Friday, July 30, 2010

Discussions with Mom

I had to have a serious talk with my Mom tonight...

There was a piece of popcorn stuck under the couch and she totally didn't see it! So I barked at her for a while. Then I broke down and decided to try to get the piece of popcorn out myself. That's when she FINALLY realized what I was so upset over.

Good grief. Do I have to spell everything out for her?!

Since I was such a good girl in pointing out the piece of popcorn (and "disposing" of it, too), I decided I deserved a cookie. After all, I DID help Mom out. So I went to the kitchen doorway and sat there. And stared at Mom.

She knew exactly what I was after that time...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing with My Fox Like a Froggie

Took a new approach tonight when I played with my toys. I stuck my head up against the chair and put my back legs out like a froggie. And then I plucked my fox for a while.

I was having fun, of course, until the sound of laughter rudely interrupted me. was Mom. She was sitting across the room, laughing at me. Can you believe that?! I mean, what is so funny about me laying on the floor like a froggie and almost hitting my head on the chair while plucking a fox?!

My Mom wears me out...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Toy Fur

What's that saying about sleeping dogs? Something like "let sleeping dogs lie," right? Well, apparently my Mom hasn't heard it. She rudely woke me up a few minutes ago because I was sleeping and I had toy fur stuck to my mouth.

Did she honestly think I cared that I had toy fur there?!

I love my toys. I love my toy fur. I love plucking the fur off of my toys. If it gets stuck to my mouth, then it gets stuck. Don't wake me up to pull it off my mouth!

Mom just doesn't understand...

Vacation Souvenir

Mom brought me back some BLING from her vacation! She got me a black collar with sparkly red doggie bones and sparkly letters that spell out my name. Cool, huh?

Here's a picture of me checking out my new bling. Had to give it a good sniff, of course.

And then I modeled the bling for Mom.

Can't see it, can you? That's the problem with having longer hides the bling! Here's a side view...

I love the new collar. It's a little heavy since it's so blingy, so Mom says she won't make me wear it all the time. Otherwise, I might end up falling over! Honestly, though, I think Mom's more worried about the sparkles catching on my toys when I roll on things.

When Mom and I got home yesterday there was a box at our door from the happiest place on Mom wouldn't let me see what was in the box, though, and that's totally unfair. She says she's getting an early start on my birthday shopping. Whatever.

Anyway, today she opened the secret box and ended up giving me a little pea pod toy. That was cool...even if she's still hiding stuff from me...

I chewed on the pea pod.

And you KNOW that I had to roll on it, too...

I got tired of Mom taking so many pictures of me, though, so eventually I had to give her "the butt." That's when I just turn away from her so that any pictures she takes are of my hiney and not my face. It's an effective technique.

Mom says she's got another surprise for me from her trip. She wouldn't get it out today, though, since she gave me the pea pod toy today. I think that must mean that she's got a vacation TOY for me. I hope she gives it to me tomorrow!

Mom and I were both happy to be home today. We took it easy and relaxed from our vacations. I discovered that the tail of my squirrel makes a great pillow.

There's still no place like home...and there's nothing better than squeaky toys...

There's No Place Like Home

I'm home! Mom's back and we're both HOME again! a little excited there. See, last week Mom packed up some of our stuff and we both went on vacations. I went to visit some friends who have kitty cats and Mom went on a long trip with her friends. I absolutely LOVE kitties, so I was excited. I missed Mom, though, and I was super duper happy when I saw her today. I gave her LOTS of kisses...and I'm usually stingy with my kisses.

When we got back to our house, I rushed around to make sure all of my toys were still in the right spots. Then I was so tired that I just totally zonked out on my bed.

There's really no place like home.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Old Days

Mom's hometown had their Good Old Days festival this weekend, so there was lots of stuff going on. Mom and I packed up our car and headed out early in the morning. We left so early that the sun was barely awake!

The reason we left so early was 'cause there was a 5K Run/Walk in memory of my Grandpa who just passed away in April. It started at 7:30 a.m. All of the proceeds went to the American Parkinson's Disease Association. Cool, huh? Anyway, Mom was going to walk in the 5K, so we had to be there early. She walked with my Aunt Katie.

I don't usually put pics of Mom on my blog, but I included that one just 'cause she made me. She wanted to show off what number she was in the 5K. She was number 1. And she was proud to be number 1. Even if she finished near the very end. (What a dork...)

Anyway, onto the more excited parts of the Good Old Days festivities! I got to watch my very first parade. Here's a picture of me waiting for it to start.

The sirens from the fire trucks and rescue squad were really super loud.

I got to listen to a marching band from the high school.

And the French fry guy was even in the parade!

Lots of people in the parade were throwing out candy for all of the kids. And then one guy in the parade came up to me and gave me a cookie! Can you believe that?! Here's a picture of me with my doggie bone.

I was a really super good doggie during the parade, if I do say so myself. You know what else I did that made Mom really proud of me? I met all of Aunt Katie's kids and I didn't bark at all. Not a peep! I didn't even act scared like I do sometimes. Instead, I let everyone pet me.

I even let all of the little peoples walk me. Look at how good I was!

Mom was pretty proud of me for being such a good girl!

I got tired after a while, though, since I usually nap during the day. And things got a little loud at Grandma's house because of all of the people there. I decided to hide under the computer table and beside the TV.

Here I am peaking out from my hiding spot.

Still too much I stayed put.

Mom said I continued to master the art of looking pathetic.

