Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

I woke up this morning thinking that today was a normal day. Nope. We had a snow storm last night. Boy was I surprised! The snow covered all the grass and sidewalks, and it was up past my belly. Nothing like a belly full of snow to start the day off! Brrr...

Had a hard time getting through the stuff with my little legs.

I didn't get very far. Made a quick little path, did my thing, and then headed back to where Mom was at the door of our building. Can you see the little path I made?

Here -- I'll help point it out for you...

That yellow spot is obviously not real, but I did leave a yellow spot in the snow right there. He he he.

So after I colored the snow and realized I couldn't move much it in, I wanted back inside as soon as possible. Here's me back at our door (where the snow wasn't so deep), wishing Mom would put the camera away and help me back inside.

Mom didn't want to drive in the snow, so she worked at home today. I helped her, of course, by supervising. Didn't I do a good job?

We went back out in the snow late this afternoon and I was thrilled to see that somebody cleared off the sidewalk for me. Yeah! I could walk! I also did my best to"melt" some of the snow on the sidewalk. (That's right...another yellow spot...)

I sort of need to go out again. Didn't take care of all of my business when we were out last time. I'm trying to pretend I don't need to, though, because it's still cold and snowy. I'm sure Mom won't put up with me being antsy for long. She'll make me stay out there until I poop. Darn it.


  1. BOL BOL - luvin the vishual ade grafics, speshully for the pee spot BOL

  2.'s like you're swimming in the snow! I agree with Shawnee. nice visual aid. heheh and that was very efficient and economical trip you made.
    Love the sleeping pic! BOL!


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