Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going to Visit

Mom and I went to go visit Grandma and Grandpa yesterday! I was pretty excited about the car ride. I didn't even get all shaky and scared like I have the last few times. (When you get dumped out of a car like I was, trust me that you'll think car rides are scary, too!) Mom was happy that I wasn't so scared -- she wants me to like going for rides with her.

Anyway, we went on the long car ride to see my grandparents! I looked out the window for a while. Everything's so flat here!

Then I got bored and had to nap.

Still flat out I'm still napping...

Just look at how flat this Illinois place is!

Here's the town where my grandparents live and where my Mom grew up. (That's pretty-much the entire town in this picture.)

Anyway, I was super excited when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's place. I wanted to get inside their house fast. Mom usually makes me go potty first, though, so I just took care of that myself before Mom even mentioned it. I peed on Grandma's driveway. Mom wasn't amused.

After we visited for a while, Mom and Grandma and Grandpa left and I stayed at my grandparents' house. They had to go to my baby people cousin's birthday party. You know what I gave him? Two words...SQUEAKY CHICKEN! Mom got a squeaky chicken for him just like mine -- the one he kept stealing from me. So she wrapped it and told him it was from me. (Yes, I tried to steal it, but Mom wouldn't let me at it.)

Now he's got his own squeaky chicky, so he shouldn't need to steal mine anymore, right?

Mom came back to Grandma and Grandpa's place and we visited some more. I love seeing my grandparents, but I was pretty ready to go back home, too. So when Mom said "let's go bye-bye," I flew to the door.

Mom usually makes me go potty before she lets me get in the car, so I took care of that before she even mentioned it. I just peed on the driveway (again) right beside our car and then jumped in the car. After all, that was a quicker way to do it than going over to the grass. Mom wasn't super happy. I guess I wasn't supposed to potty ON the driveway when there was grass a foot away from it. And of peed on my own foot, too, 'cause the driveway is slanted. Mom was muttering something about dog pee on the car seat. Oopsie.

After we got home, I was pretty tired. It was a long day away from my home and my toys. So I did this all night:

And yes, I snored.


  1. Sounds like khwite a fun time!

    Thanks fur letting us go along!


  2. You sleeped all nite long? Congratulashuns!

  3. BOL BOL oopsie.
    we're happy to hear you're not scared of car rides, Buttons.

  4. What a great adventure! No wonder you were so tired!

  5. I'm glad you had a good car ride, Buttons! Sounds like a fun but tiring day!


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