Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Had Visitors

Last night a friend of Mom's came over to visit with us. Her name is Jennifer. I've seen her before a couple of times. Jennifer brought her doggy with her, too. His name is Dallas. I'd never met Dallas before. Here's what he looks like.

Mom thought it was a little funny to see me with Dallas 'cause I'm a little doggie, but Dallas is even littler. He's less than half of my size, so he made me look really big. That doesn't happen very often!

Anyway, Jennifer brought a toy over for Dallas to play with. I woulda shared mine, of course, but she thought he'd want his own. So, yes...I stole his toy a time or two. I am a toyaholic, after all! (Grandma called me that today and I think it sorta fits!) I can't be held responsible for any toy stealing.

Here's Dallas with his toy.

Dallas didn't play much with his fish toy, though. You know what he did a lot of the time he was here visiting? He did THIS...

Yes, that's Dallas's nose stuck right in my booty! I got a little tired of that. There's only so many times a girl can get sniffed there, you know.

He did sniff my nose a couple of times....but it was mostly the other end. He seemed to have a fondness for "Ode 'de Buttons."

Dallas seemed to like my new doggie bed, too. (I had to keep an eye on him.)

And when he wanted to go nite nite for a while, you know what Jennifer did? She put a blanket over his head. I've never seen such a thing! There was this blue blanket, then, that kept moving around on my doggie bed!

He decided to nite nite on the couch, too. Again, I had to keep an eye on this because I wasn't quite sure what was up with that "blanket over the head" thing.

"Are you in there, Dallas?"

"Yep. He's in there. I see his little head sticking out!"

Mom and I had a great time visiting with Jennifer and Dallas, but I was super tired when they left our house. Between the constant booty sniffing and the monitoring of the blanket-over-Dallas stuff, it just wore me out. I went straight to bed.

I'll let you know if I ever figure out what was up with that blanket over his head...


  1. Dallas sure is cute. Looks like you have a new friend, Buttons!

  2. You shore woz keeping an eye on Dallas. You eegul eyes, you, nottin getting past you! Your colors shore does match each udder nicely.

  3. BOL! Girl puts the blankie over my head too and I sleep like that!

  4. It is exhausting having to keep up with guests. You were vigilant!

  5. You DO have a little friend! He can hide good too!


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