Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bacon Fairy

I like to check out the kitchen regularly, just to see if Mom's dropped anything good in there. I "vacuum" the floor for her.

On two of my kitchen trips today, you know what I found? BACON!!! That's right...there was bacon on the kitchen floor. TWICE! Little piles of bacon crumbles. Oh, sweet bliss!

I don't think Mom would just put bacon on the floor and wait to see if I'd find it. Surely she wouldn't mess with me like that. So, it must be the super-secret Bacon Fairy leaving the bacony goodness for me.

Oh, how I love you, Bacon Fairy! Please visit me again...


  1. Send the bacon fairy over to my house would you please friend!

  2. Cheese puffs? Bacon? Mebbe I should has had my mom let me come to your new home with you!

  3. Shawnee u would be sads iffen u mom leaved u wif Buttons mom. But dat bacon fairy do sound nommy!

  4. I wish the bacon fairy would come to my place... all I ever get is "beggin' strips" fake bacon. And not even any of that since the puppy came to live with us!

  5. bacon fairy? bacon fairy? bacon fairy?


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