Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cuteness Alert

Warning: The following picture contains a level of cuteness that might be too much for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tonight Mom tried to take a picture of me with my new toy from Grandma, but I didn't want to wake up. I was tired! So Mom just put the toy over on the blanket by me to take the picture. My super-duper toy radar kicked in, though (even in my sleep!), and I rolled over to go nose-to-nose with my new giraffe.

It's really hard to be this adorable...but I do it well...

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

Mom and I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa again. Grandma had to go see a special doctor yesterday and she was ouchy after the doctor, so Mom and I went to help out. Hoss was at Grandma and Grandpa's house when we got there. Here's a picture of my cousin Hoss.

Hoss is a very big doggy. He's cool, though. I've seen him a few times, and we're getting along really well. I was scared of him the first time we met, but we're good now. In fact, I thought that we were good enough friends for me to do this...

That's right...I stole part of Hoss' bone! He he he.

He was cool with it, though, and we actually shared the pieces of the bone. He took the big piece and I took the little end of the bone. (I'm calling it "little," but it was practically the size of my head.)

But then when he took a nap later...I stole the big piece!

Mom was afraid that Hoss was gonna be upset with me 'cause of me stealing his bones, so she put them up where neither of us could reach them. How rude!!! I don't think Hossy noticed that Mom put the bones away. I sure missed them, though.

Now, don't be feeling too bad for Hoss about me stealing his bones because he's a swiper, too. Grandma gave me a cool new squeaky toy...and Hoss kept stealing it! He tears toys up really fast, so I was scared he was gonna ruin my new toy. Mom was scared he was gonna choke on it 'cause it's a little toy and he's a huge doggy. So, Mom put my new toy up, too, so that neither of us could play with it. But I've got it back now, so we're all good.

So Hoss was at Grandma and Grandpa's house for most of the time we were there, too. Here's a picture of Hoss and I in the backyard last night.

Mom and I went night-night in Grandma's living room. Grandma got a new air bed thingy so that I wouldn't hog the couch and keep Mom up all night. (Party pooper!) Hoss didn't go night-night with us, but he came back to Grandma's early today. Here's a picture of Hoss and I playing outside this morning.

Don't worry. That's Hossy's black kong toy under him in the snow. That's not poo. (He he he!)

Now I'm sure you're wondering what mischief I might have gotten into at Grandma's house (besides the bone stealing, of course). I am happy to report that I didn't get into anything. Nope. Nothing at all...but that's probably just 'cause Mom caught me each time I tried to start climbing...

I'm happy to report that Grandma wasn't feeling as ouchy today, so Mom and I came back home. I was really tired, so I slept the whole drive home.

And this is how I've spent my evening...

I had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but it's sure nice to be home on my couch!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Mom instituted a new level of torture this evening. She gave me a BATH. To make things even worse, before she put me in the bath tub, she stuck me in the SINK and she cleaned my ears out! Oh, the horror I went through!

Here I am in the stupid sink, trying to look pathetic while plotting my revenge...

I did my best to look pathetic in the tub as well. I tried to escape...but my attempts failed. Darn tub is a little deep for my little legs. Mom watched me like a hawk, too, and kept pushing me back into the tub. Grrr.

How on earth could she resist that pathetic look?!

She finally ended my tub torture and held me in a towel for a while. That was sort of nice. Got some good belly rubs while wrapped up in that towel. But then she put me down and she got out the hair dryer. AUGH! I tried to escape by jumping against the bathroom door. (Nice action picture, here...just look at those ears flying as I jump against the door!)

I finally just gave up and just gave her a super-pathetic look while I cowered in the corner.

The super-pathetic face must have done the trick. Mom let me out of the bathroom after I gave her that look. I raced out of there and into the bedroom. When Mom followed me (she claimed she was just putting the hair dryer away), I dove under the bed. I wasn't taking any chances. I did NOT want to end up back in that stupid bath tub!

See my cute little nose sticking out from under the bed skirt?

I followed Mom out to the living room after that, but I still wanted to be in hiding because of the trauma of the bath incident. So, I burrowed under a blanket on the couch.

What a horrible evening. I'd better get a lot of new toys for this...

