Monday, September 26, 2011

Princess Tent Door


I don't need no stinking door!

New Water Bowl

My Aunt Katie gave me a new water bowl for my birthday!

I gave it a good sniff, of course.

And I refused to look at Mom when she tried to take a picture of me with the bowl.

My new water bowl says "Spoiled" on it. I have nooooo idea why...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Birthday...Postponed

Today was my birthday! Can you believe that I'm 11 years old now? I don't feel a day over 6. And if you ask Mom, she'll probably tell you that I don't act a day over 3! He he he.

Anyway, I started out my birthday celebrations by taking an early-morning nap. Mom woke me up way, way too early.

Late this morning, Mom started the true celebrations when she gave me a new TOY. It's a barktini. Cool, huh? I was mesmerized.

Hey, it was 5:00 somewhere...

I got tired of the paparazzi (a.k.a. Mom), so I took my barktini into my princess tent. And it's fitting that I hide out in there today anyway since it was my birthday present from Mom last year. It's the princess tent's 1-year anniversary!

I glared at the paparazzi from inside my tent.

And do you think Mom would leave me alone in there? Noooo. She invaded the privacy of the princess tent!

Eventually, I just gave up and brought the barktini back out where there was more room to roll.

And roll I did. I even rolled and chewed at the same time!

Played a bit too much, though, and I'm still not feeling the best. So, I flopped half-in-half-out of my princess tent for a nap.

And then that's about when things started to go wrong. Yep. Too much excitement and too sicky of a tummy. Mom and I had to make an emergency trip outside. When we came back inside, I just felt horrible, and I looked as pathetic as I felt.

(It was raining out, too, just to add insult to injury!)

Mom decided to postpone the rest of our birthday celebrations since I wasn't doing so well. Tonight she boiled some hamburger and made white rice for me. That's what my vet says to feed me when I have bad tummy troubles.

I wouldn't eat anything today...but I chowed down on that hamburger and rice. Yummy stuff!

The food in my tummy helped it feel a little better, so I played for just a bit. (Yes, I'm chewing and rolling at the same time again.)

But it didn't last too long. I went back to the place I started my day.

And then I just flopped in the middle of the room, too.

Mom says she still has lots of birthday surprises planned for me. She even ordered me my very own birthday cake! But, all that has to wait until I'm feeling o.k. again. I say "GIVE ME CAKE!" but Mom says it would make me feel worse now. So, I have to wait. Pffffft.

Here's a sneak peek for you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pathetic, Sick Puppy

Today has been my day to act super pathetic.

I'm an expert at it, too. It's o.k. to act pathetic, though, when you don't feel so good. And when your Mom takes you to the vet.

I tried to act camouflaged so that the vet wouldn't find me, but she did.

I didn't want to be at that vet's office. But who could blame me?!

I've got a nasty ear infection. And I've got an infection in the skin all over my front legs, too. My allergies are the culprit for both nasty infections. Stupid allergies. The vet gave Mom lots of pills and ointments and stuff for me. Mom says it'll help me feel more like myself again soon.

Until then, though, I'm gonna just keep acting pathetic.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Adoption Story

BlogPaws and BISSELL are having a blog carnival to raise money for the Petfinder Foundation. A blog carnival is when lots of blogs focus on the same topic. The topic for this event is "my adoption story." If you know me or if you've followed my blog for long, then you probably know that I have one whopper of an adoption story...

After I was born, I lived with one family for a few years. Then I went to live with a woman and a kitty and another Shih Tzu like me. Then one day out of the blue, my owner passed away and another woman took me and the other pets and put us in the car for a ride. One by one, though, she stopped and dumped each one of us out of the car. Yep. SHE DUMPED US OUT OF THE CAR.

So all of the sudden I was all by myself, out on the streets. A little doggie alone in the scary world.

Within a couple of days I ended up in a foster home for Companion Critters, a rescue group in New Jersey. I was scared and hid under the table for a while. But eventually I got more comfortable again and then they found me a nice new home. Or so we thought. About a year after I thought I found my forever family, they actually took me back to the foster home. They said that they couldn't keep me anymore.

I was nine years old then, and my allergies were really bad, too. So, I was actually considered a "less adoptable" dog, if you'd believe that. Hard to find a nice new home with that sort of label.

