Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Mutt Strut

Next Saturday, May 7, I'm gonna be strutting my stuff in the Mutt Strut! It's a fundraiser for our local humane society, the Champaign County Humane Society.

I participated in the Mutt Strut last year, too. Here's a picture of me and my friend Molly strutting. I think her new brother Gus is going to be strutting with me this year.

Last year I raised over $200 for the Mutt Strut! So far this year I'm only at $25. If you could help sponsor me, I'd really appreciate it! You can donate on my special FirstGiving Mutt Strut page. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Box at the Door

I got in a little trouble tonight. I got all excited because there was a box at the door. You can even see my wet paw prints all over around the box. (My paws were drenched 'cause it's pouring down rain outside tonight.)

The reason I got in trouble, though, is the fact that the package was not at OUR door...

Mom said it was the neighbor's package, not ours. And apparently the neighbor probably wouldn't want me checking it out like I do. Oops...

Thanks, Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house on Saturday night when Mom and I were sleeping, and that Bunny must have thought I'd been super good 'cause he left me TWO toys! The Easter Bunny rocks!

Mom confiscated the toys, though. Can you believe that?! I didn't even get to see them. Easter morning Mom just said I had to wait until later to play with my new toys, and then she left to go to church!

When she came home from church, she took me for a ride in the car and we both went to visit our friends who have kitty cats. I LOVE watching kitties, so that was fun. Our friends make a fort for me to play in, too, under their footstool. And they have a backyard with a fence, so I got to run around back there. We had lots of fun visiting them for Easter.

When we got home from visiting, Mom finally broke out the new toys...or at least one of them. She told me that I had to wait for toy #2 because I "appreciate them more" if I get them one at a time. Something is seriously wrong with my Mom...

Anyway, the first toy I got from the Easter Bunny was a loofah dog holding an Easter egg!

I got tired of Mom taking pictures, so I took the toy into my princess tent to play.

I was pretty tired after the long day of visiting our friends, though, so I did a lot of this that evening...

And this...

On Monday when Mom got home from work, she said it was time to give me my second new toy from the Bunny! This toy was a yellow ducky that quacks. I decided to be a little anti-social, though, with Mom because she made me potty in the pouring rain before she gave me the toy. So, I took it into my tent, too.

Then I gave Mom a "look" when she tried to take pictures through the door of my tent. Back off, Mom!

Eventually I came out of my tent so that I had more room to roll on the new ducky.

And I rolled A LOT.

Then I got tired of the camera again so it was back to the tent. But I only went part-way inside this time.

Ended my evening on Monday by snoozing with both of my new Easter Bunny toys.

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

I won a gift certificate to at a Twitter party in March. It was donated by as a party prize. Mom says that my gift certificate helped out the Easter Bunny this year. I have no idea what she means...but she said I should thank, too. So...

Thank you,!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unfortunate Events

Had something baaaaad happen here tonight. I thought maybe Mom was getting a bath ready for me, but then she'd stop and go do something else, so I thought I was safe. Nope. I was wrong. She tricked me!

And to make things even worse, Mom got a gate. Yep. A gate. See me stuck in our bathroom behind the gate? Not cool.

See, Mom always got hot when she was blow-drying my furs after a bath 'cause our bathroom is little. Worked well for me, though, because that meant she never dried me all the way and I was allowed to escape early. With the gate, though, the bathroom isn't closed up, so Mom won't get so hot in there. Ugh.

And do you know what else she did to me tonight? Usually when she starts running bath water, I always hide under the bed or in my princess tent. Tonight, she stuck me in the bathroom behind the gate BEFORE she started the water! Sneaky, bad Mom!

While the water ran, I just sat by the gate and wished I could go hide...

But I was stuck. After Mom put me in the bathtub, I tried to jump out by myself, but I wasn't so lucky there, either.

I was forced to take a stupid bath.

The good news tonight, though, was at least Mom restocked the toys in the bathroom before she held me captive in there.

