Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Went for a Hike

My former foster sis Shawnee is always going on hikes and posting all of her adventures on her blog. I always wanted to go with her when I lived there, and I did actually get to go once!

Anyway, my luck changed today. My new Mom took me for a hike! She said that since the weather was a little warmer, we should take advantage of it. I had to agree. YES!

Mom says that I shouldn't actually call it a "hike" 'cause it was just a walk around the pond by our house. But it's the farthest that Mom and I have walked since before my sissy died. It's been too cold and snowy out for us to walk very far. And I only got to walk around the pond once before.

I was really excited to go on our hike 'cause there was so much to sniff over there! There was a TON of poop, too. Most of it was from very, very big doggies. Mom was upset about that 'cause dog parents are supposed to pick up the poo. Somebody with a big, big doggy is very lazy I guess!

Mom kept getting after me for sniffing the poos. I was just checking all of it out, though. There was a lot of goose poop, too. I was close to finding some squirrel poo, but Mom made me stop my poo sniffing.

And let me tell you, I was a sniffing machine. I was just all over the place -- it was SO exciting to check out that pond again! I hope we get to go again soon...


  1. Wot doodyheds to leave their dogs' poos rite there on the ground! It's peeples like that wot gibs us dogs a bad name.

  2. heheheh sniffing machine. sounds familiar :o)
    So glad to hear you got to go pond hiking.
    I agree with Shawnee. Those lazy irresponsible people gives us a bad name!


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