Monday, May 31, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

I got a very cool surprise tonight...stairs! That's right. I've got my very own set of stairs that I can use to get on my bed at night. (Well, technically, it's Mom's bed, but I'm claiming it as my own now that I have free access!)

Aren't these stairs cool? Mom's friend made them just for me.

And they work! I made it to my spot on the bed, and Mom didn't have to pick me up and put me up there. Got there all on my own!

Now I just gotta figure out another place for Mom to sleep so that I can have the entire bed for myself...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stupid Allergies

I have bad allergies, so I take medicine all the time for them. Since pollen counts are high right now, my allergies are even worse than usual. Mom took me to our vet and he said to give me another medicine, too. And then the vet had the nerve to tell Mom to use...medicated shampoo! How horrible is that? You know what shampoo means...BATHS.

Mom didn't want to torture me...but I've been itching more and more, even with two medicines, so Mom decided that we needed to try out that medicated shampoo today. Ugh. The first thing she did was shut the bedroom door so that I wouldn't catch on to what was coming and go hide under the bed. That woman knows me so well!

Mom started running the bath water and I tried to hide under the kitchen table since I couldn't go hide under the bed. I was an easy target there, though, so the inevitable happened...

I hate baths, even with my duckies in there.

I tried to escape several times. Even made it out of the tub once when Mom was putting more water in there. Mom was not amused with my shenanigans.

Mom diluted the medicated shampoo, just like the vet said, but she thinks maybe she diluted it too much 'cause she didn't get any lather. Then she made me stay in that stupid tub for 5 whole minutes with the shampoo on me. UGH! She gave up at that point -- my escape attempts were driving her nuts. She said that I'm supposed to keep the shampoo on for 10 minutes, not 5. That ain't happening!

When the torture was finally over, Mom wrapped me up in a towel like she always does. Then she holds me like a people baby and dries off my belly.

Pathetic, isn't it?

At least there was a bright spot to the horrific ordeal...I got a Greenie!

You'll note that I'm still pretty wet in that picture. Mom says I smell like poo when I'm wet, but she just had enough of my antics and couldn't dry me off any more than that. He he he.

The current score...
Mom and the Medicated Shampoo: 0
Buttons: 1

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Gotcha Day Anniversary!

Today's my 6-month Gotcha Day Anniversary! I came to live with my new forever-and-ever Mom on November 26. I guess you're not really supposed to celebrate at only 6 months, but Mom and I decided that we've had a lot of "sad" lately and we needed some "happy." So...

Mom surprised me today by getting me my very own cake!

It says "Love Ya Buttons" on it 'cause Mom loves me. Cool, huh? It's a carob cake, so it's doggie-safe. And it's got some special-for-doggies yogurt icing on it, too.

Here's a close-up of my cool cake.

I sneaked a couple of licks of the icing when Mom was trying to take pictures of me with my cake. Can't blame me, was too tempting!

Mom finally cut me a piece of cake and I chowed down.

Sorry...I forget to close my mouth when I chew...

I licked that bowl clean!

It was super yummy cake. Mom tried a tiny bit and she didn't think it was too bad. Well, at least the icing part was o.k.... She said the cake part tasted funny. She's nuts, though, 'cause that cake was delicious!

This is my "I want more cake!!!" face.

It was a great Gotcha Day Anniversary celebration! I got some cool toys in the mail, too. I'll tell you about those later. Mom had some toys to give me today, but she said that those had to wait since I got others in the mail. Bummer! I guess I have to wait for those.

I played like crazy and chowed down on cake. All of that partying wore me out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hide 'n Seek

I decided to hide from Mom while I napped the other night. I don't know how she found me. Can you see me hiding?

Maybe this will help. That arrow's pointing to the very, very, very tip of my tail!

Mom rudely uncovered my head so she could take a picture. She claims she wanted to be sure I was breathing under all those pillows and blankies.

It was a good hiding spot in my opinion! Mom says I'm lucky she didn't accidentally sit on me and smoosh me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Helping at Grandma's

This weekend Mom and I went to Grandma's house to help her plant flowers. Mom made a big mess on Grandma's patio. She got potting soil all over!

See that mess behind me? Mom's lucky 'cause Grandma got the broom and swept up all that dirt for her.

