Monday, January 4, 2010


Mom had to go run an errand tonight and guess what she brought back with her...a new squeaky toy for ME! Isn't that how things really should work around here? New squeaky toys all of the would be so good.

So here's a picture of my new squeaky toy! It's a brown doggie. (And it's a little slobbery right now...he he he...)

The ears on my new toy are super chewable and pullable. I was tugging on them for a while.

Mom made me stop playing so she could take this picture of me posing with my new toy. I know I'm cute, but come on, Mom...I was BUSY!

I got a little mad at Mom for all of those stupid pictures she was taking. So, this is how I deal with that. I give her the butt... Take a picture of THAT, Mom!

She finally stopped with the pictures (or so I thought) and we played fetch in the hallway.

I played so much with my new toy that I ended up wearing myself out. Sooo much playing with the cool new toy! Had to take a nap.

But of course I'm keeping close tabs on my new toy, even while napping. I'm sleeping with it in my mouth.

Life is good. And life is squeaky. So that makes life even gooder.


  1. u iz so cutes wif u squeaky toys. I lubs u.

  2. Hi buttons! Cool blog you got here!
    I just can't get over your sleeping with toy in yout mouth, no matter how many times I look heheh. you're just too cute!!!


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