Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

It's the start of a new year, and I'm in another new home. I'm told this is my forever AND EVER family, so I'm taking them at their word on that. I'm gonna assume that this is where I'll stay. So, that means it's time to get comfy here and start working on my New Year's Resolutions. Here they are...

1. Properly train my new Mom.

It takes a while to get pet parents to comply to our every whim. I've gotten a good start on training Mom. She's already having trouble saying "no" to my cute little face. My sister helped me with this a little before she passed away -- clued me in on proper training techniques. It helps, too, that I had such a rough life before now. Mom has extra trouble saying "no" just because of my history. Training should be complete soon...and I'll have her wrapped right around my little paws...

2. Get more squeaky toys.

You can't ever have too many squeaky toys. NEVER enough! I've gotten a ton of new toys since I've lived in my new home. Even Grandma keeps giving me new toys. Woo hoo! My goal is to make sure this continues. MUST have more toys!!! Especially if I do this to any more of the current toys...oopsie...

3. Get into as much mischief at possible.

Let's face it. I'm good at this already. Now I just need to be sure that I keep it up. Shouldn't be too difficult for me, I'm sure. I also need to work on acting innocent. That's a major element in getting into mischief -- acting innocent and deflecting blame. I practiced my "I'm innocent..I'm not getting into mischief" face this morning...

See? I've obviously climbed up on the arm of the couch, where I shouldn't be. But do I act guilty and jump down? Nooooo! I'm just sitting there, acting innocent, and refusing to look at Mom. "Me? Getting into mischief? Nooo...I'm just sitting here, Mom."

4. Figure out why Illinois is so flat and empty compared to New Jersey.

I'm a Jersey girl...what's with all these Illinois fields?! There's just nothing there to look at when we're in the car!

5. Last, but not least...more napping.

I think this one just speaks for itself...


  1. I think you forgotted one: Keep making your mom laff many times every day :) It's good for her and will keeps her healthy so she can keep you supplied wif toys and chicky stuff.

  2. This is great!

    My Sabrina and I need to make some New Years Resolutions too!!

    We are going to start obedience training on the 20th. I want to see if Sabrina can become a therapy dog but before she can go to school to learn that we need to do some obedience classes first.

  3. PS: I love the picture of you and your Mommy!


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