Monday, February 1, 2010

My New Car Seat

Mom had a surprise for me tonight. (No, it wasn't another squeaky toy...darn it!) She got me a special seat for our car!

This is how I used to have to sit in the car so I could see out the window.

Mom said that although it's adorable, it's not very safe. She was always afraid that I was gonna fall over when she turned a corner or something.

My new seat puts me way up high, practically as high as Mom is! No trouble at all looking out the window now! Mom says that she's gonna get me a special harness, too, so that I'll be super-duper safe when we go for rides. I don't know about that harness idea...but at least I can see out!

Here's a picture of me checking out my new view.

Yeah...that's my booty. So maybe I wasn't entirely cooperative when Mom was trying to take pictures. In my defense, though, I was a little excited about the new view...


  1. Um, yeah, I woz going to say that you is lookin out the winder wif the wrong end BOL!

  2. Shawnee is furry smart!

    I khan't wait to see a pikh of woo viewing the new view!


  3. Wow - dat is a very nice car seat. I think I'd like one of those - yes I'm a cat, I know. But I don't like the box thingy when I has to go in car.

  4. Nice addition to the car! You need to see out the window! What good are rides if you can't see everything?

  5. Well, um, I was thinking what Shawnee was thinking. I'm glad you got a safe car seat though. I bet it's fun to see everything that's going on!



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