdem attempts to bribe Officer Brutus with a kiss to keep @no_crybaby_doGs out of the clink.
12:37 p.m.Tired of the shenanigans, Officer Brutus assigns punishment to @BaronVonOdem and @no_crybaby_doGs: handing sweat towels to the hockey teams.
12:46 p.m.Report comes in from @PetieTheCat that some dogs have a cat in a bag and are shaking it. Officer Brutus investigates @SantaCatz, @Apollo_Frenchie, @HankTheDoggy, and @kealoha_kitty. It appears that @SantaCatz was in the bag.
12:47 p.m.Report comes in that @no_crybaby_doGs assaulted a hockey player with a wet towel. (Smacked 'em.)
12:49 p.m.Officer Brutus officially arrests @no_crybaby_doGs for assaulting both the hockey player and himself; takes her to jail. Bail is set at a $10 donation to the PawPawty charity.
12:51 p.m.Officer Brutus then rushes from the jail and rescues @SantaCatz from the bag by grabbing the bag with his Dane teeth.
12:55 p.m.Officer Brutus reports on the cat-nappers: @Apollo_Frenchie has peacefully turned himself in. May get off for first time offense. @HankTheDoggy sent to drunk tank. @BigBoyBosco is repeat offender of catnapping @SantaCatz. Things won't be easy for him this time. @BigBoyBosco is also responsible for corrupting @Kealoha_Kitty.
1:01 p.m.Bail was posted for @no_crybaby_doGs by @Yoda_the_Dog. @no_crybaby_doGs is released from jail.
1:03 p.m.@BigBoyBosco, @Apollo_Frenchie, @HankTheDoggy begin lighting firecrackers and tossing them behind Sekurity.
1:05 p.m.Officer Brutus confiscates @kealoha_kitty's luge sled for being a willing accomplice in the cat-napping, etc.
1:06 p.m.Officer Brutus gallops after @BigBoyBosco (on a bobsled) and rescues @PetieTheCat, who had been cat-napped for snitching on the cat-nappers. @PetieTheCat is safely delivered to the cross-country track.
1:08 p.m.Bail for @Apollo_Frenchie and @HankTheDoggy has been set at $10 donation each.
1:13 p.m.Officer Brutus pulls @PetieTheCat and @Kealoha_Kitty out of a snow bank. They had been tossed there as additional retaliation from the cat-nappers.
1:15 p.m.Officer Brutus tells @Apollo_Frenchie and @HankTheDoggy that they have the option of waxing skis if nobody comes forward to post bail.
1:17 p.m.@HankTheDoggy posts his own bail and is released from jail.
1:20 p.m.Officer Brutus waits at the Western Union office for bail money to arrive for @Apollo_Frenchie.
1:34 p.m.Bail money arrives for @Apollo_Frenchie and he is released.
1:50 p.m.Captain Snick arrives to check on Sekurity at the end of the PawPawty.
1:55 p.m.Officer Brutus reports: @no_crybaby_doGs assaulted the hockey team and then a group of boys kidnapped @SantaCatz!
2:01 p.m.@no_crybaby_doGs establishes the "#SekurityHunkBrutus" hash tag. (Note from Dokumentation Officer Buttons: I'll use THAT tag!)
2:02 p.m.PawPawty winds down. Officer Brutus signs off of official Sekurity Dooty.

Sushi, Anyone?

No Trouble Here...

No, Mom...I'm not up to any mischief. Nope. Nothing at all to see here...

(If I purposefully don't make eye contact, then Mom might not realize that I'm climbing the couch and probably up to something...)

We Had Visitors

Last night a friend of Mom's came over to visit with us. Her name is Jennifer. I've seen her before a couple of times. Jennifer brought her doggy with her, too. His name is Dallas. I'd never met Dallas before. Here's what he looks like.

Mom thought it was a little funny to see me with Dallas 'cause I'm a little doggie, but Dallas is even littler. He's less than half of my size, so he made me look really big. That doesn't happen very often!