She started blow-drying me while I was checking out the toys. (Her distraction technique apparently worked...but not for long.)

I sat and stared out the gate for the rest of my blow-drying. I'm a master of looking pathetic.

I gave Mom the stink-eye in the living room when she finally let me out of the bathroom.

And I totally got my revenge later, too...

Seriously, the Easter Bunny doesn't care if I smell like a dog...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toy Piggy

If you watched the video in my last post, you heard my new, snorty piggy toy that my cool neighbor gave me. Wanna see what it looks like?

Here's a picture of me playing with the piggy inside my princess tent.

And playing with it outside of the tent...

I played so much that I even had to nap with my new piggy in my mouth.

Mom took lots of videos of me with my piggy, too. She thought it was so funny that the piggy and I both kept snorting and grunting. (Mom's so weird.)

I think Mom felt a little bad about laughing so much at all of the snorts. You know what she did? She actually let me take the piggy to bed last night! I gotta take advantage of this while I can...

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sounds of the Princess, Part 2

Tonight, my cool neighbor gave me a toy piggy that makes piggy sounds. The best part about that is that I make piggy sounds all of the time, too! So, when I was playing with my new piggy inside my princess tent, Mom couldn't tell what was making the noises -- her little piggy or the toy piggy!

Can YOU tell the difference?! It's about half me and half toy piggy!


Last night I had a great plan. When Mom wasn't looking, I took my new green squeaky ball and buried it in the covers on the bed. That way, I could sneak it into the bed so I could play with it at night. Mom said my new ball wasn't allowed in the bed, so I knew I had to be sneaky.

But I guess I didn't bury it quite good enough. I tried to give Mom my best "who, me?" look.

But she totally busted me. Sadly, the green squeaky ball was evicted from the bed. Poor ball.

I gotta come up with a new plan...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing Like Crazy

I realized the other day that it's been a while since I've posted some videos. Well, I got a new squeaky ball this weekend, and Mom thought it was the perfect opportunity for some more movies of me playing like a crazy pup. And believe me, I played like crazy!

My new squeaky ball is SUPER loud. I love that in a toy. The louder, the better! Anyway, I started out by playing inside my princess tent, and then I decided to shove my new squeaky down into my doggie couch. Brilliant idea, if you ask me.

And since I shoved my squeaky down into my doggie couch, I had to attack the couch to play with the toy. Double the fun!

And then I just kept going crazy with the squeaky.

Eventually, I started to get tired. A lot of constant playing will do that to you, you know...

Don't tell Mom, but I'm planning to sneak that squeaky ball into bed tonight. Mom says squeaky balls "aren't allowed" in there. But she doesn't know that I already stashed it under the covers when she wasn't looking. This is gonna be FUN...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Sounds of the Princess

Mom says the video is a little shaky 'cause she was trying to not laugh. No idea why she thought I was so funny...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom's Slacking...

What do you notice that's wrong in this picture?

See the problem? If not, try this picture...

My friends, that is an empty toy box, and it only has two lonely toys hanging out near it. What this means is that Mom is completely slacking in stocking my bathroom toy selection.

My job around here is to play with the toys and to entertain both myself and Mom. Her job is to supply the toys. And if I'm guarding the bathroom while she's in the shower, then I need toys in there to play with. Makes complete sense to me.

I'm the toy player. So what if I decide to take my bathroom toys to the living room to play. That's the player's decision! It's Mom's job to move other toys around and be sure I'm properly stocked in all rooms.

Guess I'm going to have to just take matters into my own paws and pick some toys to move back to the bathroom.

Hmmm...decisions, decisions...

Maybe one of the toys from under the tunnel...

Oh, you may have noticed something else in that first picture. That's a new toy from my cool neighbor! And yes, I also plucked all the furs off the top of the toy's head. I tried to blame the fur plucking on Mom...

