Monday, February 15, 2010

New Toys

Yeah, you read this post's title right...I got TWO new toys!!!

Aren't they cool?

I think I've already told you that we've got a rule in our house. Any time Mom goes shopping and brings home bags of stuff, one bag MUST include a squeaky toy for ME. I personally dig through all of her bags until I find the toy. Well...that chicken toy was in a bag this weekend when Mom got groceries!

And you know where that pink and purple elephant toy came from? I went to see my Grandma and Grandpa yesterday, and Grandma had it for me! Actually, the last few times I've been at her house, Grandma has given me a new toy each time. Isn't that awesome? My new Grandma rocks!

My cousin Hoss stole my elephant a couple of times yesterday. I just waited for him to put it down, though, and then I'd swipe it right back! Then Grandma put it up where neither of us could reach it 'cause she was afraid that Hoss would tear up my new elephant. Darn it. But I got to bring it home with me and I've been playing with it today.

Alrighty. Enough chat. It's time for pictures and videos of me in action with the new toys!

The squeaky chicken is really loud. I decided that it was fun to bat it around and make it squeak that way.

And here's another video of me rolling on the chicken.

After all of that playing, I had to take a little break. I settled in to nap with the chicken.

And here are some pics of me rolling on my pink and purple elephant! ( I didn't really roll ON it much, but beside it. I need to work on my aim.)

Played fetch with the elephant, too.

Mom kept trying to get me to pose pretty with the elephant, but this was about as good as she could get. Yes, I was being ornery.

Anyway, I love my new elephant toy. Thanks, Grandma!

Toy Inventory Update

Let's see... I'm not gonna keep counting the squirrels and bees as "one" toy 'cause I play with the pieces. So I'm officially separating them. And with all of those, and the two new toys, my inventory count is now at 81 toys. Woo hoo! Wonder how long it will take me to reach 100?


  1. We clearly don't get NEARLY enough toys!! MUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    But who could resist when you look so sweet enjoying them??

  2. We love your videos! we just keep watching and watching them!
    BOL look at you looking at camera BOL
    You are a true squeakie connoisseur

  3. You're one crazy gal with your toys, Buttons. I like the picture of you next to your elephant, almost like you're soaring.

  4. You're officially the cutest dog on Twitter! I love how you roll around w/ur toys. Ma sayys that squeak would drive her crazy.

  5. Hello Buttons,

    We love watching your fun vids. Your roll roll photos are so cute and more so in video. You really know how to have fun.
    What an amazing toy inventory you have there. Wonder when we can even get to half of your collection when we constantly "destroy" our toys even before it can be accounted for. Waaaah

    -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies


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