Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love cookies. They're yummy in my tummy. Mom got me this bag of treats and they're my favorites so far. (See me licking my lips?)

I got tired of looking at the bag and not eating the cookies. That was torture. Very rude of Mom to make me stand beside the cookie bag and not let me at the cookies inside! I told her how I felt about it. Yeah, that's right...I barked and barked.

I had to even get up in her face...

It worked, though, and I got my cookies. That's what's really important, isn't it?

But then Mom had a huge surprise for me. And I do mean HUGE. Take a look at this bag of cookies!

This bag of cookies is as big as I am! Oh, I'm in Heaven! Mom said she got it from a store that sells stuff in big sizes. That works for me!

Lady Bug

Mom reached another important step in her training today. I think she's finally learned that she can't bring home shopping bags unless there's a doggie toy in 'em. Ahhh...success!!!

She brought home some groceries today. While she was putting stuff in the freezer, I started rooting through the rest of the bags. Sure enough...I found a squeaky lady bug!

Here I am playing with my new toy...

Oh. Guess you can't see it very well, huh? He he he.

The bed attacked me a few minutes later, though, and the toy escaped. So here's what the lady bug looks like.

That pic also gives you a good look at the work I've been doing tearing the foam off the bottom of my bed. Yes, I'm ornery.

Anyway, back to the lady bug... It's a requirement that all new toys need to be rolled on. So, of course I had to do that for a while.

And here's a great pic of me telling Mom to back off from my new squeaky toy!

Mom's made some definite progress in her training, don't you think?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adding to the Inventory

Guess what Mom brought home last night...a new squeaky toy!!! She must have taken me seriously when I told her I needed more toys after we took that toy inventory.

This one's an orange kitty. (No offense to my kitty friends, I hope.) It's a little hard to squeak, but it's pretty bouncy. When Mom throws it down the hallway, it really bounces off of stuff. Pretty fun to chase! Almost hit me in the head a couple of times, though.

Here's what my new kitty toy looks like.

And this is one of about a bazillion pictures Mom took of me playing with the new toy.

Then this is, of course, what I do when I'm tired of Mom taking pictures of me. I turn around and give her the butt. "Take a picture of THIS, Mom!" (I know I've talked about that before, but it really is a wonderful technique. Try it if your Mom takes too many pictures of you.)

Now this last picture is another one of me playing with my new toy, but there's something just a little different about it. Can you tell what it is?

My new bed's upside down! I did that myself, and I'm quite proud of it. It's a huge bed, but I still managed to flip it over all on my own. Then I laid on it for a while and played. Even rolled on my back on my upside-down bed. Bed's a talent.

Guard Doggie

Mom and I ran into our neighbors from upstairs when we were out for a potty break tonight. I decided that I needed to be a guard doggie, so I barked at 'em. That's right...I sure did. Scared the bejeebies out of the little kids. I even took off after a couple of 'em, barking like a mad dog. I was ferocious! Mmmwwwaaahahhaahaha! (That's my evil laugh.)

I sure showed those kids how much I like them running and banging around upstairs. Mom said she was embarrassed by me...but I think she enjoyed it just a bit, too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lessons Learned Tonight

Some things I learned tonight...

1. Mom does not think that her ink pens are toys for me. She doesn't seem to approve of me stealing them.

2. When eating food that Mom drops in the kitchen, I must be sneakier...much sneakier. Mom gets particularly upset when I snarf down raw Italian turkey sausage she accidentally drops. If I'm sneakier, she might not realize that she didn't clean up the spill herself. That way I'll get the goodies, and I won't get in trouble. (It was quite yummy, though.)

The World Is My Snow Cone

You know what I discovered tonight? Snow is yummy. When it just first snows, and the snow's all fresh, it's like the world is a snow cone (without the syrup topping, of course).

Mom and I were out for a walk when I decided to try out some of that snow. I liked it so much that I kept right on eating it. I'd take a few steps and stop for a bite of snow. I'd take a few more steps. Then I'd eat some more snow. Then I'd take a few steps...then stop for some more snow munching. It made for a rather yummy (but somewhat slow) walk.

Mom thought it was funny at first, but then she got impatient 'cause I was stopping so much. She said she got cold. Oh, well. She should just be happy I wasn't eating the yellow snow...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Toy Inventory

My Twitter friend Baby Patches has an online store. When she said that her Mom was doing inventory for their store, I was inspired. I told Mom that WE should do a toy inventory. Today, we did...


Looks like we've got 13 toys in there. I'm not counting that bumble bee. And I'm only counting the tree trunk of fun -- I mean tree trunk of squirrels -- as 1 toy even though there are 4 squirrels in there.


