Monday, August 29, 2011

Stink Eye

Here's my new tactic to get Mom to give me more toys...

I just give her a look like this:

Then I tell her that if she gives me a new toy, then nobody gets hurt.

I'm sure it'll work...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sneaky Supper

I don't like to eat dry kibble. That's a fact. Mom thinks I should eat dry kibble. That's another fact.

So, to try to get me to eat the kibbles, Mom puts pieces of canned food on top of the kibbles. She puts some powder stuff in there, too, for extra vitamins and stuff. Mom thinks she's soooo sneaky.

This is what my supper looks like:

I do my thing...

And this is what I leave for Mom:

See what I'm doing here? I'm turning the sneaky around! I just eat the canned pieces off the top and leave the rest virtually untouched!

For some reason, Mom doesn't appreciate my sneakiness.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Killer Wasps at My House

We've had a bug issue outside our house. Lots and lots and LOTS of these things:

Here's a close-up:

These bugs are super duper scary looking and super duper icky looking. And they're BIG. They actually live in burrows in the ground, up close to the front of our building.

We've had mornings where there were probably 50 of those icky things flying around when I went out for my morning potty! Mom called the condo association and they said that the bugs are cicada killer wasps. They look ferocious, but "supposedly" won't hurt us if we leave them alone.

That doesn't really make Mom feel much better. You see, the bugs don't really bother me, but they really freak Mom out. She's worried, of course, that one of the bugs will "get" me. In her mind, these wasps are more like this:

It's hard to take pictures of our ferocious bugs. Here's me checking them out one morning, though (for as long as Mom would let me, of course, which wasn't very long...).

I've actually had two "run-ins" with the big bugs. Mom nearly had a heart attack both times, too. My first run-in happened when I stepped out onto our stoop one morning and came face to face with a wasp, just hovering on the stoop.

Here's a re-enactment. Just imagine there's a huge bug right by my nose.

The bug and I just stayed right there, having a staring contest. Mom ended up pulling my leash to get me away from it.

The second bug run-in was when Mom and I were coming inside from our evening walk the other night. I was heading up to the door...

...when I was bonked in the head by one of the wasps carrying a cicada! It looked just like this picture (this one came from the internet, though, and not from Mom's camera...).

Yep. The wasp/cicada just bonked me in the forehead, and then it flew off!

The condo people told Mom that the bugs would be disappearing as soon as the cicadas disappeared. Mom's hoping that happens soon...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Portrait

At a Twitter party not too long ago, I won a portrait from Joan Nardozzi, donated by Smokey8. After a quick (but sorta funny) detour to Germany, my portrait arrived at my house!

Here's me checking out the picture of me. (Ignore the partially-chewed bully stick by my head.)

The portrait is done in pastels, so Mom wouldn't let me sniff it very much. She said I might smudge myself.

Here's a close-up scan of my portrait. Isn't it just awesome?! Mom and I really, really love it.

It's based on one of Mom's favorite pictures of me. Cool, huh?

Big thanks to Joan, Smokey, and Fuzzy Freya (my temporary German host)!

Water Torture

It happened again. Yep. Mom decided that I had to have a nasty, no-good, torture-filled BATH.

I hate baths!!!

But this time, the torture was doubled. After Mom drained the dirty bath water, she REFILLED the tub and gave me an oatmeal bath, too! I gave her a dirty look...

I was not happy. She said I needed the oatmeal bath because of my itchies from my allergies. I don't agree. I'm already itchy...why torture me with water?!

After the bath, Mom kept me captive in the bathroom while she tried to blow-dry my furs.

I grabbed my squeaky penguin to keep me company, while watching at the gate.

When I was released from my prison, I took out my frustrations (and dried my ears) on my penguin.

After that, I hid under the blanket on the couch.

I did NOT want to end up back in that bathtub...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Washing Grandma's Car

Guess what...Mom and I went to see Grandma again this past weekend! This time I took my new Snoopy with me. I played with him in the car.

Snoopy makes a great pillow for naps, too!

While we were at Grandma's house, Mom and I went for a ride in Grandma's car.

"Yep...corn. That means we're near Grandma's house!"

We took Grandma's car to a car wash. I kept close watch on the action outside of the car.

"What the heck is all of that noise?!"

The car wash scared me a little. I'll admit it.

And I kept watching outside to see if those washer things were about done.

When we left the car wash, I was super tired. I could barely stay awake on the drive back to Grandma's house.

Grandma was super happy that Mom and I washed her car. And I had fun, of course, romping in Grandma's yard, too. I love visiting my Grandma! Mom and Grandma did some other stuff over the weekend, but the car wash was the "highlight" for me, I think.

On the ride back to our house, Mom said I acted like a drama queen. I panted like crazy most of the drive because the sun made me hot. I couldn't help it! Mom even had the air conditioning going full blast on me, but I was a panting fool anyway!

Well, when I wasn't using Snoopy for a pillow, of course!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking Snoopy Home

My cool neighbor gave me a huge squeaky Snoopy toy the other night! I took off with him, carrying him home as fast as I could go.

Mom made me slow down so she could catch up. She didn't get that I was in a hurry to get that Snoopy home!

He was a little hard for me to carry...

...but I didn't let that stop me!

In this picture you can kinda see the dead grass that was collecting on Snoopy's head during the trip home...

I had to jump up on the building stoop with Snoop! Nice action shot, huh?

I leaned Snoopy up against the door while I waited for Mom to open it.

Had to lick my lips and rest my jaws while I was waiting on Mom to open our door, then, too.

Sadly, Snoopy suffered some road rash on his snout and ear from his trip to my house. Sorry, Snoops. Mom did her best to get the dead grass out of his ear.

And now that I've got him home, Snoopy is awfully fun to play fetch with!

My New Ride

Mom decided that she needs to get more exercise, and to do that, she wants to go for longer walks. My little legs won't make it on longer walks, though, so that means I'd need to stay home.

But not anymore. Look at what Mom got tonight...

That's right. I've got a new ride.

It's got a sun roof, too.

And it's even a convertible!

I was a little freaked out at first 'cause I didn't understand what the stroller was. But, I did get used to it pretty quickly. Mom's hoping to go for our first long walk together tomorrow. We'll see how this works out...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend at Grandma's

Mom and I went to spend the weekend with Grandma again! Here are my highlights...

I supervised Mom's driving on the trip up to Grandma's house.

I enjoyed being Free-Range Buttons in Grandma's backyard!

I hogged the bed again, of course. And I rolled on some toys. And then I supervised Mom's driving on the way back home.

And then I slept for two days to recover from all of my free-range fun.