Sunday, February 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I know it's February now, but it's still Christmas for ME because my Mom got a Christmas present yesterday from her good friends Marc, Lori, and Devan. And you know what they had in Mom's present? A present for ME, too!

It's a cool gingerbread squeaky toy! I pulled it out of the bag just as soon as Mom made the mistake of putting the bag on the floor, within my reach.

We played fetch with my new toy. It was a little hard to see to bring the toy back 'cause the gingerbread man legs were sort of in my face. It was still fun to fetch, though!

I had to roll on the gingerbread man for a while, too, to get him to squeak.

Had trouble with that, though, but it looks like the trouble squeaking was 'cause I was rolling beside the toy and not on it. Oopsie. Anyway, I gave up on rolling on it and squeaked it myself while I rolled.

And you know that playing with new toys in my round bed is a "given." I have to do that. A lot.

Mom kept taking a bazillion pictures of me and I got a little tired of the camera. So I stopped playing until Mom put the stupid thing away, and then I attacked the gingerbread man again. He he he. My "Put that camera away" plan worked!

Thanks Marc, Lori, and Devan for the cool toy! I looove it!


  1. You knows this is messing up your inventory, doesn't you?

  2. he he - maybe you'd better nap awhile - you been very busy today.


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