We only have one bumble bee in the bathroom right now. We won't count it, though, 'cause it's not supposed to be there.

5 toys in the hallway right now. See that bee hive? That's where the bumble bees belong. They're like the tree trunk of squirrels -- only counting them as 1 toy for inventory.

Dining Room:

There are currently 2 toys in the dining room.

Living Room:
This room will take some work 'cause it's where most of the toys are.
Here's the first spot... I count 14 toys and 1 cool box. Yes, I play with that empty box sometimes. Don't mind me in this picture. I'm just chewing on a rawhide while Mom counts toys.

Here are more toys in the living room. I'm counting 15 in this batch. Don't pay any attention to the black cord. That's just for the TV.

And here's the last batch of toys for the living room. These are the ones that I actually left in the toy box...for now, at least. I'm counting 12 toys here.

Wait... Mom, did you count those right? (Yes, that's me scowling at Mom again.)

I'd better count myself just to double-check...

Oops. Yeah, 12 toys. Guess Mom counted right!
I'd better survey the rest of the living room toys, too, though, just in case...

"1, 2, 3, 4..." Yeah, I guess Mom was right. (Just don't tell her I said that.)

Oopsie -- found another bumble bee that's not in its hive!

After all of that counting, I was forced to take a nap...

Final Inventory Counts:
So after careful counting and recounting, Mom and I determined that I have a total of 61 toys laying around our house. If we count all of the tree trunk squirrels and bee hive bumble bees, I've actually got 68.

And remember that this inventory count isn't including the bag of toys that Mom wouldn't let me have the other day, OR the secret stash of toys that I think she has in the closet. I didn't count the empty box as a toy, either, 'cause it's just a box.

But still...this is very, very sad. Definitely not enough toys. I do believe that I need more. I'm being toy deprived!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sekurity Report: January 2010 PawPawty

My sissy Lexi-Lou was the PawPawty Sekurity Team's Dokumentation Officer, but she passed away last month. So I talked to Mom and we both decided that it would be o.k. if I tried my paw at documenting for the team. So I talked to Captain Snickers and officially joined the team in memory of my sissy. Lexi did a great job with her Sekurity Team reports, so I've got some "big" little teeny paws to fill!

Here's my first official PawPawty Sekurity Team Report...

The January 2010 PawPawty was held on January 23 and 24. The Pawty was a celebration of all things Las Vegas! (Very cool, in my opinion.) Instead of picking a charity nominated by an anipal, the Pawty Organizer Frugal Dougal decided that we should help out all of the animals affected by the earthquake and devastation in Haiti. (Again...very cool, in my opinion!) All of the Pawty donations went to The International Fund for Animal Welfare and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. The anipals at this Pawty raised $1,863 for these organizations. Yeah!

Captain Snickers and Sergeant Shawnee put together the Sekurity Team Roll Call for this Pawty. (Big thanks to Sergeant Shawnee for sewing all of the Pawty uniforms.)

January 2010 Sekurity Team Roll Call

Captain SnickersSergeant Shawnee
Officer BrutusNinja Strike Force Leader mizCleo
Officer MorrisJunior Officer Buddy
Cadet SmokeyCadet Mace
Dokumentation Officer ButtonsUnderkover Sekret Informant Fergus

