Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandpa's Sick

Sorry I haven't been online much. Mom's been away a whole lot lately 'cause my Grandpa got really sicky. He moved to a place called a nursing home, but then he got sicker and had to go to a hospital.

Last night Mom was gonna be gone all night long so she took me to a new friend's house for a sleepover. Snickers is a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. She wasn't too thrilled to have me invading her space. So I was on my best behavior.

And look...I found Snickers' toy basket!

Today when Snickers went to her doggie daycare, I got to go, too. Zoe lives where Snickers goes for daycare. Zoe is a Yorkie. She was cool with me being there. Not as grumpy as Snickers. I was still on my bestest behavior, just in case.

I was SURE happy to see Mom tonight, though. I flopped on my back right when I saw her and gave her my best "rub my belly" look.

Mom says I might have to go on other sleepovers 'cause of Grandpa being so sicky. We'll see what the next few days bring.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo Game

I was tagged for a photo game by my blogging friends Inigo and Rumblepurr! The rules are to go to your first photo folder, find the 10th picture, and then post it on your blog. I'm lucky that my name starts with "B" 'cause that means that the "Buttons" folder is the very first one on our 'puter!

So here's the 10th photo from MY folder...

That picture might look familiar to many of you...and I'm sure you recognize that doggie beside me. It's my former foster sister Shawnee! She posted this picture on her blog months ago. You see, this picture is from back before I came to live with my new Mom. Shawnee was getting ready for a hike and she needed to study up on the Jersey Devil just in case she saw him on the hike. Anyway, Shawnee's Mom and my now-forever-and-ever Mom were already planning on my adoption then. So Shawnee sent my new Mom this picture and Mom saved it on her 'puter here.

Pretty cool, huh?

And now I'm supposed to pass this game on to 5 friends. I'm gonna have to think about that for a while, I think...there are so many friends to choose from!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Torture

Got a box in the mail today...but there was a problem. Look what was in it!

No toys. No cookies. Just keep-fleas-away stuff! Isn't that terrible?! Mom says that I'll be happy to have that stuff when the weather gets warmer. I say BOO. If there's a box, it should have fun stuff in it! Not stupid flea medicines!

But the torture tonight didn't stop with the box of flea stuff...

Tomorrow is my 4-month Gotcha Day anniversary. Shouldn't that mean toys for me? Not according to Mom. She says that tomorrow is her birthday, so we are celebrating that instead. Then, she did THIS to ME:

How RUDE! I don't want to wear a stupid birthday party hat! I put up with it for a little while, but only because Mom distracted me with toys.

More toy distractions...

But it didn't take too long before I had enough of that stupid hat. So, I flung my head around.

At least the hat wasn't on top of my head anymore...

Stupid flea stuff and stupid party hat. Way to torture me, Mom. Totally ruined my Thursday!

Oh -- Mom learned a valuable lesson tonight. If she squeaks a toy over the camera to try to get me to look at the camera, then something like this can happen:

Nice action shot, huh? I just really wanted that toy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Fire Hydrant

Ta dah! Got a super big box in the mail!

At the Sci-Fi Pawty I won a gift certificate for Mom helped me use it to order some stuff! Since I have so many toys, Mom and I thought that maybe I should get another toy box. We found this super cool one...

Isn't that awesome?! It's a toy box...but it's a fire hydrant! (A note to my doggie friends: no peeing on my toy box, please.)

Mom got me a squeaky toy sheep, too! It's cool.

But even though I had a new hydrant and a new sheepy, my toy radar was still going off like crazy when I was standing there beside the hydrant. I knew that there was something inside that toy box. I just KNEW it. So I barked.

And I barked.

And I barked some more.

But Mom rudely refused to open the hydrant. So, I took matters into my own paws. I jumped on it and knocked it over.

When the hydrant fell over, the lid came off. That let me get at what was inside!

Sure enough. There was a HUGE rabbit toy in there!

