Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Valentine!

I got an envelope in the mail this weekend. Mom waited until today to go get the mail, though, so I didn't get it when I should have. How rude!

Anyway, here I am inspecting my mail. Yep! It's for me!

Guess what it was...a valentine from my friends Smokey and Ody! Isn't that sweet? Now you might wonder why I'm scowling a little bit in this picture. That's 'cause I was still mad at Mom for waiting until today to get the mail.

I was really happy to get such a nice card from Smokey and Ody. Just not happy with Mom for holding out on me...and for taking SO many pictures lately!

Thanks, Smokey and Ody! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!


  1. Buttons U gots a Balentine card!!! How sweet! Dat's just so nice & U is just adorable! *smooch* 2 UR momma!

  2. Ahhh - dat's so special. You are a lot of cuteness!


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