Mom and I had fun during the Good Old Days, even if I did have to hide for a while. We got home super late and had to nap the next day to recover!

Oh, and I can't forget to tell you that Grandma gave me a new toy, too. It's a Pluto squeaky toy with a ball attached to it!

My Grandma is so cool!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching Up...

It was a super-duper busy week for Mom at work, so what does she do? She refuses to help me update my blog. Hrmph! Humans...when will they get their priorities straight?!

Anyway, since I'm behind I'll just give you the highlights of the last week...

1. I threw up on Mom's bed Sunday night. She was sleeping in it, of course. I've never seen her wake up and move so quickly! She says I puked 'cause I was chewing on my bully stick and choked myself. She tried to take the bully stick away from me by putting it up on the sick where I couldn't reach it. Wrong answer. I waited until she cleaned things up and went to sleep again, and then I started to bark at the bully stick. I barked and barked until she gave it back to me!

This isn't a bully stick, but it shows you the "scene of the crime."

2. Mom retaliated by taking me to the groomer. Ugh. I hate going to the groomer. I'm "at optimum cuteness" now. That's what Mom says, at least. I still don't like going...

3. I flipped my new bed over and did this for a while this week:

4. I also played with my "mini me" toy for a while this week. It's a squeaky dog that looks like me.

5. Finally...want to see me pounce on a fish? It's a squeaky fish, of course. Mom took this video on the day she took me to the groomer. I was a little crazy that night. I pounce the fishy near the end of the video.

So that was my week. It was a busy one for us. Mom and I took a nap today. Gotta rest up for the week that's just starting!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Standoff

Mom and I are having an argument. Let me know who you agree with here...

THIS is an EMPTY water bowl:

Why is it empty? Because MOM refuses to refill it. Isn't that rude?! It's my water bowl that's in our bedroom. I like to drink lots of water at night. Is it my fault that I'm thirsty then? I think not!

Mom says that I should just use the water bowl in the other room during the day and that I shouldn't drink so much at night. Again...not my fault that I'm thirsty at night.

You know why Mom's refusing to refill my bedroom water bowl? You want to hear her flimsy, weak reasoning? She "claims" that she's tired of taking me out to potty in the middle of the night. She thinks it's unreasonable that I need to potty at 3:30 a.m. But when you gotta go, don't you gotta go?! Isn't it her duty as my Mom to let me potty when I need to potty?!

So in a nutshell...

1. Not my fault I'm thirsty at night.
2. So it's also not my fault that I have to potty at night, either.
3. And what's the problem with taking me out at 3:30 a.m. anyway?

I'm gonna get dehydrated if she keeps this up. Refill my water bowl, Mom!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to the Dog Park

Mom took me back to the dog park the other night. There was a birthday party at the dog park, so all of the humans were sitting outside of the dog park fence with the party food, and all of the doggies were playing inside the park.

Mom knew that I was a little scared (again), so she kept me with her instead of making me go inside with the other dogs. We stayed with the humans and I hid under Mom's chair.

Yes...I was totally freaked out again. I drooled like crazy.

And I looked incredibly pathetic.

Finally, Mom decided the torture was over and we went home. I took out my frustrations on a squeaky bug.

I rolled on that bug like crazy.

And then I just slept...

Mom keeps telling me that the doggie park is supposed to be a fun place for dogs. She's obviously NOT a dog, however, so I wonder where she's getting that information from...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Name Game

Several friends have posted on their blogs about Frankie Furter's Name Game. I thought I'd join in the fun...

Want to know where my name came from? does my Mom! He he he. We actually have no idea why my name is Buttons. Maybe it's 'cause I'm as cute as a button?

What I can tell you, though, is a really cool story about how we know what my name is. You see, I'm a rescue doggie, and Buttons was my very first name back when I was a puppy. It's amazing that we know my first name since I've lived in several different homes and I was even dumped on the street.

So you want to know how we know? It's all thanks to my microchip!

That's right...I got a microchip when I was a puppy. The microchip told my foster mom that my name is Buttons. (It's nice when people know your name!) The microchip also played a part in figuring out who dumped me on the street. And guess what...the police got that naughty person, too!

Do YOU have a microchip? If you're a doggie or kitty, have your parents talk to your vet about getting one! If you're a person, well, I don't think they do that for people...

Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Independence Day! Mom had a long weekend away from work, so that was super cool for me. We went to see my friend Molly and her kitty cat on Friday. I love that kitty cat!

I was a little bummed on Saturday, though, 'cause Mom ignored me all evening. She made a birthday cake for one of my people cousins, so I had to play by myself. Good thing I've got that new bed to play in.

Here's what Mom was working on.

So then yesterday Mom and I delivered the cake to the birthday girl. It's a long drive up there. I supervised Mom's driving. That's a very important job...

Saw some of my doggy cousins. I'd met Dakota before, but not Diesel. Diesel was just adopted and joined the family this summer. They're cattle dogs. Dakota is a red heeler and Diesel is blue.

We got along fine. (Well, I hid under Mom's chair a lot of the time we were there.) The worst part was when we went to leave and Diesel tried to herd me like he'd herd cattle. I am not a cattle! For some reason, Mom thought that was funny. Hrmph!

Anyway, you want to know the best thing about my weekend? I got a new toy. That's right, Grandma gave me a Minnie Mouse squeaky toy!

It's nice for napping with, too. Thanks, Grandma!

So that was my weekend. Too bad Mom has to go back to work tomorrow...