Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lady Bug

Mom reached another important step in her training today. I think she's finally learned that she can't bring home shopping bags unless there's a doggie toy in 'em. Ahhh...success!!!

She brought home some groceries today. While she was putting stuff in the freezer, I started rooting through the rest of the bags. Sure enough...I found a squeaky lady bug!

Here I am playing with my new toy...

Oh. Guess you can't see it very well, huh? He he he.

The bed attacked me a few minutes later, though, and the toy escaped. So here's what the lady bug looks like.

That pic also gives you a good look at the work I've been doing tearing the foam off the bottom of my bed. Yes, I'm ornery.

Anyway, back to the lady bug... It's a requirement that all new toys need to be rolled on. So, of course I had to do that for a while.

And here's a great pic of me telling Mom to back off from my new squeaky toy!

Mom's made some definite progress in her training, don't you think?


  1. I think she's a furry fine student!

    Is she ready fur BB201 yet?


  2. Definately - your mama trains well - and you good teacher!

  3. You show her who's da boss of her! Go Buttons!


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