Monday, September 30, 2013

Sleepy Day

I'm not a fan of Mondays because it means that Mom has to go back to work. The only good thing is that I can still nap all day while she's gone.

And, boy, do I nap. I'm an expert napper.

It's especially nice to be able to nap this morning since I was busy all night shredding more paper under Mom's bed. I also enjoyed keeping her up by barking for treats every 20 minutes or so.  Such a busy night for me!  I'm super glad I can nap and rest up to do it all over again tonight...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Mischief

You know I've got a little ornery side, right?

A while back, Mom discovered that I shredded a bag of her old mail that she had on the floor on the side of the bed. (She's not the tidiest housekeeper.)  She cleaned up the scraps and figured that was the last of that.

She was wrong.

Because I found another bag of old mail.

Mom heard me messing around under the bed the other night and had to investigate. This is what she discovered:

The boxes are Mom's. Everything else -- toys, papers, shredded sacks -- is my handiwork. I pulled the bag of mail under the bed, shredded the bag and the papers, and added toys to the mix! Awfully big mess for such a little pup, don't you think?  I'm quite proud of it.

Of course I had to look all sad when Mom discovered my shenanigans. She can't be upset with a sad doggie.

The pathetic look works every time with her. She can't resist it.

Now it's time to nap while she cleans up after me.

It's tough to be a pup.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Turning 13 Years Old!

I'm a teenager now! I turned 13 years old on Sept. 18. Pretty cool, huh?

Mom woke me up in the morning by singing "Happy Birthday" to me.

I was a little grumpy, though, since it was so early.  Then Mom had the audacity to put a princess birthday hat on me. At least I got a present early. The card is from my awesome neighbor. The present is from Mom.

It was a cool princess card and a squeaky toy! I know I don't look too excited. I'm not a morning doggie.

When Mom got home from work, we had our supper and then we headed over to our neighbor's house.

At my neighbor's house, they had a birthday party for me!

See that red bed in the back? That's my main present from Mom and my neighbor. It's a fancy memory foam, pillow top, orthopedic doggie bed!  The blue rug is new for me, too. It's memory foam, too. And all of those bags...TOYS!

Mom tried to make me pose again with that stupid princess party hat, but I was NOT in the mood.

I tried to roll it off of me.

Once the hat was off, it was time to play with my new froggie toy.

Then it was time for cake! Mom ordered me a princess birthday cake from Lainey's Pawtique & Bakery.

Mom tried to make me pose with my cake.

I had enough of that, though, and started barking at her. "I WANT TO EAT CAKE!"

It was yummy in my tummy! Mom found some beef-flavored doggie ice cream to go with it.

My cake was pumpkin flavored, so Mom and my neighbor had pumpkin bars for humans while I ate my cake. We all ate on birthday plates, of course.

To top off my evening, I got a birthday Greenie.

I actually saved the Greenie for after Mom and I got back home to our house.

Then I covered my new, fancy dog bed with Greenie goo. HE HE HE

I'm a pretty lucky pup. This was an awesome birthday!