January 2010 Sekurity Report

2:00 p.m.Captain Snickers reports for Sekurity Dooty.
2:16 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Remember you must unprotect your tweets to be seen during Pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
2:35 p.m.Captain Snickers suggests a "Zone of Protection" around Dokumentation Officer Buttons to prevent her from being distracted by squeaky toys. Cadet Smokey will help enforce the Zone.
2:55 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Don't forget to block the spammers and free money people. Get lots of followers, and noggty nekkid ladies that start following you during the Pawty.
2:57 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: And remember this is VIVA WAG VEGAS Pawty. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! (Except for stuff that ends up in the Sekurity Report...)
3:42 p.m.Report comes in of hundreds of squeaky balls being released at the party. (WOO HOO!)
3:44 p.m.Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky, squeaky, squeaky. (Note: Sorry...Dokumentation Officer was distracted by the squeaky balls.)
3:45 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Zone of squeaky toy protection around Dokumentation Officer Buttons has been broken!!! Everypal catch a squeaky ball!
3:45 p.m.Dokumentation Officer Buttons is placed in isolation due to sensory squeaky overload. (Note from Buttons: Oh, this is first Sekurity Report and I have to dokument myself!)
4:00 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
We had to put Dokumentation Officer Buttons in isolation. We had a massive squeaky ball release and she is in shock.
4:07 p.m.Captain Snickers signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
4:18 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo escorts Dokumentation Officer Buttons to safety away from the squeaky balls at the Pawty. Buttons goes home to recover.
4:58 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader reports that everything is pretty quiet.
5:48 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Remember you must unprotect your tweets to be seen during Pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
5:58 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
Our Dokumentation Officer had a toy overload earlier. Buttons did goes home for a bit to recover. That's it!
6:05 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
6:50 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee reports that things are quiet.
7:22 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Everybody block @jane_fell. She is a noggty nekkid laydee spammer.
7:55 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Buttons has arrived. Pawlese remove all squeaky toys from the premises.
7:57 p.m.Cadet Smokey reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
Not much is going on!
8:00 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
8:04 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Remember you must unprotect your tweets to be seen during Pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
8:08 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Don't forget to block the spammers and free money people. Get lots of followers, and noggty nekkid ladies that start following you during the Pawty.
8:11 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Please be on the lookout for @Wildboutbirds' Winkie. It has been lost! Contact him for info.
8:13 p.m.Report from Cadet Smokey: I'm not entirely sure what a Winkie is, but @Wildboutbirds would like his back.
8:16 p.m.Remember this is VIVA WAG VEGAS Pawty. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Except for what's on Twitter...
8:18 p.m.Official warning issued to some streakers: Anyone caught streaking will be reported on Sekurity Report and assigned litter box detail.
8:21 p.m.Streakers continued, so @kingtuttifruiti, @TheNascarKitty, and @Kealoha_Kitty are apprehended and given litter box detail.
8:29 p.m.Cadet Smokey again asks the streaking kitties to put their furs back on and stop the streaking. Kitties comply, and no litter box detail is actually handed out.
8:57 p.m.Report comes in from @CathyKeisha of a nekkid duck in the DJ booth.
9:00 p.m.Cadet Smokey advises @CathyKeisha that if Donald and Daisy don't have to wear pants, then neither does @GeorgeTheDuck.
9:01 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee pops into the party to verify to Cadet Smokey that Sekurity has ruled on streaking in the past and it's o.k. for anipals to be nekkid (because they don't wear clothes anyway, just furs). Noggity nekkid ladies, however, are baaaad. Cadet Smokey's handling of the streaking @GeorgeTheDuck was fine and stands as-is. Situation with the kitties earlier was fine, too, since they put their furs back on when asked to do so. (No litter box dooty was ever officially handed out.)
9:09 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Canceling Lost & Found for Winkie. Apparently @Wildboutbirds found it.
9:18 p.m.Report comes in from @OdyMaltese that Cadet Smokey is sleeping on dooty.
9:19 p.m.Cadet Smokey immediately refutes claims made by his little brother, proving he wasn't sleeping on dooty.
9:44 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Remember you must unprotect your tweets to be seen during Pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
9:44 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Don't forget to block the spammers and free money people. Get lots of followers, and noggty nekkid ladies that start following you during the Pawty.
9:56 p.m.Officer Brutus reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
Cadet Smokey: All things are quiet at present. Had some streaking cats and one streaking duck, but Sergeant Shawnee reminded us that naked anipals okay. @Pierrethepoodle had a little too much of his own hooch, but didn't cause any problems. He's sleeping it off at my house tonight. (Note: Cadet Smokey lives in Las Vegas!)
Officer Brutus: Anybody who needs watching or protecting?
Cadet Smokey: No sir. Dokumentation Officer Buttons was here earlier, but no more squeaky toys have been seen. Too many squeaky toys send her into shock.
10:01 p.m.Cadet Smokey signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
10:06 p.m.Officer Brutus reports that @Wildboutbirds couldn't find a real Winkie so he had to use a Twinkie. Sad. But thanks @Herbie_Cat! (Note: Dokumentation Officer just dokuments...and has no idea what this means...and does not want to know, either...)
10:25 p.m.Officer Brutus reports that the pawtiers are being a well-behaved and happy group so far.
