Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Mischief Maker

This morning I acted all innocent, even with my crazy eyes and crazy hair.

But in reality, THIS happened last night.

Of course it's not unusual for me to dump over the trash.  Mom makes sure nothing dangerous is in there, just in case she forgets to put the garbage on the counter. And all I typically do is scatter the dirty tissues around.

When she cleaned up my mischief from last night, however, Mom discovered three little pieces of an old make-up sponge.

Yep.  Only three little pieces remained.  The rest was nowhere to be found.  You know why?  'Cause it was IN MY BELLY!

That's right.  I ate it.

"There's nothing to see here."

So Mom freaked out.  She called the vet and tattled.  The vet said I'd be o.k. but to watch for the sponge to "reappear" from either end.  Fun, huh?

While Mom was at work today, the sponge again. It came out the top. (I'm just sniffing it here.)

Mom censored the gross part, but you can still see some of that sponge in this picture.

I refused to be photographed with the evidence.

Just to add to the fun, I also left Mom a present in the other room.

Mom was thankful that we "found" the sponge so quickly, so she couldn't get too upset with me.

Being full of mischief gets exhausting.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snowy Day

We got a lot of snow today. And it's still coming down. This is a problem for me because I have short little legs.

Mom made me a little potty patch, but it's not very big. It ain't cool when you don't have enough room to do your business.

So I was a little disgruntled after I came in from my last trip outside. Decided to burrow and make myself my own indoor dog bed igloo.

Ignore that toy ball that I smooshed.

Ignore the laser eyes, too.

I napped away my grumpiness.

Mom went into the kitchen to do the dishes and when she came back out, she saw this.

I'd moved to higher ground on the couch.  And still did my best to look pathetic.  Just isn't a good day when I can't go for a walk!

Stupid snow.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grooming Torture

I was all snuggled up on the couch this morning while Mom was getting ready for work. This is my usual spot.  I snooze there most days while Mom's earning money to buy me more toys.

Unfortunately, however, Mom interrupted my slumber today.  And then to my horror, she took me to THE GROOMER when she left for work.


Sure, the groomer is nice and all, but I DON'T LIKE BATHS!!!

Mom left me at the doggie spa all morning, and then she picked me up.  We went back home and I got back in my spot on the couch.

I stuck my tongue out to let Mom know just what I thought of her doggie torture.

Then I told her she'd better give me cookies.  Quick.

Seriously.  Give me cookies.

I'm snoozing this evening.  The groomer really disrupted my daily napping schedule.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liver News and Allergy Pills

It appears that I have neglected to update my blog in quite some time.  I blame Mom, of course.  After all, if anything goes wrong around here, it's always her fault.

So, I was supposed to have surgery last month to take the lump off of my hiney.  Well, the lump's still there.  The vet postponed my surgery until my liver enzyme levels are better. One of my enzyme levels is way, way, way high.

The vet did lots and lots and lots of tests on lots of different days, and they couldn't figure out what's wrong.

So the vet gave us three options.  We could do a liver biopsy to see if that gave us an answer. Or we could go to a vet at the vet hospital to have more tests. Or we could stop trying to diagnose the issue and just treat the problem with a medicine to see if it helps.

Mom told the vet that she didn't want me to have to go through any more icky tests like that. (I whole-heartedly agreed!)  So, I started on a new medicine.  I'm supposed to take the new pill every day for a month, and then the vet will check my enzyme level again.  That will tell us if the medicine helps.

While I was having all of those tests, Mom stopped giving me my secondary allergy pills.  I get one main allergy medicine every day, and then the secondary ones when my itchies are bad.  I haven't been as itchy, so Mom stopped that second med to see what would happen.

BUT she was not expecting what happened...

The reappearance of CRAZY BUTTONS!

Mom thought I'd calmed down over the last year because I was getting older. What she discovered, however, was that it was mainly the allergy pills!

I've been dumping over the trash again regularly.  And I'm rolling on toys and playing a lot more now, too. And of course I'm into stuff again.  'Cause that's how I roll.

Mom says the secondary allergy pills are being put away for as long as possible.  She's tired of picking up the garbage after me, but she loves my crazy side way too much to let the garbage bother her...

Of course she loves my cute, sleepy side, too.  But in all honesty, who could resist THAT?!