Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fighting Over the Bed

Mom and I have been having a disagreement about the big bed. She thinks she gets to say where we both sleep. I think not.

I like to wiggle my little rump right into the middle of the bed.

Mom claims that she can't sleep well when my rump is in the middle. She says that when I do that she has to sleep diagonally across the top of the bed to get enough room for herself. I think that's a weak argument. She obviously found a way to get enough room, didn't she? And I can't help it that the middle is where I sleep best...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #3: My Favorite Toy

Oh. My. Goodness... Cokie announced this week's Anipal Photo Hunt theme and did you SEE what it is?! MY FAVORITE TOY. This theme is just totally meant for me! Cokie might as well have said, "Hey, Buttons, why don't you talk about your favorite thing???" I love toys more than anything! Although, now that I think about it, I would make one little change to this theme because, in all reality, how on earth do I pick just ONE favorite toy???

I could pick my snake, Anna Conda.

Or my ostrich...that may have been partially decapitated last night...and may have lost both squeakers this morning...

Or Mini Buttons.

Been playing with those three the most lately. But there's also my brown bear and my giant squirrel and my skunky.

And my floppy fishy.
And my blue zanies guy.
And my monkey.
And my other monkey.
And my purple piggy.
And my green loofah.
And my fox.
And my pink thing.
And my purple ball thing.
And my rubber chickens.

Ahhh...I could just keep going forever...

Oh, how I love toys.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Icky, Sicky Yet Again

Mom and I had to make a couple of emergency trips outside earlier this week, in the middle of the night, of course. Mom was happy that we made it out in time, but not very happy about me still having problems with throw-ups and diarrhea poos. Since my tummy has been acting up off-an-on for about a month now, Mom seemed to think we should go to see my vet. I disagreed, but was overruled.

So we went. The vet poked me with needles and thermometers...and shined bright lights in my eyes and ears...and took pictures of my insides...and stole some blood...and who knows what else.

Then the vet told Mom that my blood has a problem and that they needed to test my liver. So Mom took me BACK to the vet the next day and she had the audacity to leave me there. It was so incredibly rude of her! She LEFT ME at the vet! Can you believe that?! (I guess Mom used to do that to my sis Lexi, too, 'cause she had liver failure problems and the vet needed to do tests.)

Anyway, the vet stole more blood from me and then tried to get on my good side by giving me some food. No way. Not happening. I showed them -- I turned my nose up at it! That's right, I refused to eat that food that the vet offered me.

Mom came at lunch time and she actually brought me take-out! She got me a hamburger and she let me have the whole hamburger patty and even part of the bun. She never lets me have that much hamburger. It was heaven...

But then Mom took me back to the vet! I couldn't believe it. I got to eat a hamburger in the car...but she left me at the vet's office again instead of taking me home! It turns out that Mom tricked me. The vet needed me to eat so they could steal more blood and finish testing my liver. Since I refused the vet's food, Mom got me take-out just to get me to eat something.

My Mom's diabolical, I'm afraid. She's sneaky. I'm going to have to watch her...

Anyway, the vet called Mom with all of the test results and there's something sicky with my liver now. We don't know what, though. It could be my allergy medicine, but we're not sure. And my tummy problems? Those could be from my allergy medicine...or maybe a food allergy or something like that...or the sicky liver problem... Mom says we don't know yet.

The good news is that I'm back on my bland diet of hamburger and rice. No kibble. I love the hamburger and rice! But I really don't know what evil plans Mom and the vet have for me next. All I do know is that there better be some good squeaky toys in this for me!!!

Since I've been sicky, I've been acting super pathetic. So, here are some super pathetic, yet super cute, pictures of me from this week...

You know that I still love my squeakies, even if I have been not feeling the best. So, before you go thinking that I'm just napping all the time, you should probably take a look at this...

That was taken after my all-day session at the vet's office. I sure missed my toys... I might be sick, but a girl's still gotta play!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Squeaky Stick?

Mom told me that bully sticks don't squeak. I didn't believe her, of course, so I rolled on mine anyway.

Turns out that she may be right...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #2: Pawtraits

This week's Anipal Photo Hunt theme is "Pawtraits." That means paws!

I liked this picture 'cause it gives you a good look at both sides of my front paws. And a good shot of my belly. He he he...

Mom thought we needed a close-up just for this occasion, too, so here's a paw:

And here's me giving Mom a SUPER dirty look 'cause she woke me up to take the picture of my paw. I was snoozing away. How rude.

Wanna see the other entries in the Anipal Photo Hunt this week? Check 'em out!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strange Blog Award

I was surprised this week when I received a blog award from the Divine Miss Molly. It's a strange award...literally! Molly gave me the "Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits Blog Award." Here's what the website says about the award:

The "Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits" award is given to only the strangest of folk, and as the recipient of such you are deemed very strange indeed. Congratulations.

Molly gave me the award because she says I make her Mom splutter coffee all over when she watches videos of me playing with my squeaky toys.

I do have that affect on people... And Mom's always telling me how silly I am. Maybe I am a little strange! This could be a perfect award for me... He he he.

As with other blog awards, I'm supposed to pass on this strangeness. Well, you can't expect a strange dog to play by the rules, can you? Of course not! So if you're strange, I say you should just award this to yourself.

