Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Double the Trouble

Double the trouble is double the fun!

This is what did tonight:

And then I acted innocent, of course.

"Who, me?"

And then I went and did it again!

And I acted innocent again... (After all, that's half the fun.)

It was a double-garbage-tippin' night for me!

That stupid box in the garbage kept getting in my way, though. I had trouble getting to the other stuff in there 'cause of that big box.

And do you see that black cord in the first picture? That's the cord for Mom's hair iron thingy. I got busted when I tipped the garbage over 'cause it made the hair thingy fall off the cabinet. Mom heard the boom, and she came running. Oopsie! I barely had time to assume the "I'm innocent" pose!

Mom just makes the mischief so easy for me...


  1. I'm chukhkling!

    I like to do that too!

    It reminds me I need to share the pikh of my - ummm - innocence sometime soon!


  2. now you're squeaking not only toys but moms! My mom's squeaking at the last pic!
    squeak squeak

  3. Are you sure it wasn't a kitty or a squirrel that sneaked into your house? That's what I always tell mom and dad, sometimes they buy it! Muwahahahahahaha!

  4. You're such a silly little doggy! And very, very busy ;-)!

  5. But, of course you are innocent - just look at dat sweet little face. Someone frammed you!!

  6. Maybe Mom should keep the bathroom door closed?


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