Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lesson from the Little Person

I've complained a lot about my people cousin stealing my squeaky toys, but I do have to give him some credit. You see, he taught me a great technique...

One day he decided that he didn't want his older brother to go to school, so he did this:

Isn't that genius? He sat on his brother's school bag and then just turned on the cuteness.

I decided to try the brilliant tactic myself this morning:

If I'm laying on Mom's coat, she can't leave for work, can she? I thought for sure it would keep her home with me all day. Sadly, no... Mom just picked me up and moved me over to the blanket on the couch. Bummer.

But it was worth a shot!


  1. How could your mummy resist that face??? Is she made of stone??? You are SO CUTE!!!

  2. It was worth a try!

    Next time, try hiding the kharkeys!


  3. OMC! Why in da world would your momma moves you when you lookin at her likes dat? MOL dat seemed likes da purrfect tactic to keeps your momma home, why doesn't stuff likes dat works like it should?

  4. That's a great idea but Beth always hangs her coat in the can I get it down....I will have to think really hard on this one!

  5. Hi there Buttons,

    You are both smart. Maybe next time you could try sneaking inside the pockets so she takes you with her at work. Heehee Your charming look surely made it hard for her to resist.

    We saw you got loads and loads of fun toys. We hardly noticed the basket! Waaaah

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies


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