Friday, January 22, 2010

I Want That Bag

When Mom came home from work today, she had a bag with her that was quite interesting. The second she put it down, I dived right in. She kept trying to pull me out of it, but I was too strong! (Or maybe just too determined...) Anyway, I figured out what was in that bag. I SAW TOYS IN THERE. But then she took the bag away and wouldn't let me have them!!!!

She put the bag on the counter in the kitchen, so I tried and tried to climb the cabinets. Then I thought maybe it wasn't up there, so I started digging through everything else that could possibly be a bag of toys. Mom got a little frustrated with me. HE HE HE. That's what she deserves for bringing home a bag of toys and not letting me have any!

Here's what the bag looks like...

Can't you see why I'd want that bag?!

Mom eventually got tired of me being crazy, looking for the bag of new toys. You know what she did? She went to our closet and she pulled a NEW TOY out of there! That's right...brand new squeaky toys in the closet! Oh, this is Heaven! I had no idea that there were toys in there. I wonder how many others she might have stashed away...

Anyway, I went to town on my new squeaky raccoon toy.

I squeaked for a while and plucked at the fur.

Had to roll on it on my back for a bit, too.

I tried something new this time -- playing with the toy on my back while partially under my new doggie bed.

That was a blast!

And playing with a new toy in my flipped-up doggie bed is always a requirement. So of course I did that and squeaked away.

See that black cord? That's for our 'puter! Mom was afraid I was gonna unplug it 'cause I was playing like a maniac.

Mom and I decided that the raccoon rates well for tug-ability.

That black cord is for our TV, not our 'puter. (We have a lot of black cords, don't we?)

Anyway, back to the squeaky raccoon... Mom and I discovered that my squeaky raccoon also works well as a scarf!

Geez, Mom. Enough pictures of me already! I'm gonna be blinded by all of those flashes.

All of the squeaking really wore me out tonight...

Mom also gave me a yummy Greenie tonight. That was awesome! (Sorry, but there's no photos of the Greenie 'cause I ate it way too fast! Mom said I inhaled it, whatever that means...)

Oh...and I did this tonight...

It was a goooood night!


  1. hai buzy buttons! You shuer know how to play good and you haz a cutes belleh.

  2. You are the cutest dang dooggie. Now dat you know the hiding place for toys - you can help yourself!

  3. BOLing at raccoon scarf heheh
    hmm I wonder how many new toys are in the closet?


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