Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pill Wars

I don't like to take medicine. Not one bit. Mom foolishly tries to hide my allergy pill inside turkey deli meat. I'm onto her tricks, though. I've been eating the turkey from around my pill and just leaving that nasty thing in the bowl!

Here's my handiwork from last night:

And promptly after eating all of the turkey and leaving the pill last night, I went and hid under Mom's bed. If she finds that nasty pill in my bowl, then she pries my mouth open and pokes the stupid thing down my throat! Hiding under the bed prevents that torture. She can't get to me there!  HA!!!

Of course I had to eventually come out, and she still managed to find me with the stupid pill.

Not cool, Mom. Not cool.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Puppy Poetry: Throw That Toy!

I love playing fetch
It’s a game that gives me joy
I’ll bring you a squeaky…
Then, come on, throw that toy!

Don’t toss the other way
Don’t try to be so coy
We play the way I’m running.
Now, come on, throw that toy!

I like to race ahead
Then I freeze and enjoy
As I wait to pounce, watching…
Oh, come on, throw that toy!

Then I see it whiz above
And I think, “Oh, boy!”
I grab and squeak like crazy.
Oh yeah, she threw that toy!!!