Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad Mom!

This "diet" thing really stinks. It's ridiculous! You know what Mom gave me tonight?

Did she give me bacon? Nooooo.
Did she give me cheese puffs? Nooooooo.
Did she give me French fries? Noooooooooooo.

She gave me a stupid CARROT! Bleeech!

And that's where the stupid carrot stayed. On the carpet. That's right...I spit the stupid thing out onto the floor. Absolutely absurd that she'd give me such a nasty thing. Bring me bacon!!!

And then you know what Mom did after she ate supper? She left me! That really horked me. (I don't know if that's a word, but it should be.) How rude! She gives me a stupid carrot and then she leaves for the evening?! Just who does she think she is?!

I suppose I should cut her some slack about that, though. She felt pretty bad about being gone and me being alone. In fact, she felt so bad that she brought me...a squeaky fishy!

It's super-duper squeaky, too. I was a squeaking maniac after I got that cool fishy! I played with it inside a box for a while. That was fun. (I'm a creative player.) I tried to play with the fishy in the garbage, but Mom got all horked at me for that. Oopsie. But she did let me play in this box.

Mom said that if I used that picture, then I had to explain that the mess all around me is just my toys and some blankies. I keep pulling toys out of my toy box. The toy box is behind the cardboard box I'm playing in. Yes, I'm messy. He he he.

Anyway...back to my fishy. I had to test out the nap-ability of the squeaky fishy. It scored well for napping.

So I guess I shouldn't be too mad at Mom. I mean, that is a pretty cool toy after all. I guess I can overlook the carrot incident.

Oh, wait... I just remembered something. Mom brought an egg home for me today. She saved it from her lunch just for me. Oopsie. Maybe I shouldn't have been horked... Shhh! Don't tell her I was mad about the carrot...


  1. he he - I guess you showed her U no like carrots.

  2. No worries, Buttons. I won't tell anyone how you snarfed down carrots and apples while you woz at my howse. Your sekrit is safe with me. (Pee Ess: Sydney says if'n you is not eating that carrot to has the postal peeples bring it over here and she will nom it for ya.)

  3. heheh your secret via Shawnee is safe with me too
    I feel really sorry for the carrot, looks sad and lonely there...
    Cool squeaky fish! *woof*

  4. Don't ur Mom know that dogs are carnivores? I can't spell it but it means that dogs are meat eaters. So where's the beef? I had to explain to Ma that cats are carnivores too.

  5. MOL hehehe you is so cute! Da nerve of your momma leavings you likes dat, I no likes it when my momma leaves eithers! But at least you gots your squeaky fishy MOL


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