That rabbit was practically as big as me. I played with it for just a bit, but then Mom rudely took it away from me. She says that we got that toy for my cousin Hoss and he doesn't need me to pluck the fur off or get it slobbery for him. What?! A toy comes to MY house and Mom says it's not for me?! That's just not right!

So then Mom put a ton of toys in the toy box and I thought maybe she hid that new Hoss toy in there, too.

Naturally, I knocked it over once again and started pulling all of those toys out.

Sadly, I couldn't find the rabbit. I'm still looking for it...and I won't rest until I find it! I'm very persistent. Just ask Mom. He he he.

Oh -- and before I forget...BIG Buttons thanks to for donating the gift certificate for the Sci-Fi Pawty! Thanks for my cool new not-to-be-peed-on hydrant!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OK Bad Good Best

Yesterday started out o.k. But then it took a baaad turn. Then it got really good. And then, it was the best day ever.

Confused yet? Let me explain...

It started out o.k. 'cause it was just a normal work day. Mom left in the morning like usual. But then she came home super early. I was excited to see her of course. She took me outside and then I got to go for a ride in the car. I was pretty excited about that...until I realized just what Mom had planned...

She took me to the GROOMER and left me there! AUGH! How rude. I really hate to take baths, and that's what the groomer does. So terrible. That's doggie water torture!

I wasn't happy with Mom when she picked me up. But then you know what she did? The weathers were nice and she felt bad about the groomer thing, so we stopped at a cool park on the way home! We went for a super long walk. That was awesome! I haven't been to that park before, so it was really cool.

When we got home, my day turned into one of the best days ever. You know why? I got another toy in the mail!!! Mom didn't know what the package was 'cause she forgot that this toy was coming. So she just opened it right up without taking any pictures. I was all over her, though, when I saw her holding a DOGGIE TOY! She had trouble even getting the tags off of it 'cause I was such a crazy girl.

The new toy was from Baby Patches. I won it at the VIP Pawty for Nip and Bones. It's a West Paw Eco Bone -- made from recycled pop bottles. Cool, huh?

Here's a picture of me with my new haircut and my new bone. Pay no attention to the fact that my mouth is hanging open. I was still panting 'cause of our long walk. (Makes me look a little crazy.)

My new bone is gray on one side and maroon on the other. Got a squeaker in there, too, of course!

I played and played and played.

A long walk and then a new toy to roll was utter bliss!

I eventually wore myself out, though. Had to nap for a while.

Thanks for the new toy, Baby Patches!

I think our mailman must really like me. Mom says I'm providing him lots of job security here lately!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sekurity Report: March 2010 PawPawty

The March 2010 PawPawty was held March 20-21, and it marked the 1-year anniversary of the event! The Pawty had a St. Patrick's Day theme. A total of $1,420 for The Potcake Foundation.

Sekurity Team Roll Call

Captain SnickersLieutenant Shawnee
Officer MorrisNinja Strike Force Leader mizCleo
Officer BrutusOfficer Cheshire Kitten
Officer SmokeyDokumentation Officer Buttons
Cadet Hella HedgehogBodyguard Winston

Standard Sekurity Announcements

The Sekurity Team member on dooty during each shift tweeted the following standard announcements:
  • If you are new to #pawpawty and need assistance please see sekurity. We cans help.
  • ANIPALS dont forget to block the spammers, free $ ppl, gets lots of followers, and noggty ladies that start following you during #pawpawty.
  • Remember you must unproteckt your tweets to be seen during pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
(Yes, the Dokumentation Officer is too lazy to dokument those announcements throughout the report....and I got away with this last month...)

