Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Big Bloggie Award

Wow. What an honor. A few of my friends recently gave me a bloggie award. When you get the award, you write a blog post with 10 things about yourself, and then you pass the award on to 10 of your friends.

So thanks to Brutus, Henry, Mookie, and Maximus for passing this award to me!

Here are the 10 things about me...

1. I love squeaky toys.

He he he. I guess I shouldn't really use that as one of the 10 things since it's just a "given" if you know me already! I'll start over...

1. I like to take toys outside with me when I go out to potty. I squeak them like crazy in the stairwell and it gets Mom all embarrassed 'cause she doesn't know what the neighbors think about all of those squeaks. And when we get outside, I refuse to carry my own toy for our walk. So Mom's left to carry MY toy while we walk. He he he! This works the best when I insist on taking my large rubber chicken outside. That embarrasses Mom the most.

2. I've got allergies. Baaad allergies. They make me super, duper itchy. My foster mom put me on some medicine that makes me not as itchy, though. And my new Mom makes sure I get the medicine, too. First time ever that I've not been itchy all day long! Yeah for that medicine and the yummy chicky stuff my Mom thinks she's "hiding" the pills in.

3. I've lived with my new Mom for over 2 months now. Life is GOOD. She tells me that this is my forever and ever home, and I sure like to repeat that as often as I can. I've lived in several other homes in my life. You can read my story on the website of the rescue group that rescued me TWICE. (And by NO fault of my own, I must say...) Mom says that I deserve to be spoiled now, and I have to agree.

4. I'm a Jersey girl. I lived in New Jersey up until my new Mom adopted me. Since she lives in Illinois, I was transplanted. I'm still trying to figure out what the deal is with all of these empty fields in Illinois.

5. I am in charge of protecting the bath mat when Mom takes a shower. I position myself directly on top of the mat so that it's super safe while Mom's in the tub. I usually take some toys or a rawhide in there with me, too. That gives me something to do. And Mom thinks it's hysterical to hear me squeaking my toys while she's taking a shower.

6. It's my job to remind Mom to empty the garbage can in the bathroom. I do this by knocking it over as often as possible when it's starting to get full. I like to dig in the dirty tissues, and I drag 'em around a bit.

7. I already told you that I have allergies...but I didn't tell you that sometimes that means I have extra goopies in my eyes. You know what I like to do when that happens? I wipe my eyes on Mom's pant legs. She doesn't appreciate it, but her pants are the perfect wiping spot. I head-butt her legs and then just start wiping away. (Sometimes I'll use the ottoman in the living room or a door frame. I really prefer Mom's legs, though.)

8. I go nuts when I see someone with plastic grocery sacks. Did you know that those sacks sometimes have squeaky toys in them? Any time Mom brings home some sacks, I have to root through them until I'm sure that there aren't any toys hidden in there. I'm VERY determined, too. I have to see what's in each and every sack. This morning one of our neighbors had a plastic sack and I embarrassed Mom by trying to dig in the neighbor's plastic sack... Oopsie...

9. I nap when Mom's at work during the day. Wish I could go to work with her, and she wishes I could, too. But nooooo. So I nap at home. I'll start out on my brown doggie bed and then I move to the couch. By the time Mom gets home from work, I'm usually napping on the very back of the couch. It's closest to the door Mom comes in, so that's why I'm up there. Need to be listening and on the look-out for Mom.

10. You know that PetSmart commercial where the dachshund gets the new loofah doggie toy and they have to scan the entire doggie at the checkout lane? I sort of did that once. I was living with my foster family and destroyed one of my favorite toys. So my foster mom took me to the store and let me pick out a new toy. I refused to let her have it to scan at the checkout, though. I didn't want to give it up! So she had to pick me up so the cashier could scan the toy.

Ta dah! There's the 10 things about me.

Now who should I pass this along to? Most of my friends have already gotten the award, I think. BUT I haven't seen it on Smokey and Ody's blog, so they definitely need to have the award passed to them.

I'll think about some others...


  1. You is rooting thru the neighbor's bags now? Oh shamie, shamie. (BOL)

  2. MOL! Loved these answers, Buttons! Me and mama had a good chuckle about you going thru your neighbor's bag. Loved numbers 1 & 5 too. We're so glad you're in your forever ever home. You fit it so quickly!

  3. Khongrats on your award!

    Woo sooooo did share some good skhrap!


  4. Congratulatons on your award. It was enjoyable learning more about you too.


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