Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PawPawty Prize

At the January PawPawty I won some custom-made cards from RiverDog Prints. The mailman brought my cards to me today! Mom was pretty excited. Me? I for something to squeak...

And then I started barking 'cause I couldn't squeak anything and Mom wouldn't let me chew on the ribbon on the box of cards. Mom was not amused. It is MY prize, after all. I think I should be able to chew on every card in that box if I want to!

But noooo. Mom wouldn't let me chew on the cards. Bummer.

I can't post a picture of the cards, either. If I did that, then they wouldn't be a surprise for anyone that I'm gonna send 'em to! Maybe someday soon I'll post a picture. Until then, you can just trust me when I say that they're adorable... He he he...


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