Official Sekurity Report

2:02 p.m.Captain Snickers welcomes all anipals to the Pawty.
3:55 p.m.Cadet Hella Hedgehog reports for dooty.
Handoff Report:It has been really quiet!
4:03 p.m.Captain Snickers signs off. Cadet Hella Hedgehog is now in charge.
4:54 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Watch out for the pinching Capybara (@Caplinrous) if you aren't wearing green!
5:05 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Anipals! Better put on your St. Paws green! @Caplinrous is on a pinching spree!!
5:59 p.m.Lieutenant Shawnee reports for dooty.
Handoff Report:It has been very quiet. Everyone well behaved!
6:00 p.m.Cadet Hella Hedgehog signs off dooty. Lieutenant Shawnee is in charge.
7:54 p.m.Lieutenant Shawnee conducts a field sobriety test on @BorisKitty. @BorisKitty answers that he sees two of @GeorgeTheDuck.
7:56 p.m.Officer CheshireK reports for dooty.
Handoff Report:Nothing going on. All is behaving. Just watch @BorisKitty because he is getting a little schnockered
8:00 p.m.Lieutenant Shawnee signs off dooty. Officer CheshireK is in charge.
8:00 p.m.Officer CheshireK checks to be sure that @BorisKitty has a designated driver. @BorisKitty says he's staying put, so no need to go anywhere.
9:27 p.m.Officer CheshireK witnesses a streaking @AutumnTheDoxie (streaking without furs).
9:34 p.m.Officer CheshireK warns @AutumnTheDoxie that impersonating a human streaker is illegal. If you go nekkid as a doggie, you're OK, but if you've got your fur coat off, Sekurity will have to take you in.
9:53 p.m.Officer Brutus reports for dooty.
9:56 p.m.Officer CheshireK continues to investigate whether streaking was anipal streaking or human streaking impersonation.
Handoff Report:Really, nothing happened. A few kitties were streaking, but that's no big deal. They weren't impersonating.
10:01 p.m.Officer CheshireK signs off dooty. Officer Brutus is in charge.
10:29 p.m.Sekurity Bulletin: RT @Fergusthedog: I set up the #stpaws porta-hydrants if anyone needs to use them.
11:14 p.m.Officer Brutie climbs onto the bar to do some slinky dancing (hubba, hubba!). All tips donated to the Pawty charity, of course.
12:02 a.m.Officer Brutus signs off of dooty. Note: No sekurity coverage for the next four hours. No handoff report.
3:41 a.m.Officer Morris signs in early for dooty.
6:04 a.m.Officer Morris reports: Well that was the quietest sekurity shift ever - the only trouble I had was at my own house when Dan Next-Door snuck in!
6:07 a.m.Officer Morris signs off dooty. Note: No sekurity coverage for the next two hours.
7:29 a.m.Officer Smokey signs in early for dooty.
8:24 a.m.Sekurity announcement: Just blocked _Making_Money_. Please check your accounts; possible spammer.
9:03 a.m.Officer Smokey reports: First hour of 8 a.m. (EDT) sekurity shift quiet. Only saw one potential spammer, made sekurity announcement
9:57 a.m.Officer Smokey reports: Sekurity has been very quiet this morning. Nothing to report from last hour.
10:05 a.m.Officer Smokey reports: Haven't seen my sekurity shift relief yet. So I'll hang around for a bit. It's been quiet.
10:37 a.m.Officer Smokey reports: Still have not seen my sekurity shift relief. Dad has to leave in 20 minutes. Don't like leaving pawty with no sekurity.
10:42 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo reports for dooty and says: "OMC! i am so sowwy to keep my pals unsekured for so long! reporting fur dooties, about 40 minutes late. omc! omc!" Note: Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo was late for dooty because her people were at the grocery store and not watching the time.
Handoff Report:Been very quiet. Nothing to report.
10:47 a.m.Officer Smokey signs off dooty. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo is in charge.
11:06 a.m.Sekurity Alert: Please be aware, @caplinrous MAY put the pinchy on you if you has no green.
11:57 a.m.Officer Brutus reports for dooty.
Handoff Report:It's been quiet. Lots of new pals to meet! @OzzyDox is feeling a little groggy, but no noes why.
12:01 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs off dooty.
12:29 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: The #ShibberingCheetos concert will begin in half an hour. Please no pushing or shoving.
12:40 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: @ShibberingC will be arriving at #pawpawty in 20 minutes.
12:45 p.m.Sekurity Note: RT @sirHank: I fink @mizcleo is in twitter jail! her tweets are not showing up...follow me, her catmate for quizzing!
12:48 p.m.Sekurity Note: @ShibberingC bus is just outside.
12:54 p.m.Sekurity Note: @ShibberingC have arrived at the Pawty. @ShibberingC's bodyguard @PushUpsnPaws will be on sekurity duty for the next hour while I perform! Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo is currently Quizmaster, but also available if needed.
1:42 p.m.Officer Brutus puts the bitey on Twitter to try to get it moving once again.
2:02 p.m.Sekurity Alert: @ShibberingC have left the Pawty! If you bought tixs for after pawty, head to the bus.
2:08 p.m.Report comes in that @mattiedog is getting kissed and tossed about like a twollip. Officer Brutus offers to assist, but @mattiedog likes it.
2:32 p.m.Officer Brutus takes a quick dip in the hot tub before returning for sekurity dooty.
2:43 p.m.Officer Brutus leaves note for Captain Snick: I'd like to give thanks to the @ShibberingC 's bodyguard Winston of @PushUpsnPaws for helping with sekurity duty!
3:15 p.m.Pawty ends with a toast to @FrugalDougal for starting something great one year ago! Officer Brutus signs off dooty.