New Tactic

I tried a new strategy for getting into stuff this evening. I burrowed down beneath the blanket on our chair. I was undercover...literally! You can sorta see my fluffy tail sticking out in this picture.

I then used my secret covering to attempt to get to the stuff over the side of the chair. I started to climb up onto the chair arm, all under the secret cover of the blankie.

But then I heard Mom laughing and I knew she was onto me. Darn it! I have no idea how Mom discovered my plan. Well, maybe it was because when I was rooting around under the blanket, I knocked the chair cushion over the side of the chair and into my water bowl. Oopsie.

New tactic -- not successful. Gotta come up with another plan...

Good Vantage Point, Attempt 2

I thought I had properly distracted Mom and could make another attempt at getting into stuff behind the chair. I was just climbing onto the back of the chair when the darn camera flashed. Busted! HOW on earth does Mom know when I'm up to something like this?!

I had to employ emergency cuteness tactics. Jumped down and curled up in the chair...pretended to be asleep. "What? Me getting into mischief? Nooo...I'm just napping in this chair!"

I hope this works...

Good Vantage Point

Hrm... What trouble can I get into up here? Anything look like a doggie toy over there? Maybe I should go after something.

Oh, wait. I think Mom's onto my plan...

Better get down and act innocent... "Who, me? Getting into stuff? Nooo...I'm just sitting in this chair..."

Mom's still watching me. The "innocent" tactic didn't work. Plan B -- I'm gonna go get a rawhide and act cute. That always distracts her...

Mission accomplished.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Bathroom Garbage Can

Somebody knocked over the garbage in the bathroom and drug stuff out of the can. I have no idea who could have done this.

Hmmm...who on earth could the culprit be? I surveyed the scene of the crime myself. I've decided that since only Mom and I live here, it must have been Mom who dumped the garbage.

And since there was such a fun pile of garbage on the floor (again, Mom must have done that), I decided to take advantage of it. I brought a toy over to play with in the garbage. That's so much fun!

I sure hope Mom dumps over that trash can again tomorrow!

No Toys for Me

Mom went out this afternoon and came back home with bags and bags of stuff. I started nosing through it all. I had to see if there were any squeaky toys in there for me. But would you believe that she did NOT buy me anything?! What's wrong with her?! She's supposed to buy me new toys each time that she comes back home with bags of stuff like that. It's the rule!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Snow. I'm not a fan. It's o.k. when there's just a tiny bit out there, but when you can't see the grass anymore, then it's just ridiculous. How do you know where to potty at?!?! And how the heck are you supposed to potty when the snow's so deep?!

Mom says it's a good thing my leash is black or she wouldn't have been able to see me outside in the snow today. She says we're supposed to get a few more inches of the stupid stuff today, too.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Decor in the Living Room

Mom moved my toy box a bit this afternoon and she put this HUGE M&M man where my toy box used to be. I've still got plenty of room for the toys, so I suppose this change is o.k...I suppose...

Mom's a big fan of M&M stuff. That stuff is all over my new house. It's seriously everywhere. I'm not used to seeing SO much M&M stuff. Mom says I'll learn to love it. We'll see about that!

Got in Trouble Today

We had people come to our house this afternoon and it sort of freaked me out. of barked at them all the entire time they were here. Mom got a little upset with me 'cause of that. In my defense, however, the little tiny person kept stealing MY toys!

Mom says that the visitors were actually part of my new family, though, that I just hadn't met yet. Oops. I guess I was a little rude if that's the case. Mom says that they were my Uncle Matt and Aunt Kiana and my people cousins Shelby, Jacob, and Jadon. Uh oh...

I'll try to be nicer next time I see them. I've got a pretty big family now -- it's gonna take me a while to meet everyone I guess!

All About Me

Ah...time to talk about my very favorite subject...ME! But you know what? Now that I think about it, I might not be my actual "favorite" subject. I do really love doggie toys. And chicky stuff rocks, too. And getting into mischief. And napping. So maybe I have several favorite subjects...

