Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuffing Collection

Last night, Mom started taking up a collection as she walked around the house. "What was she collecting?" you may ask. Here you go:

Yep. That's stuffing from stuffies. She found little pieces all, all, all over the place and decided to put the little pieces into a pile. I have NO idea where all those pieces came from, but I had to check out the collection, of course.

And then I went and found a squeaky toy and played with it while sitting in the stuffy pile.

Mom had the nerve to suggest that I was responsible for the stuffy mess. She said that I was the one who plucked holes in the stuffies...de-stuffed them...and then left the little pieces all over. The nerve of her!

I decided that I was NOT going to sit in that stuffy pile and be blamed for creating the mess. I took my squeaky and walked away.

This is the face of innocence, I tell you.

If you don't believe me, just send me more stuffies and I'll prove it to you. He he he...

Sunday, January 29, 2012


The sun was shining today, and Mom didn't think it was too cold outside, so we went for a walk. And when I say "walk," I mean WALK. We walked around our pond! We haven't walked that far in months.

Mom says we both got too lazy (not me!) and we needed some good exercise. So off we went!

I was excited because we haven't gone towards the pond in forever, so there were all sorts of new smells for me to sniff!

I had a ton of unsniffed pee-mail to check out.

"Oh, we gotta go that way, too, so I can sniff that tree over there..."

More pee-mail.

There was a TON of "news" to check on the garbage can!

Yet another good sniff spot. (Mom ended up with lots of pictures of me sniffing...)

Mom says the blue garbage can is for recyclables and the green can is for poops.

Here's a scenic picture of my pond.

See how my ears are blown back in this pic and I'm giving Mom a look?

Well that's because Mom "thought" it wasn't cold out...but it WAS! I froze my hiney off. The wind was blowing strong, too. Here's what the weather actually was:

So when I saw our house starting to come into view, I RAN that way!

It was so nice to be inside where it was warm! Mom thought I'd be exhausted from our long walk, but I still had enough energy left to roll for a while on a squeaky.

But I've spent all evening snoozing on the couch.

It was great to get to go on a walk around the pond again! Maybe we should wait for it to warm up before we go again, though. The pee-mail was practically frozen!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Jungle Out There

Somebody decided that the trees where I live needed a haircut. At least I guess that's what happened because out of the blue THIS happened:

Hmm...I smell squirrels...

Yep. Definitely squirrels...

Those poor trees, though. Just look at how many limbs were cut off!

At this point in our walk Mom realized she should turn off the flash on her camera. (Someday she'll learn...)

That's a lot of limbs!

See the little piles of limbs in the picture below? The tree trimmers weren't done...by last night, that whole area was FULL of limbs, too!

I feel sad for the trees, of course, but there's a larger issue here. WHERE am I supposed to go potty?! Those limbs are taking up all my good grassy spots!

It's a jungle out there...and I'm a puppy who can't find a spot to poo. Mom and I hope the trimmers clean up that mess soon! If the rain from today freezes, the limbs could be frozen to the ground. I can't be expected to "hold it" until spring!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Snoring Blanket

Tonight, Mom noticed that the orange blanket on our couch was snoring!  Then she looked closer and saw a little tuft of white fur sticking out...

Oh, yes.  The source of the snoring was discovered.

But I couldn't be bothered by Mom's rude "photo shoot."  I just went right back to sleep!

She shouldn't have woken me up anyway, right?!