Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rub My BELLY!!!

You know you want a piece of that belly action...

Wordless Wed...Thursday

Monday, March 19, 2012

Teeny's Friends' Pink Turkey Toy

I was in a rolling and squeaking mood tonight...and the object of my "affection" was my pink turkey toy.

Wore myself out with all of that rolling, so I had to rest for a bit with a turkey toy pacifier.

While I was resting I realized that I never actually told you about my pink turkey toy and where it came from. Shame on me! It's a good story...

A couple of months ago, I won a squeaky toy from Bijntje in the monthly Twitter PawPawty. And if you know me, then you know that's the true way to my heart -- squeaky TOY!!!

Now that's super cool by itself...but here's where it gets even cooler... Instead of sending me a toy from a big store, Bijntje actually got me a toy from Teeny's Friends. When you get a toy from them, they also donate a toy to a needy dog in a rescue or a shelter or something like that. That means that because of Bijntje and Teeny's Friends, I got a toy and a needy dog got one, too!

Here's a pic of me when mom took the pink turkey toy out of the package for the first time. I think you can see the crazed look in my eyes...

And of course I plucked away after Mom gave me the toy.

We played a lot of tug and fetch, too. I wonder if the needy doggy had as much fun with his/her new toy...

After getting upset with Mom for taking so many pictures of me playing, I retreated to my tent with my new toy.

Here's a non-slobbery close-up for you of my pink turkey. Well, we think he sort of looks like a turkey. Anyway, he's FUN.

So thanks so much to Bijntje for donating my PawPawty prize, and thanks also to Teeny's Friends for donating toys to doggies that need them. Big hugs and squeaks to both of you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Packages NOT for Me???

Toys and cookies come in boxes, so of course I was REALLY excited when I saw this the other day. Yes...we had TWO packages at our door!!!

Much to my dismay, however, you know what I was told??? That little box on top had my allergy pills in it. Bleeeech!!! And the BIG box on know what was in that one? Parts for our car!

Mom broke the little motor that works her car window. Her door was just lovely for a while until the parts came in. And if you look closely, you can see that she had packing tape holding the window up!

Anyway, the bottom line is that we had TWO BOXES at our door and the end result was NO TOYS for Buttons. Isn't that atrocious?! It's totally inhumane. Or something like that.

I think Mom got the hint that I was not a happy pup...not at all. So, she broke out a new toy from her secret stash! Yeah!!!

You remember the world's coolest neighbor who bought me toys to replace the not-a-doggy-toy one that I was playing with? Well this new toy is another one of the ones from our neighbor!

I started right in, squeaking away. (Yes, I may need a haircut soon...but let's not point that out to Mom...)

I got tired of Mom playing paparazzi, so I took the toy into my tent and I squeaked it in the tunnel.

Mom, of course, once again invaded the privacy of my princess tent...

Eventually I decided that I needed more room to play, so I came out of the tent via the tunnel.

And then I just plucked away in the middle of the living room.

So, I guess that worked out o.k. overall. We had two boxes...and Mom ended up getting her car window fixed and I ended up with a new toy. Of course it would have been better if I got more toys... Oh, well.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Drastic Measures Worked!

When Mom came home from work today, she found a surprise for ME. Our totally-cool neighbor knew how much I loved that blue toy I talked about yesterday...and she got some toys for me that are similar to it! They were hanging in a sack on our door. She even took the tags off so I could get some immediate play action going!

They're actually doggie toys, too, so Mom says they're safe for me to play with, unlike the one I tried to steal from our neighbor the other day (oopsie).

Mom only gave me one of the new toys tonight because she "claims" that I enjoy my new toys more if I them one at a time. (Geez. I get no respect.)

Anyway, we played fetch a few times with my NEW blue ball, and it's super duper fun. But after a little fetch, I got kinda worried about Mom trying to steal THIS one from me, too. So you know what I did?

That's right...I went into hiding again. I hid in my princess tent where Mom couldn't get me. There's no way she's taking THIS toy away from me like she did the other one!

Of course she violated the privacy of the princess tent by taking a picture. You can tell how thrilled I was about that by the glaring look I gave her.

Then she had to take a pic through the tunnel, too. How RUDE!

I kept an eye on Mom by peeking out the end of the tunnel.

Mom was a little worried about me 'cause I wouldn't leave the tent AT ALL for an hour or so. Not for food or anything. (She was NOT getting my toy!) So, Mom put my supper in there with me to keep me from starving to death. That was a nice gesture, I suppose.

Eventually, though, I realized that Mom wasn't going to try to steal this blue ball from me, and I ventured out of the tent for some rolling, snorting, and squeaking...

Mom took this video of me saying thank you to our awesome neighbor...

OK, so maybe I was actually just after some cookies...but it sure sounds like I'm saying "thank you," doesn't it???

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking Drastic Measures

Last night Mom and I went to our awesome neighbor's house. (She's the neighbor who has TOYS and COOKIES for me and the other doggies who live nearby. Thus, she totally rocks!!!)

I found a really cool toy at my neighbor's house and I played with it the entire time Mom and I were there. But when I tried to take the cool new toy home, Mom had the audacity to say NO. Can you believe that?!

Mom's weak reasoning was that the toy wasn't actually a doggie toy but something called a "stress ball" for peoples. She didn't want me to pluck it and end up eating the stuff from the inside.


Tonight we went back for another quick visit with our neighbor, and I got my little paws on that toy AGAIN!!! Mom tried to take it away from me -- again, she kept saying she didn't want me to break it open...and again I say WHATEVER. Crazy woman.

So drastic measures had to be taken. Can you see what I did?

Let me give you a blurry close-up picture...

That's right. I went into hiding with the blue toy! Any time Mom got close to me, I ducked behind that big chair so she couldn't take it away. I refused to come out of my hidey spot the entire visit because they were NOT going to take that toy away from me again! That toy didn't leave my mouth, either.

When Mom was putting on her coat to leave -- and actually started to leave without me 'cause I refused to budge -- then I finally came out. I got all flustered, though, and Mom somehow managed to TAKE THE TOY AWAY again!


I need to work on that part of my toy plan, I suppose. Next time I think I'll leave the toy behind the chair where they can't get to it...

Mom and the neighbor both keep saying that they think I'll forget about that toy being there. I think, however, that we all know better.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Essay

I was up to my usual antics the other day and Mom decided to get all artsy-fartsy. Instead of a video, she just took a bunch of action pics.

So, I present to you my first photo essay, Buttons-style. I was burrowing under my brown dog bed...ended up rolling on my back under it...popped out the other side...flipped around under there...and came out to give Mom grief for bothering me with the stupid camera. Then, of course, I looked pathetic so I could con Mom into giving me cookies.

I was busy just being "me," after all.


I definitely deserved cookies after all of those pictures...and, yes, I got some...