Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Woes

You know what Mom did this weekend? She made our 'puter sick! That's right. Mom got a virus on our 'puter and I couldn't update my blog. It was pretty sad. It was a virus that kept telling Mom that we had a virus but it was pretending to not be a virus. (Confusing, huh?)

I'm blaming Mom, of course, for getting the computer sick. The virus couldn't have anything to do with me starting on Twitter this weekend. Nope. Not my fault... (I just hope that Mom buys that.)

So Mom spent two days yelling at the computer. But then we think she finally made it all better. And she fixed it just in time, too...I've got pictures to post from this weekend!

Here's a picture of me trying to be camouflaged in my sissy's blanket. Gotta look closely to see me 'cause I blend in so well! (And yes, I still need more toys...)

I played a lot with my new squeaky fishy this weekend, too. That's what I was doing in this pic. I was trying to roll on the fishy in my bed and get it to squeak, but then I decided to chew on it, too.

Finally, I spent time this weekend enjoying my brand new doggie bed. Aaahhhh...

Napping is an obvious sign of a good weekend.


  1. Oh noes, your pooter had the pig floo? I hope it is all better now.

  2. I almost didn't recognize you in the last pic...without any toy in the mouth...BOL BOL
    we just love looking at your pics!


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