10:36 p.m.Officer Brutus enforces zone of squeaky toy protection around Dokumentation Officer Buttons. (Whew!)
10:46 p.m.Officer Brutus reports: As punishment for drawing on sleeping anipals, @thenascarkitty is sentenced to drawing thank you notes to all who donate!
10:51 p.m.It's Slinky Scooby Dancing Time!!! Officer Brutus begins his famous Slinky Scooby Dance in memory of @lexiloudog. All tips are appreciated and should be given via the Pawty charity donation links! It's for a good cause, after all!
11:08 p.m.As clarification, Officer Brutus reports that he gave his underwear away prior to the Slinky Scooby Dancing. It was a totally unrelated event. (The undies went to @SirFudgeEsq...and it's reported that they smell bad. Really bad.)
11:12 p.m.Officer Brutus has to administer CPR to adoring fan @SydPie while fanning equally-adoring fan @OatieDog. Both girls fully recover.
11:28 p.m.Officer Brutus makes sekurity rounds by the high-stakes table and checks on @RockumSockum and @trailerparkdogs. Everything checks out o.k.
12:00 a.m.Captain Snickers reports for Sekurity Dooty.
12:03 a.m.Cadet Mace reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
Several of the ladies fainted and I had to give them CPR but they are fine now. Bunch of boys are playing strip poker in the back. Underwear was everywhere and then @Sir_Fudge_Esq took it all. Not an issue, though, since nobody wanted their underwear back.
12:07 a.m.Officer Brutus signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
12:25 a.m.Captain Snickers watches over things while Cadet Mace puts on his new sekurity uniform.
12:30 a.m.Sekurity Announcement from Captain Snickers: Please welcome Cadet Mace to his first sekurity shift!
12:59 a.m.Captain Snickers signs off of Sekurity Dooty temporarily. Cadet Mace is officially on his first solo Sekurity shift.
12:59 a.m.Sekurity Announcement from Cadet Mace: Don't forget to block the spammers and free money people. Get lots of followers, and noggty nekkid ladies that start following you during the Pawty.
1:48 a.m.Cadet Mace catches some anipals trying to sneak bottles of alcohol away from the Pawty and out to a shed. @Fergusthedog, @BadAndy_KityKat, @perrythebirman, and @MugsyDog surrender the alcohol.
1:58 a.m.Officer Morris reports for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
@BadAndy_KityKat, @Fergusthedog, @perrythebirman, and @MugsyDog tried to take some bottles for a "good cause," but they gave them back and took off like the wind!
2:06 a.m.Cadet Mace signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
2:06 a.m.Underkover Sekrit Informant Fergus tells Captain Snickers that his involvement in the bottle theft (@Fergusthedog) was only for Sekurity Team informant reasons.
2:14 a.m.Report comes in from @SylvieDog that her tequila was all stolen by @Fergusthedog and @perrythebirman. Officer Morris begins to investigate. (Proof:
2:23 a.m.Captain Snickers informs Officer Morris that Internal Affairs will need to begin investigating whether or not Underkover Sekrit Informant Fergus is abusing his underkover status.
2:30 a.m.Underkover Sekrit Informant Fergus reports that stolen tequila "was a sekurity check to see if the tequila was adequately protected. Definitely need better locks."
2:30 a.m.Officer Morris asks Underkover Sekrit Informant Fergus to go to Sekurity Team Headquarters for investigation of tequila theft. Fergus resists and runs.
2:36 a.m.Officer Morris is forced to chase Underkover Sekrit Informant Fergus down on the Sekurity Harley. When apprehended, Fergus says he can't go to Sekurity Headquarters because his Mum says he has to go to bed. He does, however, return the stolen tequila.
3:05 a.m.Report comes in from @JavaTheCat of a spammer at the Pawty. Officer Morris takes care of the situation.
3:06 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Block user 8151TwitWii3 as it is a SPAMMER - DO NOT click on his links!
4:04 a.m.Officer Morris signs off of Sekurity Dooty. NOTE: There is no sekurity coverage for the next two hours.
6:00 a.m.Junior Officer Buddy is supposed to report for Sekurity Dooty but does not show. ( NOTE: There is no sekurity coverage for the next four hours.
9:44 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo reports early for Sekurity Dooty.
9:50 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo hears of streaking plans by @kingtuttifruiti and @crazykittykat1. (
9:59 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo prevents from @kingtuttifruiti nomming on @GeorgeTheDuck ( He's our pal!
10:00 a.m.@kingtuttifruiti and @crazykittykat1remove their furs and take off. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo goes after the nekkid kitties, taking their furs with her.
10:12 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo delivers furs to the nekkid kitties. No charges are filed.
11:02 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Remember you must unprotect your tweets to be seen during Pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
11:58 a.m.Cadet Smokey and Officer Brutus both report for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:No mishaps to report.
12:07 p.m.Sekurity Announcement from Cadet Smokey: Don't forget to block the spammers and free money people. Get lots of followers, and noggty nekkid ladies that start following you during the Pawty.
12:08 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs off of Sekurity Dooty but will remain at the Pawty just in case she's needed.
12:30 p.m.It's Slinky Scooby Dancing Time! Officer Brutus jumps onto the bar for the second Slinky Scooby Dance of the Pawty. Tip big, anipals! All tips help the anipals in Haiti!!! (Note: Cadet Smokey is available for any sekurity issues while Officer Brutus is on the bar.)
12:45 p.m.Sekurity Announcement from Cadet Smokey: suspicious activity from 151a_bot. Retweeting Pawty tweets; Twitter account looks funny to me. Be alert, anipals.
12:52 p.m.Cadet Smokey reports himself for getting distracted any time someone mentions "bacon."
12:52 p.m.Officer Brutus and Cadet Smokey clarify to Pawty anipals that nekkid anipals are o.k., but nekkid ladies are NOT o.k. So, the clothes that came off during the Slinky Scooby Dancing (by various anipals) are o.k.
1:58 p.m.Security Announcement from Cadet Smokey: Please check your Twitter accounts for any suspicious followers! Tweet safe!
2:00 p.m.January 2010 Pawty ends safely with lots of fun. Very quiet shift from Sekurity prospective
2:03 p.m.Cadet Smokey and Officer Brutus sign off of Sekurity Dooty.

