Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That Darn Little Person

I totally forgot to tell you about the downside to my trip back home to Grandma and Grandpa's house! You know that cool chicken toy that I just got? Well, when I was at Grandma and Grandpa's house, there were lots and lots of people there. And that one little tiny person was there, too. I think Mom said his name is Jadon. Anyway, you know what he kept doing? The little stinker kept stealing and squeaking MY new chicken toy! When he came down to my house to visit, he kept stealing my toys, too. I'm the one who got in trouble, though, 'cause I was barking at him. That time he was just sort of sitting on the floor and scooting around. This time, he was up and walking.

Well, you can just guess what happened when the little Swiper stole my chicken at Grandma's. Yes, I barked...and I'M the one who got in trouble again! It's just not fair!!! I'm not used to seeing little tiny people like that, and especially ones who steal MY toys. Can't blame me for barking...

But Mom says I have to be nice to him 'cause he's my baby people cousin. I'm supposed to share...or something like that. Doesn't he have his own toys, though? Why's he always stealing MINE?!

Mom told me that the tiny people's first birthday is gonna be later this month. She's gonna get me a squeaky chicken to give him. Mom thinks that will be funny. But I think that maybe if he's got his own chicken, then he won't steal mine so much...


  1. Now Buttons, you just knows that you is not going to want to gib up that udder chickun to your babeh cuzzin - you is going to want to keep bof of them. Common, admit it.

  2. Sometimes those little people can be a problem....but they are SO cute!

  3. I'm with Shawnee. Maybe if your mom gets the chicken to send and you don't see it, you won't get attached. Yeah, those little people are kind of annoying. I'm not used to them either.


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