After I was returned to the rescue group, though, my foster sister Shawnee wrote about me on her blog. That's when my TRUE adoption story started. My forever-and-ever mom read about me on Shawnee's blog and totally fell in love with me. (But who could blame her, right?!) She didn't think I was a "senior" dog since she already had a Shih Tzu who was almost my exact same age, Lexi-Lou. And she didn't think my allergies were a problem, either.

So my foster Mom and my soon-to-be-new Mom talked and talked and finally decided that I was going to move from New Jersey to Illinois to live with my new Mom and my new sister Lexi-Lou. And you know what else? My foster Mom and Shawnee actually drove me the entire way! Yep...they delivered me safe and sound to my new home.

They told Mom that it would take me a few days to get over the shock of the new home and to really start playing and settling in. I knew that this was my forever-and-ever home, though, so I actually helped unpack my own toys. I made myself right at home. By the next morning, I was rolling on my back, playing like crazy! We've actually got video of that, too...

Now I'm spoiled rotten. Absolutely spoiled rotten! But, Mom says she's just making up for all of the bad stuff that I've been through. Makes sense, don't you think? I WAS dumped out of a car, onto the street, you know. Oh, by the way -- you know the bad, bad woman who did that? She didn't know that I had a microchip. And she didn't know that my old neighbors really loved me and worried about me. With the microchip, the neighbors, and the awesome rescue group, the police actually had enough evidence to get that bad woman!

Now part of the BlogPaws Carnival is actually to also tell about the happiness that I've brought my new Mom. I'd think that's pretty obvious, though, if you look at how spoiled I am. He he he.

From Buttons' Mom:

Buttons' adoption story took a pretty difficult turn for me not long after I adopted her. One week after Buttons came into our lives, my Lexi-Lou passed away unexpectedly. My dogs aren't "pets," they're my children. I was completely crushed when Lexi died. Buttons hadn't really bonded with Lexi yet, so she wasn't affected by the loss.

Three or four weeks later, then, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three months after that, my father's health took a bad turn. A month later, he passed away.

Why am I telling you this? Because I honestly believe that God placed Buttons in my life specifically because of the grief that was coming. Buttons is a funny, creative, crazy little girl. In the middle of my pain and loss, she could still make me laugh with her antics. She wasn't doing anything special...she was just being herself. And I don't know what I would have done without her bringing that humor and love into such a dark time. So to me, that's a big part of her adoption story.

And I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason she's spoiled rotten now, too...

Enough sad, mushy talk from Mom. It's time to leave you with some cuteness. (Can you believe what those other families I had are missing out on now?! He he he.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Box Bigger Than Me...

About five years ago, I got this HUGE box from my friend Boris. maybe it wasn't that long was actually just a couple of weeks...but Mom's been neglecting my blogging duties so it feels like it was five years ago.

Anyway, Boris sent me a box that was a lot bigger than me! When Mom brought the box inside, I was so excited about it that I refused to eat supper. I wouldn't touch my food until after Mom opened that huge surprise!

Yes, I was a little impatient. I even jumped in the box before Mom got the top open all of the way!

But can you blame me?! Check out the HUGE Snoopy and Woodstock that Boris sent me!

I went right to work, playing with Woodstock.

And then I saw Mom take something else out of the box, so I had to check that out, too.

Yeah, my head sorta got in the way of that picture. Here's what Mom had, though:

Boris sent me some BUTTONS that say "I love Buttons!" Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!

But the box wasn't empty yet...there was another surprise in there. Here's me impatiently waiting for Mom to open my last surprise.

I had to check it all out before Mom assembled it.

Then I took a bully stick break while Mom went to work.

TA DAH! Boris sent me a BARN to go with my princess tent!!! It's a new secret hidey spot for me...and a stable for the princess to park her carriage in, of course.

I took a quick tour.

Mom put one of my blankies in the barn, too, to make it more comfy cosy.

Here's me posing with my new hidey spot!

I haven't played in the barn much yet, but Mom says that's because I go in my princess tent all of the time instead. So, she's gonna move my barn into the dining room so I have a hidey spot there, too. Sounds like a good plan to me!

So, after all of the excitement over my huge surprise, I had to take a nap on my new Snoopy.

Thanks to Boris and for my awesome, fantastic, super-duper surprise!