Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hanging with My Neighbor

Yesterday Mom and I went over to see our cool neighbor.  But then you know what happened?  Mom LEFT ME there!

Now, I don't normally condone that sort of behavior from Mom.  The only redeeming factor was that if she's gonna leave me anywhere, then our neighbor's house is the best spot.  Our neighbor is actually my favorite person.  (Don't tell Mom I said that.)

So I just hung out for a while with my neighbor.

And the cool giraffe stuffie she gave me for my birthday.  (I'm half awake in this picture...)

We both napped a bit.  The giraffe made a good pillow.

My doggie bed made a good pillow, too.


We went for two walks outside while I was hanging with my neighbor.  That's right...TWO!  The weather was a little chilly, so that's perfect walking weather for me.  I loved it!

In between the walks, there were more naps.  And after the walks, we napped, too.

My neighbor covered me all up in my doggie bed once.  It was cozy, so I stayed burrowed down in there like a puppy burrito.

After a few hours, Mom came back by.  While she chatted with our neighbor, I napped some more.

It was a very busy day, you know...

Now does that doggie bed at my neighbor's house happen to look familiar to you?

How about this bed at my own house?

The bed at MY house is the one my neighbor gave me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  She knew how comfy it was and how much I liked it, so she went and got another one just to keep at her house.  Seriously!  I get to snooze in it whenever I go visit her.  How cool is that?!

She really IS my favorite person!

(Again, don't tell my Mom I said that...)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vet Appointment

Yesterday I was tortured with a trip to the groomer.

This morning I was tortured with a trip to the vet.


Mom's just outta control these days.  Even IF the vet appointment was to help my ouchy-itchy ear, did we really have to go TODAY after the groomer was just YESTERDAY?  That's two days of torture right in a row!

I was not amused.

It's a little blurry, but you can see my look of disapproval when we arrived at the vet's office.

I refused to look at Mom while we waited.

She needed to learn that this was NOT acceptable.

My ear's infected with both yeast and bacterias.  So, the vet gave Mom some more ointment to use.  I really don't approve of the ointment, either, but I suppose it's going to make me all better soon.

It's been a rough couple of days, so I put myself to bed early tonight.

It would sure be easier to sleep if Mom would put the camera away...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mischief Maker

Mom says I'm a mischief maker today.  Geez.  I get into one little thing and I get labeled...

So I spent all morning at the groomer.  Mom brought me home at lunch time and then she went to work.

She foolishly, however, left a box on the couch.  I inspect all boxes -- that's my job.  And this box just happened to have a couple of bully rings in it.  They look like this:

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to chew on a fresh, new bully ring!  So when Mom got home from work, she found a ring that looked like this:

Yeah...I chewed it right through the plastic.  Ate a little of the plastic, too.  Oops.

Mom tried to take a picture of me with the evidence, but it didn't turn out the best.  He he he.

I've spent the rest of the evening looking all innocent.

"Who, me???  I wouldn't eat the bully through the plastic..."

Of course Mom caved in to my cuteness and unwrapped the bully the rest of the way for me.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Bless Me

On Sunday Mom and our neighbor and I walked down to a church near where we live. They had a little "pet blessing" ceremony and Mom and our neighbor thought I could use a good blessing.  (Don't worry -- ain't no blessing going to get rid of my ornery side...)

Mom's church doesn't do pet blessings, and neither does our neighbor's church. But that was o.k. 'cause this church said everyone was welcome to come to the service.  So we went!

Here's Mom and me, right after we got to the church."blessed" the church yard just about as soon as we got there.  He he he.  Mom was thankful that she brought bags and that the church had garbage cans strategically placed in the yard.

There were lots of dogs there, and a lot of people, too.  Two guinea pigs came to be blessed, but no birdies or kitties.  (I would have loved to have seen a kitty.  I love kitties.)

This Shih Tzu's name was Bosco. That's the only dog name that we remember.  (Oops...)

The guy in the gray suit is Pastor Tom.  He did the blessings.

I got tired of standing in the sun, so I took advantage of a bit of shade.

This pup was craaaazy.

Here's part of the service itself. They had some readings and some prayers and some songs.

Then everybody got in a line to be blessed!  After the pastor blessed you, you got a little tag for your collar that says "I've been blessed."  And you also got some homemade doggie cookies, too!  (I don't know what they gave the guinea pigs...)  There were also bags of bird seeds you could take home to your birdies.

Blessing a guinea pig...

Then it was my turn!  Mom picked me up so the pastor didn't have to get down on the ground with me. She wanted to be sure she could hear what he said, too.

I'll admit it.  I purred a little bit.  But in my defense he gave me a good head scratch and said wonderful things to me!

Then I got my cookies and my little "I've been blessed" tag.

After all the guinea pigs and pups had been blessed, the peoples said another prayer and sang another song. Then Mom and our neighbor and me all walked home.

Here's a picture of the three of us before we walked home.

Mom says she and our neighbor have crazy hair because it was so windy.  You'll note, however, that my furs  look just fine...  He he he.