Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've got this tree trunk toy that's really cool. My friend Boris gave it to my foster sister Shawnee. Shawnee knew I loved it so much, though, that when I moved to Illinois she actually let me bring the tree trunk with me. How cool is that?! I told you Shawnee rocks. Boris rocks, too, for giving Shawnee such an awesome toy!

Here's what the tree trunk looks like. Don't pay any attention to that bunny.

Anyway, the tree trunk has little squirrels in it and they SQUEAK. But we losted a few of the squirrels in New Jersey, so I only brought one of them with me to Illinois. Mom surprised me tonight with three new squeaky squirrels to play with in the tree trunk. Woo hoo! So play I did...

And of course it's a requirement to roll on all toys to try to get them to squeak.

You'll note my lady-like, crossed ankles. (Mom says it's lady-like...even if I'm not...)

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

So after playing with the squirrels and rolling on them, the next thing to do is to play fetch with them. This posed a bit of a problem. How do I carry back the squirrels if Mom throws more than one?

After fetch, I rested for a bit. I had to have all the squirrels nearby, though. And the bunny...but don't pay any attention to the bunny.

Then the next round of play began. I used my bed this time. That's a hoot!

And finally, I ended my evening of new squirrel fun by napping on my bed...which I had flipped upside down...with a squirrel in my mouth.

Oh, how I love squeaky toys!


  1. wat a kewl toy, an you haz such a pritty pink belleh too.

  2. Looks like you're having so much fun! (grrlysquirrel)

  3. squeak squeak squeak!
    tree trunk and toy squirrels! pawsome toys!BOL don't pay any attention to that bunny

    Squeak on!

  4. U iz just nutz for u squirrels & how cute u iz wif dem all!


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