Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Doggie Bed

Mom came home with some groceries today and you know what else she brought? A new doggie bed for ME! Score!!!

I checked it out right away, of course. And I refused to look at Mom while I was investigating the new doggie bed 'cause I knew she had the camera out. Ha! I showed her. No photos while I'm checking out my cool new bed! (With Mom here, it's like I've got my own personal paparazzi.)

So once I checked out the soft top of the bed, I decided that I needed to check out what was on the other side, too.

Looks like the bottom has grippy things on it so that the bed won't slide on our tile/hardwood floor. (He he he...we've got carpet!)

"Good grief, Mom. Put the camera away!"

So the bottom and the top of the bed checked out just fine. Next up was a test of the bed's nap-ability.

Nap-ability = gooooood!

The next logical thing for me to do was to start piling other stuff on top of my bed. I had to do this to claim it. If I've got all of MY stuff on the cool bed, then Mom will know that it's mine and she'll stay off of it. So I put two toys on there, and then I pulled my other doggie bed over and put it on the new one, too. Still plenty of napping room for me.

I think I need to go take another nap there now...


  1. you iz so smart to get all your toyz an stuff togethers like dat. I wonders if I can make Mr Boots get all mai stuff togethers for me? Concats on your new bed Buttons!

  2. Well, it looks like you've thoroughly tested it, so I guess it gets a "thumbs up!"

  3. Ah Buttons, I just lub U!! U R such a sweet, funny doggie!!

  4. Buttons, you always crack me up. I love how at first you had just one toy on your new bed but then you put a bunch of your other things on there.


  5. hee hee hee Buttons you're one funny doggy.
    and amazing one too. *woof*
    Somebody's getting addicted to your face AND your daily antics... BOL BOL


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