Popcorn Is Yummy

I've become an expert beggar when it comes to people food. Mom just can't resist my cute little face!

Can't really blame her, though. I am adorable...

Anyway, Mom's been eating popcorn lately. I realized yesterday, though, that she was holding out on me. She was giving me plain popcorn and then putting this special "white cheddar" seasoning on the popcorn that she was eating. That's not really fair, is it?

So last night I decided to take matters into my own hands. I refused to eat the pieces of popcorn that she gave me that were plain. When she gave me a piece out of her bowl, though, I gobbled it right up. Then she picked up my plain popcorn off of the floor and sprinkled her seasoning on it. I gobbled that up, too, and then I licked the carpet where the popcorn was!

Mom finally figured it out. I just wanted that white cheddar seasoning, too! I don't really think I'm picky. I just wanted my fair share. After all, it wasn't right of Mom to hold out on me with the seasoning.

She put the empty popcorn bowl on the floor by me and I scowled at her.

But I guess I shouldn't have. I mean she DID end up giving me the seasoning after all. So, I reverted back to my "cute" face to try to convince her to make us more popcorn.

But in the end, she knows I want the seasoning. Mission accomplished.

Garbage Can Woes

Oh, yeah. I dumped the garbage over yet again! That's like the fifth time in the last few days that I've done that. It's just so very easy!

But here's the sad part... Mom said she was tired of my shenanigans and she emptied the garbage can herself yesterday morning. She didn't dump it on the floor like I do. She took the garbage out of the can and put it out where the garbage goes. That means there's nothing in the garbage can for me to dump over anymore. Darn it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Want That Bag

When Mom came home from work today, she had a bag with her that was quite interesting. The second she put it down, I dived right in. She kept trying to pull me out of it, but I was too strong! (Or maybe just too determined...) Anyway, I figured out what was in that bag. I SAW TOYS IN THERE. But then she took the bag away and wouldn't let me have them!!!!

She put the bag on the counter in the kitchen, so I tried and tried to climb the cabinets. Then I thought maybe it wasn't up there, so I started digging through everything else that could possibly be a bag of toys. Mom got a little frustrated with me. HE HE HE. That's what she deserves for bringing home a bag of toys and not letting me have any!

Here's what the bag looks like...

Can't you see why I'd want that bag?!

Mom eventually got tired of me being crazy, looking for the bag of new toys. You know what she did? She went to our closet and she pulled a NEW TOY out of there! That's right...brand new squeaky toys in the closet! Oh, this is Heaven! I had no idea that there were toys in there. I wonder how many others she might have stashed away...

Anyway, I went to town on my new squeaky raccoon toy.

I squeaked for a while and plucked at the fur.

Had to roll on it on my back for a bit, too.

I tried something new this time -- playing with the toy on my back while partially under my new doggie bed.

That was a blast!

And playing with a new toy in my flipped-up doggie bed is always a requirement. So of course I did that and squeaked away.

See that black cord? That's for our 'puter! Mom was afraid I was gonna unplug it 'cause I was playing like a maniac.

Mom and I decided that the raccoon rates well for tug-ability.

That black cord is for our TV, not our 'puter. (We have a lot of black cords, don't we?)

Anyway, back to the squeaky raccoon... Mom and I discovered that my squeaky raccoon also works well as a scarf!

Geez, Mom. Enough pictures of me already! I'm gonna be blinded by all of those flashes.

All of the squeaking really wore me out tonight...

Mom also gave me a yummy Greenie tonight. That was awesome! (Sorry, but there's no photos of the Greenie 'cause I ate it way too fast! Mom said I inhaled it, whatever that means...)

Oh...and I did this tonight...

It was a goooood night!