Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's My Gotcha Anniversary!

Friday was my Gotcha Day Anniversary! I've lived with my new Mom for three whole months now! I came to live with her on Thanksgiving just last year. That's when my foster sis Shawnee and my foster mom droved me all the way to Illinois. Time sure flies!

Now, don't you think that a 3-month anniversary like this should mean a new toy for me???

Well, I guess Mom agreed! Tonight I caught her rummaging around in our closet, where I suspect she has a secret doggie toy stash. And then all of the sudden...TA DAH! NEW TOY!!! She gave me a cool new squirrel toy that's longer than I am! No stuffing in it, so it's easier for me to find those squeakers, too!

I was having a whole lot of fun playing with the squirrel, so Mom had trouble getting a good picture. I refused to stop playing to "pose" for her. She should expect that, though.

The squirrel is pretty long, so it's very tuggable!

I got tired of Mom flashing the camera at me, so I finally just posed and got it over with. You can tell I'm not thrilled about stopping my play for Mom's silly camera!

Happy 3-month Gotcha Anniversary, Mom!


  1. Happy 3rd Month Gotcha Anniversary, Buttons!

    You have been sharing your mom's love for some time now and we pray that you have many many happy years with her.

    Your new stuffie toy is so cute and it's great to see you having lots of fun.

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  2. Happy 3 Month Gotcha Anniversary! I like your new toy! Have a great day, my friend!

  3. Happy 3M GotchaVersary!

    Great toy!

    I have one of those!


  4. I had one of those squirrel toys but I ate it. Oops! Happy Gotcha 3 month Anniversary!

  5. I had one of those squirrel toys but somebody eated it and it woz not me. Woz not you either. I doesn't member who eated it. Happy Three Month Gotcha Day! Hey, I just checked and you camed to live with us Sep 14 so you has now been wif your mom longer than you woz wif us!

  6. Happy Three Month Gotcha Day, Buttons! Cool toy!

  7. Sorry I missed it. Happy belated 3 month gotcha day!!!
    *woof woof woof*


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