It's the Mother Load

Take a look at this picture from Friday...

That's right...TWO boxes came just for ME. I hit the mother load!

The first one was from Baby Patches at Nip and Bones. I won a prize from them during the February PawPawty, so that's what was in the box. They gave me some yummy-in-my-tummy Grandma Lucy's cookies! I gave the container a very good sniff.

And I had to pose nice before Mom would open the cookies and give me some. (You can tell I'm not quite too happy about having to sit there...beside the unopened cookies.)

Finally Mom opened the cookies up and gave me some. YUM! I wanted more, of course, and tried to convince her...

That "in Mom's face" tactic worked, too. She gave me some more!

Thanks, Baby Patches, for sending me those cookies!

The second box was from my buddy Boris and You remember those monsters that I won at the Sci-Fi Pawty? They arrived! I unpacked the box myself. (I actually climbed all the way in it one time, but Mom wasn't fast enough with her camera.)

Once I got the new squeakies out of the box, I took them all over to my bed. (I have to do that so that Mom realizes they're MY toys and not hers.)

Oh, I'm in toy Heaven!!! Just take a look at how cool these new toys are!

The monsters were the prize I won at the Sci-Fi Pawty. Those two cool bunnies were special gifts for me from my buddy Boris. Isn't he the sweetest kitty EVER?! The bunnies have crinkly bellies and squeaky heads. So much fun!

I had to keep that Bigfoot in line. Gotta watch that guy.

Had some fun hanging out with the Sea Monster and Jackalope, too. The Jackalope came with a Boris whisker in his antlers! That was another special bonus, just for me.

And of course if you know me, you know I had to roll on the toys. Looks like I rolled on my partially-chewed bully stick in the process. Oopsie.

After all that playing, I napped on my new monster pillows.

Thanks so much, Boris and! I sure do love my new monsters and bunnies. There's just no such thing as "too many toys!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where Is That Pink Piggy???

It's not that I have too many toys... I think I just need a bigger toy box!

Two in a Row!

The mailman must love me! I got another box in the mail today. This is really turning out to be a wonderful week for me!

"Mom, stop taking pictures and open this box!"

This package was from the Lucky Dog Treat Company! I won some cookies at the PawPawty last month, and my cookies were in the box. I even got to pick out the kind of cookies that I wanted. Mom had to help me decide -- we went with the beef ones.

I seriously chowed down on those cookies. Not very ladylike, I suppose. And I don't close my mouth when I chew...

Mom cut me off at three of the cookies tonight. How rude. I even gave her my cutest look, trying to get more. But, noooooo. She kept saying that I'd already had enough for one night. Whatever.

Thanks for the cookies, Lucky Dog! Now I've gotta go keep trying to get Mom to give me more...