Monday, January 11, 2010

Stupid Wii Thing

Mom was all excited 'cause she got this thing called a Wii. To be honest...if it ain't a doggie toy, it's not worth bothering with. So I asked her just why she was wasting our moneys on that thing when she could be buying me toys and cookies. She "claims" that she used gift cards from her graduation and Christmas. It's a good story...but I don't think I believe it...

Anyway, you know what she did tonight? She ignored me for a few hours while she tried to figure out how to set the silly thing up. And then she just stood in front of the TV for forever, waving her arms around. Looked ridiculous. Crazy woman.

How could she ignore THIS adorable face all evening???

Wii things are boring.


  1. Awww, Buttons, I can't imagine anyone being able to ignore you! She won't be able to for long. You're just too cute!

  2. Now Buttons, is you trying to make your mom think you gotted my mom's undivided attenshuns when you woz here? Ha, hardly! Oh, sorry if'n I letted the kitteh out of the bag.

  3. Shawnee -- SHHHH!!! I got a good thing going here...don't ruin it!!!

  4. You need to learn how to take pictures so we can see pictures of your mom with the Wii thing!

  5. Shawnee keeps kittehs in bags?!?!?! I haz ta stays away frum herz.

    Ma humanz ignores me n plays dat stoopid wii fing too. Wot iz up wif dat!?!

    We will haz to haz an anipal wii uprizin.


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