Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

No, I'm not pretending I'm a birdie...I'm just on Twitter now!
Mom let me have my own Twitter account, and I got to start Tweeting this past weekend. My Twitter account is @busybuttons 'cause Mom thinks that's soooo funny about me being a busy doggie. (Mom's so weird!)

Anyway, there was a party on Twitter this weekend, so I got to attend the party on my very first day Tweeting. How cool is that?!
My new friends Trailer Park Dogs made me an outfit to use for the party. It was a DudeFest party that was celebrating Hank the Doggy's 10th birthday. Here's what TPD made me:

Isn't that funny?! Mom took that silly picture of me and TPD added the other stuff. It was perfect for the party!

Want to know one of the best parts of my first Twitter party? They have quizzes at the parties and you can answer questions to win prizes. AND I won one! That's, right...my first party and I got a prize! I won a pretty plate for Mom that has a doggie on it and I won a squeaky toy for me. Can't wait until my prize comes!

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  1. BOL that pic of you should be on TV!

    Congrats on winning prizes! More more more squeaky toys for Buttons!


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