Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Present from My Buddy Boris

My friend Boris Kitty sent me a present last week! Boris said it was my prize for winning the "most toys in one blog post" award for my Toy Inventory post. That works for me!

Did you know that one of Boris' humans works for a place called DogToys.com? I gotta see if he can get my Mom a job there. Can you just imagine the amount of toys a place like that must have?!

Anyway, Boris is my very good buddy. He even sent toys to my foster home when I was living there. He's been super-duper nice to me. I love my buddy Boris! Here's a picture of Boris. He's a very handsome kitty, isn't he?

And here I am investigating my box from Boris and wishing Mom would open it up for me.

Just LOOK at all of the stuff inside my box! There were a lot of doggie t-shirts on top of the box...

...and look at the TOYS that were under the t-shirts!

I had to help Mom empty out the box, of course. Under the toys we found cookies and even BACON flavored popcorn!

And then I went a little crazy. Oopsie... I was all over the place. Just went a little nuts 'cause of all the cool stuff Boris sent me.

Hmmm... It looks like Boris sent something extra in the box, too. Look closely at this t-shirt and you can see Boris HAIRS on it!

"Mom, I smell my buddy Boris!"

It was super cool to be able to smell Boris on my t-shirt! I sniffed it and sniffed it.

Mom took a bazillion pictures of me with all of my cool presents from Boris. She said that there are way too many to put in one blog post. So, I'll post more later!

Thanks so much, Boris! You're the best, buddy!


  1. You are the cutest little doggie ever and Boris is the bestest furrend you could have. Hooray for Boris.

  2. i so glads u did likes dem fings i did sends u. I had fun layin on u shirts n makin dem smells like me.

    Enjoys all dem bacon cookies n popping corns.

  3. Wow! Buttons, you have a wonderful friend in Boris, and yes, he's very handsome! Your gift box rocks! You really made out with all them goodies!


  4. Hi there Buttons,

    Borris is so handsome and such a thoughtful friend. Your pressies are great! The stuffie is so cute and we are looking forward to you wearing that really cool tee!

    Have lots of fun!

    -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

  5. Dat Boris is such a great friend. Maybe he'd hire you to work at his toy store as inventory keeper - you has the experience and are so good at taking inventory.

  6. You have a really, really good friend! The mailman must have a path worn from delivering all of your packages!

  7. Boris is a pawsome furriend! Concats for all da new toys in addition to your toys you gots from our store! MOL You so cute!

    Can you do me a favors? And update your link to my bloggie in your list so dat you will sees my latest posting? its http://blog.nipandbones.com

  8. Wow! You got prezzies! That must have been so much FUN to open!


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