Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seizure Scare

Early, early, early on Thursday morning, I woke Mom up 'cause I didn't feel quite right. Turns out that I was having a seizure.

Mom took me to the emergency clinic, but I felt fine after we got there, so we turned around and came back home. Mom called my regular vet and they said I needed to come in for blood work and a once-over.

So we went to the vet yesterday morning. Mom didn't give me any breakfast (BOOO!) and the vet poked me with a needle (BOOOO!).

We got good news, though. The vet said that I'm o.k. and told Mom to just keep an eye on me. My blood work came back good, too. My liver enzymes are still way, way too high, but they're lower than they were last year. That was really great news!

Mom and I took it easy for the rest of the day. We went over to our neighbor's house and hung out on her patio. I love sitting in the sun puddles there!

My neighbor puts out toys, bully sticks, and milkbones for me. On a nice, cushy rug. There was a water bowl, too.

Did you see what her sign says?

"Dog friendly. Beware of owner." Our neighbor doesn't have a doggie...besides me, of course!

Good sun puddles after good news from the vet. Can't beat that!

Beautiful Weathers

Last weekend we had super nice weather, so Mom and I decided to go walk around the pond by our house.

I made sure to stop and sniff this pole on the way. See those dogs in that door? They barked and barked and barked! I took my time and showed them who's boss.

This is some of the last of the snow that's left around here. It's all been melting and melting.

The dog station seems to be missing something...the trash can! Hope the park people bring it back soon. That's important for poops.

Of course I found mud on our walk.

We got about a quarter of the way around the pond when I decided that I'd walked enough. I gave Mom this look.

Then we turned around and walked back home.

See this bench?  There was a nice family sitting there when we walked by the first time. You know what I did?  I pooped right by them. They laughed. Mom was not amused.

When we got back home I rolled and rolled.

That was a nice walk. Well, kinda.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Shredder

OK. I'll admit it. I'm a little older, and I have a sensitive tummy, so sometimes I have accidents in the house. And when that happens, I usually like to go in the same spot in the same room.

Mom put a potty pad in that spot to try to save the carpet and make her cleanup easier. I let that slide for a while.

Last night, however, while Mom was in the shower, I decided that I'd had enough of the potty pad.

Oh, yes. I shredded it. Mom spread it out to survey the damage. She had to pick up little pieces of the stuffing from all over.

I worked fast, too, because she wasn't in the shower for very long.

I prefer to poo directly on the carpet. *evil snickers*

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mud Magnet

The weather warmed up a bit, and most of the nasty snow is melting. You know what that means?  Mud!

And I'm an expert in finding it.

Hrm...where's some more mud?

Found some!

Now the only downside to my mud magnet ability is the fact that I have little white paws. Well, maybe I should say that I HAD little white paws before the mud...

Mom put me directly into the bath tub after our walk this morning.

Not cool.

Plotting my escape.

Such torture.

Lucky for me, Mom's sick and didn't feel like bending over the tub. So, I only got a foot bath and not an entire body bath. Much less torturous that way.

But I still had to take a nap to recover.

And I was dreaming of all that mud, of course!