Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines for ME

I already told you about some of the Valentines that I got this year...but look at the rest of them! I'm really feeling the love this year!

I got a Snoopy Valentine from my friend Devan. And I got a kitty valentine from Baron Von Odem. There's the Scooby Doo Valentine from Gunner. And a cool card from Monte (it has his picture on the back). And a card with a hug and a smooch from my Syd.

I'm a really lucky girl, aren't I?

But that didn't keep me from barking at Mom, of course, 'cause she was once again taking pictures instead of playing.

By the way...I got more Valentines than Mom did. He he he...


  1. You is very lucky to git so many balentimes! You should share wif your mom coz if'n she sends you back to us, keep in mind I had my pikshur taken 341 times today! My mom is way out of control.

  2. Wow -- you had a great Valentine's Day too! Way to go!


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