And now I've gotta go play with some squeaky toys.

It Ain't Adding Up

We got a box in the mail yesterday. You know what boxes have in them? Squeaky toys! And sure enough...Mom pulled this squeaky fishy out of the box and gave it to me.

But here's the problem...the box was WAY bigger than that fishy. I put the fishy on top of the box in the picture below, just for comparison. There HAD to be more than just that fishy inside that big box! I looked and looked...

and I looked and looked...

and looked some more...

But I couldn't find more toys. I know there had to be more toys in that box. So I gave Mom a dirty look.

I barked at her a bit, too.

The only saving grace here for Mom might be the fact that my birthday is in less than a month. Maybe, just maybe, there are a whole lot of squeakies in my future...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rescue Mom

Guess what...I got mail! That's right. I won another prize at a PawPawty and it just came in the mail. I made sure I got to check it out before Mom did. (It is MY mail, after all...)

Romeo the Cat sells magnets that say "Rescue Mom" and "Rescue Dad" on them. His sales help him raise money for rescue organizations. He donated one of his magnets to the PawPawty, and that's what I won. Take a look at it...

Pretty cool, huh? Mom says we're gonna put it on our car. I told her I was o.k. with that. I don't really know much about magnets, so that sounds good to me!

If you're interested in getting a magnet like mine, be sure to head over to Romeo's store! And when you're at his website be sure you read all about the organization he's raising money for this month.

Romeo is also known for his great "wake-up tactics." He posts all sorts of ideas about how he wakes up his staff to serve him breakfast. Guess what...one time he even posted a wake-up tactic that I emailed him!

Thanks for the cool magnet, Romeo!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt: You Looking At Me?

Cokie the Cat is starting a blog photo hunt where we all post photos each Sunday that follow his weekly theme. Pretty cool, huh? This is the first week and "You Looking At Me?" is the theme.

Since I'm such a busy, busy doggie, I've decided to post some "I'm totally and completely innocent" photos. So, my take on the theme is "What? You looking at me? I didn't do it!"

That last one is my "if I don't look at Mom, then I don't get in trouble" pose. He he he.

Illinois Anipal Tweet-Up

I started chatting on Twitter in January, and since then I've met all sorts of people and animals from around the world. It's really amazing! Well, I got an email a while back that some of my new Twitter friends from Illinois were planning to meet in person. Mom and I thought that was pretty cool.

So last Sunday we loaded up our car and headed out for the our Illinois Anipal Tweet-Up! We were supposed to meet everyone at a park that was sorta in the middle of where we all live. It was a long car ride, though. Here's how long it was...

Yes, the car ride made me sleepy... He he he!

We finally got to the park and we met LOTS of my friends from Twitter. It was so cool. Here's the group picture...

Mom and I got to meet Bosco and his sisters Ginger and Rockford; Angus and his sis Ainsley; Pierre and his sis Laci; Zorro and his sis Patch; and Niqqi! It was a great group of doggies (and humans, of course). We didn't have any barking or growling or anything. We all got along great!

Well, I say that, but the truth is that I was just a tad bit shy. I sorta hid behind Mom or under the table she was sitting at. That's where I stayed...the entire time...

I just stayed behind/beneath Mom and watched all of the stuff that was going on. And there was a LOT going on, too!

We all laughed and laughed at Zorro when he got a drink of water. He's a Giant Schnauzer and he dunked his whole head in his water bowl when he was thirsty! He'd lift his head up and he'd have water just running all over the place. It was so funny!

Angus and Bosco were both really excited about the tennis balls that their parents brought. Those boys chased and chased and chased the balls all afternoon! That was fun to watch. Mom threw a few tennis balls for them, too.

When we all went for a walk together, Laci saw a bunny rabbit and she took off like a rocket! The bunny was about the same size as Laci, though, so it was super funny. Laci sure chased that bunny...and her pink doggie ears were flopping away as she ran!

Niqqi's Mom brought cookies and she was sharing them with all the doggies. Everyone looooved those cookies. She had their full attention!

I was too nervous to eat. I'm sure those treats were tasty, though!

Niqqi and Laci and I are all different kinds of doggies, but we still all sort of looked alike, too. So we took pictures of the three of us together. These are our "Charlie's Angels" pictures. (Bosco decided to call them that...so then all decided that we'd be "Bosco's Angels" instead!)

You'll note that I'm actually standing right beside Niqqi in that last picture, and my Mom's nowhere to be seen. No, I didn't get over my shyness...she just LEFT ME to go do something. Hrmph! Oh, well. I got brave when Mom was gone, but the moment she came back, I was shy again.

Here's my "supermodel" picture that Niqqi's parents took when Mom was gone.

But as soon as Mom was back...I went back to being pathetic! (It's a talent.)

We visited at the park for a long time, but then Mom said it was time to head home. So, we said goodbye to our friends and got back in our car.

And here's what I did for the entire way home...

I was tired, too, so there was a LOT of loud puppy snoring!

When we finally got back to our house, I was so happy to be home that I ran up the sidewalk super fast. I even refused to potty! I was a little Shih Tzu blur, I went so fast!

I had a lot of fun, but it was a long day. Here's what I did all evening...

Mom and I are looking forward to our next Tweet-Up. Maybe then I'll even come out from under the table! Maybe...