Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liver Not-News

The vet called with the results of the blood work from last week. And the news was really not-news. We got nothing.  My thyroid is fine. My cholesterol and triglycerides are a little high, but not high enough to do anything to my liver.

Yes, it's wonderful that everything is o.k.  The problem, however, is that we still don't know why my liver is being wonky.

The vet is out of ideas, too.  So, our options are:
  1. Have my vet do a very-expensive, very-invasive liver biopsy. (Mom says it's not an option.)
  2. Go to the local university animal hospital for another opinion. (They're very expensive.)
  3. Have the vet research and find a specialist to go to in a big city.  (Expensive, plus lots of travel.)

Mom's got some stuff to think about now.  

On a completely unrelated note, please enjoy this photo of me, drenched from poopin' in the rain, attacking a massive caterpillar...


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making the Bed

Mom seemed to have some difficulty making the bed this evening. She took the sheets and blankets off to wash them, but then she couldn't manage to get them back on the bed.

I have no idea why...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Vets and Tests

It's been a little while since I've updated you on my liver issues. So, here goes...

Back in February I was supposed to have surgery to take off my butt lump, but my blood work came back wonky. One of my liver enzymes was too high.  The vet did lots of tests that week, but couldn't figure out why the level was so high. So, we decided to just try a new medicine to see if that helped.

I took the new pills for a little over a month, and then Mom took me back to the vet to see if they helped.  Unfortunately, the results weren't so good. Instead of going down, the liver enzyme level went way, way higher.

Mom talked to the vet and they decided to do an ultrasound on my tummy. So I went to a different vet's office for that.  They shaved my entire belly...did the ultrasound...and even took "samples" of my liver with needles.  OUCH.

With my allergies and the shaved fur, I scratched myself raw over the next few days.  You can kinda see one of the red spots on my side here:

And I did my best to be super, duper pathetic.  One time, Mom even brought me breakfast in my doggie bed!

After all of that, you know what the ultrasound told us?  NOTHING!  That's right...we still have no idea why my enzyme level is high.

This afternoon I have to go back to the vet for some more blood work. Mom says we're going to check my cholesterol, triglycerides, and thyroid.

Unfortunately, Mom also decided that I had to be CLEAN to go see the vet. That meant a bath...

Here I am waiting to be freed from the bathroom....with a couple of toys nearby, of course.

Plucking on a squirrel while Mom attempted to blow dry my furs:

I plucked like crazy once the squirrel and I were liberated from the bathroom of torture.

Then I actually fell asleep with the squirrel in my mouth.

Squirrel butt.  (HE HE HE)

This morning, Mom refused to give me any breakfast.  She put away all of my bully sticks, too.  So, naturally, I tried to insist she bring out the goods.  I barked nonstop for a while.

Then Mom got out the spray bottle and squirted me.

The woman just doesn't understand...

Mom says we won't have any of the test results until later this week.  We're both tired of tests and waiting...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mutt Strut!

It's almost time for the Mutt Strut!  Mom and I have participated in the Mutt Strut every year since I got adopted.  This will be my 4th time strutting my stuff!

The Mutt Strut is a fundraiser for my local humane society. I was adopted from a wonderful rescue group in New Jersey, but Mom and I still think it's important to support the local shelter. Every doggie and kitty and gerbil deserves to have a forever and ever family.  Mom and I mean so much to each other...we think ALL animals and people deserve this type of loving relationship!

So that's why I strut my stuff each year.  Would you please consider sponsoring me?  Every dollar goes to supporting those animals at the shelter.

Last year the Mutt Strut was held on Cinco de Mayo, so Mom made me wear a stupid sombrero.

She got herself a sombrero to wear, too.  That way we could be coordinated.

What a dork...

Thankfully, the Mutt Strut is NOT being held on Cinco De Mayo this year.  Whew.

Thanks for considering a donation!