My cousin Hoss came over while Mom and I were planting flowers. He helped supervise. Here's a picture of Hossy and I checking out some activity over in the neighbor's yard.

Isn't he a silly boy? (Yes, that white blur in this picture is my booty!)

We spent a lot of time outside at Grandma's house 'cause it was a nice day. I sat under Mom's chair a lot of the time, but I did sit out in the grass some, too.

Mom planted a bazillion flowers and I got to see Hoss and Grandma. Pretty good visit in my opinion!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is My Tongue Too Big?

Mom took me to the vet on Monday 'cause of my allergy problems. You know what he said during my exam? He said that he was surprised I could fit my big tongue inside my little mouth! And my Mom had the audacity to agree with him. How rude!

So here are a few pictures of my tongue. What do YOU think?

After a terrifying bath...

Not necessarily a good tongue picture, but Mom thinks this is cute...

And I saved the best for last...crazy eyes and a crazy tongue!

I think my tongue is just perfect... And if you don't agree with me, then I might just have to stick it out at you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Mission: Get That Stuff

I'm a very determined doggie. Mom says I'm stubborn. I say I just know what I want and when I want it!

A month or so ago Mom had these plastic sacks of stuff and she wouldn't let me see what was in them. I need to thoroughly investigate all bags because you never know when there might be a squeaky toy in there! Mom rudely told me to stay out of these sacks, though.

She put the sacks by her bed and then she put some stuff in front of them. I, of course, climbed the stuff to try to get to the sacks. Mom built a larger blockade in front of the sacks. I couldn't climb the larger blockade, and Mom thought she won...

Until this weekend. That's when Mom saw this on our bedroom floor:

Sorry...I sorta blocked that shot. This one is better:

That piece of paper is a receipt that Mom remembered she had in those sacks. I was busted.

It was a wonderful plan, and it totally worked until I messed up and accidentally dragged that receipt out. Darn it!

You see, I couldn't get to the sacks that Mom put by the bed because of the stuff that Mom put in FRONT of them. What Mom didn't plan on me doing, though, was going UNDER the bed to get around her blockade!

That's right. Without her knowing it, I actually pulled some of her sacks under the bed and then emptied them and spread the stuff out. I even moved around the boxes Mom had under the bed so that I had more room to get to the sacks of stuff.

I made quite a nice mess, didn't I? I was proud. Mom was not so proud.

While Mom was taking pictures of the mess I made under the bed, I decided to knock over the trash can.

And then I just gave her my most innocent look.

"Who, me?"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where Do I Nite-Nite at Bedtime?

I've got a lot of doggie beds. (I'll admit that I'm a little spoiled now.) Want to see which one I go nite-nite in at bedtime?

My round bed came from my foster home in New Jersey. Shawnee's mom -- my foster mom -- knew how much I loved it, so she let me have it when I got adopted. Wasn't that nice of her?

Sometimes I nap in this bed, like a sushi roll.

But I usually play with this bed instead of sleeping in it.

Sometimes I even flip it upside-down and sit on it that way.

My round bed is super cool...but I don't go nite-nite in it at bedtime.

Then there's my big brown bed in the living room. Mom got this one for me.

Sometimes I nap on it...

But usually I just play on it (and with it).

I don't go nite-nite on my brown bed at bedtime.

Next, there's my tan bed. It came from the last people that I lived with, before I went back to my foster family. We keep this bed in the bedroom, and I just nap in there sometimes. Don't really play in it very often.

I don't usually nite-nite in the tan bed at bedtime, either.

Sometimes I nap on the couch...

And on the arm/back of the couch...

But that's usually just while Mom's at work. I don't nite-nite on the couch at bedtime.

So where DO I go nite-nite at bedtime...?

Ta dah!

That's right...I nite-nite on Mom's bed. I decided a while back that Mom's bed was way too big for her to have the whole thing. So, I insisted that she let me sleep up there, too.

You'll note in this picture that I make sure my tushy is in the very middle of the bed. I try to take up as much room as possible, even if I am a little doggie. (Sorry about that yawn -- Mom took the picture when I was trying to wake up. How rude!)

It's nice to have Mom so trained that she gives up most of her bed for me.'s the good life...