...but Mom caught me with some blue fur stuck to my chin. Oops.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grumpy Bunny

Mom says my eyes can be very expressive. I think she's probably right about that. For example, check out the look that I gave her this evening when she woke me up from a nap and put BUNNY EARS on my head...

I was not a very happy Buttons Bunny. But eventually I just gave up being mad and went back to sleep...with the ears still on...

Mom wanted a picture of me in bunny ears so she could enter me in the Toki Poki Wuvable Wabbit contest. Toki Poki is posting the pictures on Facebook and the 10 pictures with the most "likes" by early next week will have cards made of them. Those cards are going to be given out at children's hospitals to help bring smiles to some kids.

My baby people cousin has spent the last week at a children's hospital out in Philadelphia, so Mom loved the idea of the winning cards going to help kids. That's why she wanted to enter me.

So, if you're on Facebook, could you please go "like" my picture in the Toki Poki gallery? I'd appreciate it! Mom and I would really love it if my picture could go to those kids in the hospitals.

And if you're curious about why my baby people cousin has been at the hospital, you can read about it on his blog, Jadon's Journey.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Priorities

I got a cool new donut toy tonight! It's got three squeakers in it, and it's super easy for me to hold onto.

The problem with my toy, however -- and the reason for this blog post -- is what Mom did with the donut. She gave me the new squeaky when she got home...and then she had the nerve to expect me to go outside to potty! How nutso is THAT?!

She should know me well enough by now to know that ain't going to work. I do NOT leave squeakies, especially NEW ones, to do something silly like potty outside. When I get a new toy, nothing else matters.

Mom had to pull and tug to get the donut away from me, and then she also had take the donut outside with us before I'd even consider joining her out there.

I think it's pretty obvious to everyone (and it should be obvious to Mom) that my priorities are as follows:
  1. Toys.
  2. Cookies.
  3. Doggie food.
  4. Belly rubs & ear scratches
  5. Going potty outside.
  6. Going for walks.
  7. Naps.
  8. Taking up as much of the bed as possible.
  9. Working on my plan of taking over the house with my toy collection.
  10. Whatever else Mom thinks she's gonna get me to do.

So Mom should really have known better. Just when I think I've got her trained, she goes and does something stupid like that...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Anipal Photo Hunt: Catching Up!

I discovered that I missed TWO of the Anipal Photo Hunt challenges. I didn't miss any of 'em before the Photo Hunt went on a break, and I sure can't end up behind now! So, I decided to catch up.

The first post I missed was with the theme "Mardi Gras." I don't have anything specifically "Mardi Gras," but I DO have a picture of me wearing some beads! They're Shibbering Cheetos Love Beads. I was rolling on some toys, too, so I was having fun. That counts as Mardi Gras, don't you think?!

The second Anipal Photo Hunt that I missed was "What the Heck Is That Thing?!" I went to my archives for this one, and I found TWO different things to use...

First, we got a box in the mail one day. You know what boxes have in them, right? TOYS! Not this one, though. It had something Mom called a "cake pan" in it. What the heck?!

My second "What the Heck Is That Thing?!" was when Mom's friend came to visit last year. This pile of blankets on our couch kept making noises and moving. I kept a close eye on it.

I had to figure out what was going on in those blankets!

Turns out it was Dallas, Mom's friend's doggy!

And NOW I'm all caught back up with the Anipal Photo Hunt!

Anipal Photo Hunt: Grazin'

I didn't realize it, but the Anipal Photo Hunt is back! This week's theme is Grazin'. Now, I don't eat grass, so I can't show you pictures of that. I do eat kibble, though. And I looked it up, and "grazing" could mean eating stuff other than grass. So, these pictures should be just fine.

A while back I had some special powder stuff that Mom put on my food to help with my tummy issues. These pics are from me eating my powdered kibble. Mom thought it was hysterical that I ended up with powder all over my mouth...

I wasn't too thrilled about Mom's "photo shoot" while I was trying to eat my supper. Can you tell???

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