Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Kong Just for Me

Today I got a box in the mail. It was addressed to me and not to Mom.

Hmmm...what could it be? I dove right in! (Well, I dove in as soon as Mom opened the box for me.)

At the last PawPawty, I won a prize from Montreal Critters. My prize was in the box! It's a cool Kong doggie toy. I grabbed it and took it to my doggie bed before Mom could even take the packaging off.

It's a really fun toy. Super bouncy. Mom was throwing it down the hallway and it was bouncing off of the walls, doors, and door frames. It bonked me in the head once, but I'm o.k.

I've been playing with it all evening.

Played with my Kong in my round bed, too, of course. And yes, I flipped the bed upside down...and then I sat on the upside-down bed. (I do this a lot.)

I thought that if I spit the Kong out, then maybe Mom would stop taking so many pictures of me. I was wrong...

Anyway, my cousin Hoss has a Kong that's really big. His Kong is black. I think I know why he likes it now...my red Kong is super-fun!

Thanks, Montreal Critters!


  1. That Kong looks to be the perfect size for you! It's the toy that keeps on giving!

  2. Oh, look at that cute wittle kong! I don't think I has ever seen one that wittle. Mine is prolly more like Hoss' kong eggsept for mine is red like yours. And how eggsiting that you gotted mails wif you very own name on it!

  3. You are the busiest little doggie dat I know. Your new Kong looks like fun. I like bouncy things too.

  4. I'm glad woo like your Kong -

    I nevFUR got into mine - my SibeSta Kyrye always enjoyed hers though -

    NOW, my Kong WUBBA is another story! That rokhks!


  5. Thank you for your comments of love and support in our time of sorrow....and we are so sorry to hear of your loss too....big hugs

  6. Nice Kong! They are my favorite! Have fun!

  7. you look so cute with the kong in your mouth :o) I think I got the same one somewhere mom bought when I was little.

  8. wow u iz playin wif a KONG! dems not haz squeakies in dem (well dey doz have puppeh kong wif squeaks but mehbe i should no haz told u dat, huh?)

    Did u mom puts treats insides for u? herz can even put peanuts butters inside der too to makes u crazy (okai crazier). heehee.

    hab funs wif u noo toy.

  9. Hi there Buttons!

    Good to meet you. You are so adorable in your comfty bed and the kong looks like a cool gadget. We don't have one here but we love squeaky toys and stuffies.

    Hope we can follow each other's adventures and be friends. Do drop by our world, we'll be waiting for you. Weeeeeee

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet


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