Anyway, my happy story starts one month ago today. That was my Gotcha Day! November 26, 2009, is the day when Mom adopted me and I came to live with her in Illinois. I used to live in New Jersey, so Illinois is a lot different. I've adjusted fast, though. Things are good here. I'm getting thoroughly spoiled, and if you ask me, that is just how it should be.

I haven't had the best life before now, so the extra spoiling is super important. I don't really want to talk about the bad stuff, though. Things are happy now, so why go over all of that nasty, icky stuff? If you want to read about all the stuff I went through in my 9 short years, please check out my story on the Companion Critters website. Companion Critters is the rescue group that saved me...twice. Yeah, you read that right. TWICE. Pretty sad, huh? I ended up in a foster home twice and none of it was MY fault. I tried my best to be a perfect little doggie!

My foster home was pretty nice, though, so that was a good thing. My foster sister Shawnee has a bloggie and she talked about me a few times. That's how Mom learned all about me and decided that I had to come live with her here. Want to read some of Shawnee's posts about me?
You see...Mom really didn't have a chance when she started reading about me on Shawnee's bloggie. She says that I was just too cute and my story really touched her heart. I guess I just have that way with people!

My sister Lexi was pretty excited about me coming to live with her, too. She wrote all about me on her bloggie, too.

So there ya go. One month ago I came to live with my forever and ever family. I had lots of other families before this, but Mom keeps telling me that that AIN'T happening any more. This is where I'm staying forever. No other families for me from now on...just this one. NOBODY else can have me, Mom says. This is MY family and my forever and ever and ever one. That's such a good feeling, you know? I'm tired of living with so many different families. It's a relief to know that Mom's gonna be my only Mom for the rest of my life. Ahhh...

And I'm really getting spoiled rotten with the doggie toys here. You won't hear me complaining! Getting pretty good at training Mom, too. He he he...

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Sister

I decided to start off my blog by telling you about my sister. Then I'll tell you about my favorite subject...ME!

My sissy's name was Lexi-Lou. Lexi was older than me, so she was the boss, even though she was only older by a couple of months. She nipped at me a couple of times when I tried to tell her that I wanted to be the boss instead. So I decided that maybe she should just be the boss in our house.

Lexi taught me lots of stuff. I learned all about how to "train" Mom to do the stuff that we want her to do. And how to get into mischief. Lexi showed me all the cool spots to sniff on our walks. I learned about the best tactics to use when begging for people food from Mom. And Lexi also explained to me the importance of a doggie cookie. That's all very important stuff, of course!

I sure learned a lot from my sissy. The sad thing is that I only knew Lexi for a week. Can you believe that? Mom adopted Lexi when Lexi was only 2 years old. The two of them were a family for 7.5 years. Then Mom and Lexi decided to adopt me from a rescue group just a month ago.

But only a week after Mom, Lexi, and I became a new family, my sissy got really sick, really fast. Mom rushed off to the vet with Lexi that evening, but Lexi didn't come back home with Mom that night. Mom told me that the vet tried and tried, but he couldn't make Lexi all better. My sister Lexi-Lou passed away that night. It was only a week after I met her and we made our new family.

Mom's been pretty darn sad for a while now. Her eyes are very leaky. But I've decided that it's my job to give her extra kisses and cuddles.
The piggy noises I make sure help Mom smile. And I try my best to get into mischief, too, that makes her laugh. She says I'm doing a very good job and that she's so glad that she and I are family now.

My sister Lexi had a blog, and she was on Twitter, too. Since she's gone over the Rainbow Bridge, it's my job now to take over those sorts of duties. Sissy's Twitter account was @lexiloudog and her blog was Mom still uses Lexi's Twitter account, but I don't think Lexi would mind that. MY Twitter account will be OFF LIMITS for Mom, though. It's "Buttons-only," and that's the rule! He he he...

So that's all about my sister Lexi-Lou. Mom and I are always going to remember her and miss her lots. Before I sign off of this post, I want to show you some more pictures of my sissy. These are some of Mom's favorites. And I'll add some pics, too, of the week that Lexi and I were sisters together.

My Sister Lexi-Lou

Me and My Sissy

Lexi-Lou, June 13, 2000 - December 4, 2009
Rest in peace, sissy. We love you!