Anyway, Jennifer brought a toy over for Dallas to play with. I woulda shared mine, of course, but she thought he'd want his own. So, yes...I stole his toy a time or two. I am a toyaholic, after all! (Grandma called me that today and I think it sorta fits!) I can't be held responsible for any toy stealing.

Here's Dallas with his toy.

Dallas didn't play much with his fish toy, though. You know what he did a lot of the time he was here visiting? He did THIS...

Yes, that's Dallas's nose stuck right in my booty! I got a little tired of that. There's only so many times a girl can get sniffed there, you know.

He did sniff my nose a couple of times....but it was mostly the other end. He seemed to have a fondness for "Ode 'de Buttons."

Dallas seemed to like my new doggie bed, too. (I had to keep an eye on him.)

And when he wanted to go nite nite for a while, you know what Jennifer did? She put a blanket over his head. I've never seen such a thing! There was this blue blanket, then, that kept moving around on my doggie bed!

He decided to nite nite on the couch, too. Again, I had to keep an eye on this because I wasn't quite sure what was up with that "blanket over the head" thing.

"Are you in there, Dallas?"

"Yep. He's in there. I see his little head sticking out!"

Mom and I had a great time visiting with Jennifer and Dallas, but I was super tired when they left our house. Between the constant booty sniffing and the monitoring of the blanket-over-Dallas stuff, it just wore me out. I went straight to bed.

I'll let you know if I ever figure out what was up with that blanket over his head...

Waiting for Mom

When Mom's at work, I usually sit on the couch and wait for her to come home. I don't just sit on the couch, though. I kinda sit on the arm of the couch -- the part closest to the door that Mom will be coming through. I nap up there.

Like this:

Why was I up there when Mom was home? Yeah, I don't really know. It just seemed like the thing to do, I guess!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Typical Saturday Night

It's been a great day today 'cause Mom was home with me all day. We napped this afternoon. She puttered around doing people stuff (like cleaning) while I napped some more. Ahhh...good times!

Tonight, she was messing around on our puter and I wanted to play fetch. I had to actually TELL her to play fetch with me. Can you believe that?

But she did play with me after that. The video of me playing fetch turned out baaaad 'cause Mom couldn't hold the camera steady and throw the chicken at the same time. (It's a little funny to watch, actually!)

I've done a lot of this tonight, too, of course... (Just listen to me snorting!)

And all of that forced me to do some of this...

So yeah -- it's been a great day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

More Mail!

Mom and I got a box in the mail this week. Well, Mom's name was on it, but I should have at least partial ownership of everything, right? And you know what comes in boxes...TOYS! And sometimes COOKIES, too!

So Mom opened the box and I dived in.

"Uh oh," I thought. "What is THIS?!" It certainly didn't look like a toy or cookie.

It turns out that the box had a cake pan in it. I guess that my little tiny people cousin is going to have a birthday soon, and Mom's gonna make his birthday cake. So my aunt shipped a cake pan to my Mom. How boring!

How the heck am I supposed to play with a cake pan?! I think the mail man should take it back and bring me some toys instead. That's how things are supposed to work around here, right?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toy Box

Mom thought she needed to put my toys in my toy box last night. (Yes, there's a toy box under that pile.)

Don't worry, though. I got right to work and the toys didn't stay in the box for long. He he he.

Lesson from the Little Person

I've complained a lot about my people cousin stealing my squeaky toys, but I do have to give him some credit. You see, he taught me a great technique...

One day he decided that he didn't want his older brother to go to school, so he did this:

Isn't that genius? He sat on his brother's school bag and then just turned on the cuteness.

I decided to try the brilliant tactic myself this morning:

If I'm laying on Mom's coat, she can't leave for work, can she? I thought for sure it would keep her home with me all day. Sadly, no... Mom just picked me up and moved me over to the blanket on the couch. Bummer.

But it was worth a shot!