Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Hairdo

Mom came home at lunch time today and surprised me by saying that we were going for a ride. I thought that was pretty cool.

But then I realized what she was really up to... She took me to the GROOMER. AUGH! I put on my doggie brakes the moment I realized where we were. Mom rudely pulled me in the door, though, and then just left me there for days. (O.K., so maybe she only left me for a couple of hours, but it sure felt like I was there forever!)

When she picked me back up and took me home, do you think she'd play with me? Nooo. She was more interested in taking pictures of my new haircut. Geez, Mom...give me a break! I was away from my beloved toys all afternoon. I needed to PLAY!

Anyway, here's the back view of the new 'do. As you can see, I'm waiting for Mom to throw the toy we were playing fetch with. I'm poised and ready to pounce.

And this is the front view of the new 'do. As you can tell, I'm STILL waiting on Mom to stop taking pictures and throw my toy.

This is the belly view of my hair cut. He he he.

And this is just a picture that Mom thought it was super cute.

It's really hard to be this adorable...but I do my best.


  1. MOL hehehe you is adorables! It just comes naturally I is sures!

    Luvs da new do! MOL


  2. WOW! Your hairdresser is talented! I only get "at home" hair are very lucky to have a "professional" hair cut! Looks great!

  3. You do a great job of being adorable, Buttons!

  4. You look fab, Buttons! Love the new 'do! Hope you you finally got to play!


  5. Hi, Buttons, we saw a tweet from Baby Patches mentioning you and came by to check you out. You are busy, aren't you!

  6. I'm glad I'm a cat so I don't have to get groomed. It sounds painful. If they tried it on me, it would be painful for the groomer, that's for sure. You do look wonderful though. Now go play with your toys.

  7. Super cute!
    oh c'mon buttons we all know it's not hard for you. You're a natural. *wink*

  8. U is da cutest fing in da whole wild world!!! I just lub U!!!!


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