Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love cookies. They're yummy in my tummy. Mom got me this bag of treats and they're my favorites so far. (See me licking my lips?)

I got tired of looking at the bag and not eating the cookies. That was torture. Very rude of Mom to make me stand beside the cookie bag and not let me at the cookies inside! I told her how I felt about it. Yeah, that's right...I barked and barked.

I had to even get up in her face...

It worked, though, and I got my cookies. That's what's really important, isn't it?

But then Mom had a huge surprise for me. And I do mean HUGE. Take a look at this bag of cookies!

This bag of cookies is as big as I am! Oh, I'm in Heaven! Mom said she got it from a store that sells stuff in big sizes. That works for me!


  1. How pawesome fur woo!

    Have woo tried 'Canine Carryouts'? They seem to be a favourite too!


  2. How could anyone resist giving you a cookie!

  3. puts da camera down n hand over da treats alreddy! MOL

  4. *singing* Yummy, yummy, yummy, you got love in your tummy... oh, I mean cookies!!! But don't eat them all at once, or you'll get ouchies in your tummy!!!

  5. So tells me yung laydee, how did you has room for that bully stick wif all the udder cookies you is gitting? Neber mind that the boy sneaked us roast beefs and hams cold cuts today. NOM!

  6. Buttons, you lucky girl!! Those look like great treats and so many!!

  7. You look so cute getting your cookies! Smoooches to U, U delightful, wonderful cutiepants!

  8. Those look like yummy noms!! I'd bark at the momster too...taking photos when she could be feeding you noms! Bad, bad momster!!!


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