Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruff Life

Sometimes it's hard to be a princess...

Strategy: Act Pathetic

When your food bowl is empty, it's essential that you get it filled back up as quickly as possible. So, I'm going to share with you a great strategy that I've used several times.

It's simple. Act pathetic...and flop by your food bowl.

The "pathetic pup" technique works every time.

My Reputation

It seems that I've gotten a bit of a reputation as a squeaky toy terror. Or a destroyer, perhaps. Stuffing remover. Fur plucker. (You know what I'm getting at here...)

In fact, Cathy Keisha discusses this briefly over on her blog. She's got a stuffy who is getting her in all sorts of trouble. And, long story short, near the end of the post she says, "I'd mail him to Busy Buttons and let her have her way with him."

Hmmm. Why on earth does everyone think that I'm a toy punisher? I love my squeakies!

OK...maybe I love squeakies just a bit too much...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Mom and the Kibbles

You know that story of "The Princess and the Pea?" Well, I've written my own version. I call it, "The Mom and the Kibbles." Here it is...

The Mom and the Kibbles

There once was an adorable, always-right Shih Tzu named Buttons. Buttons lived with her Mom, and even though she had only been with her forever family for a year and a half, Buttons had her Mom pretty well-trained. (She discovered early on that Mom had a weak spot for sad puppy eyes, and that really helped speed up the training.)

Each night at bedtime, Buttons got cookies. These were special kibble cookies because Buttons ate prescription doggie food for her bad allergies and tummy troubles.

Even though the cookies were kibble pieces, they were still VERY yummy as far as Buttons was concerned.

One night, Mom didn't sleep well. All night long she kept dreaming that she was sleeping on rocks or that things were poking her in the legs. She flip-flopped through the night, trying to get comfortable.

As Mom got out of bed the next morning, she thought about her funny dreams. She pulled back the bed sheet to investigate and discovered...KIBBLES!

Buttons hadn't eaten all of her kibble cookies at bedtime, and since Buttons liked to scoot to the middle of the bed during the night, the kibbles had followed right along. Those rocks that Mom dreamed about were actually the kibble pieces poking her!

Mom was not happy. Not happy at all. In fact, she banned all kibble cookies from the bed from that day on.

The moral of the story: Always finish your bedtime snack.

Now I gotta go practice my sad puppy eyes to see if I can get my kibbles back in the bed each night...