Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling the Love

I've had a sleepy weekend.  Mom thinks my tummy is upset because of some of the new medicines I started taking. I think I just partied too much at the #WeLubButtons party on Twitter Friday night!

Either way, though, I've spent a lot of my weekend hiding in my princess tent.

Weekends are for taking it easy, right?

A Note from the Editor (a.k.a., Buttons' Mom):

Buttons and I have really felt the love of the anipal community this past week, and words can never fully express how much we appreciate this support. I'm just in awe of the outpouring of love for my little girl!

It's extremely humbling to be in a position where you can't provide the medical care your pup needs.  So much money went into trying to diagnose Buttons' liver problems that there just wasn't anything left for the surgery. Because of your support, however, we're able to move towards getting Buttons back to squeaking toys and making mischief. Buttons' dental cleaning and lump removal surgery is scheduled for July 1.

I'd like to thank MattieDog, Boris Kitty, and Companion Critters for planning #WeLubButtons and the countless details that went into it. I'd also like to thank everyone who attended the party; all those who donated; the barktenders, DJs, and prize donors; and anyone who has sent prayers and good thoughts our way over the last few months.  We've really felt the love...I'm truly thankful for everything...and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this community.

Thank you...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Warning Sign

Mom got a big envelope in the mail. The stamp didn't look like a USA had the Queen on it!  And that "Air Mail" sticker was quite a clue, too.  Turns out that this surprise mail came from our friend Kathleen who lives all of the way over in Scotland! 

Kathleen sent us a "Warning" sign to hang from our doorknob to warn our neighbors. Mom laughed and laughed and laughed when she read the sign.  It says:
Do Not Open This Door
Dangerous Shih Tzu Inside
Has Killed Squeaky Toy

Mom put it on our door right away.

Our door is properly adorned now.

Kathleen said the sign was "So Buttons," and Mom and I have to agree!  I've"taken care of" quite a few squeakies!

Mom wanted me to pose with our new sign, but I was busy taking a nap. I didn't cooperate.

This is my "Seriously, Mom...leave me alone!" face:

Thanks so much, Kathleen!  We love our new door sign (even if I was grouchy and refused to pose with it...)